Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday at HOME

Welcome HOME
"There's no place like it"
everyone here
as evidenced by love
little eyes!

The flight home was "uneventful"
I do like that word when it comes to flying!
after a wonderful tour of speaking
Nana's girls!
time to get rest, get caught up
to fly out
on the 17th
Vancouver BC
to speak
at the
American Hospice and Palliative Care
World Conference

It's Friday!!!
Ready for a wonderful week-end?
The weatherperson
says it's going to
70 degrees today!
Coffee in hand, long sweatshirt on
I am waiting!
Olivia did great yesterday in school
she walked and she learned some things in her classes
she also
learned somethings
that they do not teach in classrooms since her surgery!
Those things I believe are "gifts"
that she was "open"
to receiving
will last a lifetime
she received those gifts
from her Mom, from her Nana
Kelly Two Wolves who worked through
the Creator and the spirits.
Little Olivia
was open to learn and to receive them
Yesterday when she returned to school
on those little feet
that looked rather sore
and swollen;
she was strong enough to bend
she was
We are forever in transition, continually moving; changing directions, doing differently, liking the changing seasons and storms often more than we could have ever imagined. If we were to stop and take some nice deep breaths, maybe think about where we've been and where we might be headed... we would know that if is required of us it is only to be flexible!
Not just flexible in seeing things in more than one color; one ideal, one belief... but bending without breaking. Knowing that we can see chaos and fear sometimes within and around and not fall down under it! It is our duty, or as the Cherokee would write, our "a da du da lv ned di" (obligation), to Move and Bend.,
without creating a rift in our own soul and spirit, thereby maintaining our mind-body-spirit connection.
 Often we have to move beyond our fears, our pain and our comfort zone. We have to "try", we have to struggle, and to keep the faith, and to "just do it" with HOPE in our hearts.

After all, you and I both know that a house cut in to or in half, cannot stand!
We are not so different than that visual you just held in your minds' eye.

However far we might stray in any direction, we must get it back together in our own house, the house within... we must bond with the law of our own spiritual being, which is to love our-self allowing us to love others' richly and without limits or condition. The journey and struggles through life, love, heartaches and healing will challenge you, your beliefs and all that you can imagine. At times it is a difficult journey to be sure, one with pain that is physical, or emotional, or spiritual... or all at once.

 Be gentle with yourself while remembering the willow in the wind, STRONG ENOUGHT TO BEND without breaking.
Enjoy the beautiful gifts that are yours on this most wonderful day of February.

"I take you by the hand with all my heart... you have spoken comfort to us" (Little Beaver's Wife)

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are HOT, with sage filling the air, and filling your senses... sending HOPE, thoughts, and prayers to those on the winds today, you know who you are, and some may not even have a clue... But we are with you, and powerful warriors we are.

Walk In Beauty,

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Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sunshine, where is everyone? Cant believe I am first but her I go fingers flying and hoping no mistakes written. Olivia my darling you are growing much too fast, I cant believe all of these beautiful pictures of the little girl not so long ago. You looked like you may be as tall as Nana? and of course you know we are all taller than your Mama. ha. I am so glad to hear you are back in school and doing so good. Congrats to you. Yes the sun is finally shining and it is a beautiful day. Thanks be to our Creator. Jet lag set in yet? Hope you will get rested before you take off to Vancover. I have heard it is a beautiful place. Hope the weather there is bright and beautiful. Thank you for all of your beautiful thoughts and words. We will all try to make others life happy and fulfilled. God Bless Our Soldiers and their families and God Bless USA.

Irene M said...

Happy to hear you are home, Sherry.
Olivia will do just fine back to school.
That little Jeepers is just so cute !
It's Friday, but no warmth, no sun, no nuttin'
I am having a " DYS " morning. Tears, oh my.
Will pass soon. Enjoy everyone ! IceScream

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Jeepers creepers where'd you get those peepers! So Cute ! Tired Sissy after only 2 days back to a new job. LOL I'm a whimp. Glad you are home safe and Olivia standing strong I'm on the run goatta hit the new job more orientation! today and next week if I last!

dotti said...

So glad you are home safe and sound Sherry, and thank you, today's message was so meaningful to me. Olivia showing the Willow in each of us...
Hahahaaaaa Kelly, how spot-on!! Good luck with the new job!
Cold winds blowing in NE PA, but warm hearts prevail ♥

chris said...

welcome back Sherry-so glad that you had time to spend with Olivia when she needed you. Isn't it wonderful world? STOMP! altho I do have to say--it's too cold!! I think the weatherman lied.
Have a good weekend everyone. Talk to ya later!