Friday, February 4, 2011

Crystal City Morning

whew, that was quite a day and photo
Today Nana's Girl
Surgery on those growth plates in the ankles
"She is a WARRIOR"
Her Nana has prepared her
hold her UP

Oh .... What memories fill the senses as the ride through Washington DC, the view of the city,


And the Rez >>>> the Capital, the Washington Monument, and then the
Pentagon there it is, getting closer I am
then /zip>>> and turn and here we were!
ta da

Lovely reception I did receive, "Welcome back Dr Showalter" (bet that they say that to everone I know they do!!!)

UPstairs we come, a fine gentleman even goes and fills my ice bucket >>> fine that is, since I am bout done for the day!!!

And then the phone rings, and it's my little Kelly aka,
"Dancing Pony" saying "your steak is waiting for you", and laughed. I was down the elevator and there stood sweet Kelly, and off we went .... for a wonderful evening of talking and "black russian relaxaation""""" woo hooo!!!!

Oh how she loves me, and what fun we had!
So rest I did, now ready to roll

Today sweet one Olivia is having surgery, I am speaking
and together we are gathering energy for all to be all that is needed wherever you are!

Had plans to post a photo of Nana's girl today, but seems this connection won't let me !!!
Wants me to post photos of the "hotel" instead!
HOW bout that???

So , if you will loook back on the blogs, you will find our Olivia, or just imagine her as running through the wind,,, healed.

TODAY IS "RED DAY" Get your red on today, for
HEART DISEASE AWARENESS DAY, it's the day to realize that more and more women are living with heart disease

So, get your RED ON>>>> and let's get the word out
Heart Disease and Women, is affecting and taking a lot of
strong women to their knees
but then
a lot of strong women are
STOMPING on who may have heart disease,
and are doing fine, just fine

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is fired up, (and i hope they dont think i am smokin in the room or that it is wacky weeed), thoughts on the wind to all who enter here, blessings to all I have had the honor to meet in MD in the last days, and to those in the prayer bowl, you know who you are.

wALK in Beauty


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Dr. SES, the picture of Olivia came in loud and clear. Just hope someday soon we will see another one of her all well. She has the spunk, the drive and the love of life and beauty to get thru this and she will with the love of Nana, Mom and her family. We will all have her in our hearts and prayers today and everyday while she is healing and beyond. Make sure Mom Joan takes care of herself. Have fun and watch lots of movies, play the WII with Olivia propped up in a chair and you both waiting on her hand and foot. Following you wherever you go. Remember go get em. and I know the people will come out blessed. Dont forget Egypt and the innocent people being killed and our reporters in so much danger. How about the American lady with a knife, roller pin and her cane in her hand as the bad men are camping right outside her door trying to get in??? What a brave lady she is, she is standing up for her rights and her home. Me, I would have run long ago. May God Bless our troops and their families. GOD BLESS USA

Irene M said...

On this foggy Friday in Florida, I wish for complete success and smooth healing for Olivia, strength for Joan, fluidity of words for Dr. SES to communicate to those listening, ( not sleeping, JOE ) Sage smoke in the room ?
Holy smoke !, lol. A SUPER weekend wish to all. I can see clearly now...... FIRM

dotti said...

Thinking of you, and envisioning Olivia running like the wind. Just as I typed those words (11:33AM), 7 crows went flying past my window, playing on the winds. Blessings♥

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Prayrers on the wind For Olivia, running playing strong healing quickly! Go get em Sissy knock their ties off LOL, And from here to there spread that healing feeling. And Hope!
The cubbies are noisy and Mama Lily looks like she needs a Black Russian OH my! Don't think shes geting any rest this winter! Standing with ya girl Stomp ! Arm and Arm! Spread the love! Like a pebble in a placid pool we don't know how far the ripples go! Waiting to hear all the stories! Love and prayers on the wind !

Anonymous said...

Just home from work and baking fish sticks for the puppies and me. Yum! Gald you are enjoying your old stompin grounds doc.... Specal heaing to Ms Olivia in Maryland. She is quite the little trooper! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and lots of excitin ads during the superbowl Sunday!

chris said...

Olivia, I hope with all my heart that everything goes well for you-I have even been stomping and talking the creator about that!!I just know that with Nana there you will be fine-nobody dares to go one on one with Nana about her family!!If they try she'll just call on Granny..and then it's watch out world!!Heal fast little one and don't rush it-the Doc will tell you when you can do stuff...enjoy Nana while she is there but don't wear her out..LOL

Anonymous said...

soooo tired , need to just check in and wish
everyone a wonderful weekend. Whatever you do,
wherever you go, whoever you encounter,
may you have laughter and kindness, special times,
and happy hearts. Keeping it simple,
hugging my angels, thinking of happy stuff,
sign me,

Anonymous said...

p.s. helloooo again.
Olivia. you will comethrough this surgery like
the wind.. we are all STOMPing and sending all
of our prayers and positvly charged up energy to
you , sweet girl. You are in the best care...
you'll be back on the soccer field before you3know it !!!!!