Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Morning College PARK!

Coffee is good and hot
and morning
"early" here. What self respecting ground hog would allow itself to be drug out on such a cold and awful day as yesteday I can't help but think anyway???
if we will have an early spring as that critter signals
I am "all good with that news"!
I must tell you as I tell me,
I am still more than over the moon about the flight happenings in Tampa
the work of
Creator and Granny
to keep me off that plane headed for Philadelphia
on the first day of February!
Last night hearing that 50 states are affected by this weather and seeing photos of the snow, the ice,
and knowing that
`100 million people have been affected
is staggering.
The fellow from BWI "Vlad" who drove me to Ellicott City
had arranged to be there to bring me to College Park
after speaking, and sure enough, he was there
waiting, he even came back to the amphitheater to listen to the end of the seminar he told me as he smiled.
He also told me he was blessed by our converstation about the plane and Granny, and grateful that I had asked
if he would transport me to College Park, finding himself
thinking much about it and about how
"spirit moves".
He had shared the story with his wife
felt even more strongly about it when
he arrived at BWI yesterday
and had NO FARES all day
until coming for our "pre arranged" time.
He thought it all connected somehow
from the original plane story and Philadelphia!
he had NO fares
had no travelers
secondary to the airlines all being shut down
with travelers stuck in snow!
Spirit.... connections..... Remarkable isnt' it?

after a big and great and chilly day
Ellicott City
at the
resort of
Turf Valley
a great group of folks who did not let the
Ice storm keep them away!
We had a powerful, intense and times humorous and most wonderful shared time...
Tears fell, laughter was heard, and much hard work
was done by all.
I experienced another
it finally happened after all these many years of speaking professionally!
I had a fellow named
who sat in the front row with a lovely woman
who at first I thought was his colleague
her name was "Lee"...

After all these years, and we are talking a bunch of them...
my new pal
was my first ( remember those firsts)
Good ole' Joe
you see in this picture
with Lee
that at the end of the day
allowed my to take their photo!
That there
was the first ever person
"fall asleep while Dr Showalter was talking"
was "my first"
"I did not really enjoy it too much"
Joe tried his best to make me feel better
and the others got a real hoot out of it
when he said,
"Dr Showalter, I've fallen asleep
in many many seminars before"
(I think he was trying to make me feel better with that)
Of course I then
took my mink and offered to make
my friend Joe a real comfy pillow
in the event that he wanted to be more comfortable
as our day drew to a close
I then got it.... Joe and Lee were more than colleagues
as I glanced over and saw them
snuggled more closely together there;
right there
in the front row!
I then figured it all out
How bout that?
So of course
I just had to let the rest of this wonderful group know
not only was
JOE a first for me,
but they were more than colleagues and,>brave enough to sit in the front row close to me since
 folks tend to sit in the back rows when they first arrive!
they were really really close!
We all got a great laugh from that
I'm sure it was all in great humor
after a long day of finding tools
to enhance resiliency
continue the hard work that is being done
In that group of social workers, psychologists, mental health therapists, hospice workers, domestic violence workers, adult, child workers, practitioners who specialize in sexual abuse, working with military, with women, in institutions, those with mental health issues, in patient and out patient facilities, private practices,
all top notch professionals gathered!
Now... I'm still not sure what Joe does, cos' if memory serves me, when I asked he said, "auto parts"
I can get with that (parts are parts)
after all he "fell out" on me
as I was talking with such passion
Compassion Fatigue!
When added up,
this group had collectively
899 years of professional experience between them
with only 4 or 5 people with less than 3 years!
For those people I applaud the "babies" of the group
for coming to an intense seminar
and taking best care of "self".

Speaking of taking "best care of self"
The night before?
During that remarkable, joyous, priceless reunion
with my girls
Joan and Olivia?
OH my how my heart was filled with splendor
and such amazing grace
laughter still rings within
with each breath we shared and each sound of their voices.
what a meal at the Turf Valley I ate
Blue Crab Cakes

Color Olivia and the Nana, over the top HAPPY!

We were insane off the hook crazy
over the whole experience of dining
being together
romps on the King Size Bed
of the taste of water
I was honored to meet some fantastic folks
working and doing so much for so many
in the state of Maryland the next day
on top of all of this
I have my first with good ole cutie Joe
as he lays his head down
and takes a nap as I am speaking to such a wonderful group! But odds are great that he never in his wildest thought figured I would
"call him out" about it!

NOW just tell me
am I blessed beyond words or what?

Thank you Joe, for being a trooper,
to you Lee ( I hope you will be well soon)
and all who attended the seminar
fighting the ice storm traffic
to attend.
YOU are warriors,
now go forth
with your attitude of
enhanced resilience and the tools (and words)
as Vitor Frankl said so eloquently
"That which is to provide light must endure burning"
Your best is good enough

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is now being sent from College Park MD on the winds my friends, blessings and best to all today.

Walk In Beauty,
with an attitude of gratitude,

That is the
Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Good Moring all. Can't believe almost a week has passed since the last prep for the big bake sale. Time is flying. Have a great day planned at work. This will be a good day all around. Have a great day in Maryland doc!

Irene M said...

Always, a great story from the great Dr. SES.
Joe, you must have been very TIRED to fall asleep during the words of Healing Heartaches
and related topics. A good laugh out of that.
Devine intervention, spirit connection and guidance from beyond awarded you Tues & Wed.
Yummy crabcakes, " I'll stand by YOU "
Foggy and FIRM today, IRM

Anonymous said...

helloooo. Laughing here as I read the story
of " Joe ",, he will never be the same again, I am
sure he at the very least, will never again sit in the front row !!
I am also amazed at the ways of " spirit"..
Nobody could ever convince me that what we know is true is just "coincedence". We are very blessed in our knowledge.. just saying !
The day here is kind of gray and gloomy, not cold, yet more damp and chilly.. suitable reflection of how my mood feels.. gotta kick myself in the butt and make some sunshine for my soul, I am very thankful for all I have, most especially my most
treasured memories.. I will choose today to dig myself out and climb up to where the light shines
brightly. No doubt about it, I have the best family and friends ant one could ever ask for..
So off I go, will find a few "random acts" of kindness to pass along, a smile or three,and keep
telling myself.. I have a choice here, and I will rise above the weight of my heavy heart !! I am a WARRIOR,, STOMP,,, and proudly a survivor !
Thanks for giving my day a lift, and thanks for
the guidance on the " cold , icy winds "..
have another great day, drses wickedcool , you
have no idea how much you mean to so many of us !!!
sign me, hugging my angels, here and in the next place, with my STOMP on,

Anonymous said...

Here the close of a long hard day. Hope today was all you could wish for. Seding healing energy to the hearts and bodies that are a bit bedraggled today. Tomorrow is Friday and that should bring some cheer to those wiht the weekend off. Best to all and especially to our traveling doc.