Friday, February 25, 2011

Columbus Ohio thoughts

Looking down from the
4th floor
The Embassy Suites
Columbus Ohio
this morning

Good morning
with coffee beside me
a safe arrival to Columbus last evening
to the Embassy Suites
where I was greeted with memories
that flooded all my senses
of days long long ago
Wearing Red for our Troops today
won't you STAND UP with us!

We'll Stand by you
We Believe in YOU
We Thank YOU.

Tampa and St Petersburg FL
we mourn still
one of our finest in blue.
David Crawford, 25 year veteran
St Petersburg Police Officer
Now joined the Thin Blue Line.

The Cop Killer has now been arrested
he is a 16 year old
who was carrying a 38 that he bought
"for the helluva it"
and bought it for $140. cash
on the street
was carrying in his waistband,
and the officer motioned him over
to him to talk
the kid came to him
reached in his waist band
and opened fire
for no reason.
His parents have been interviewed and tell us
he is a "good kid and this is shocking to them",
They go on to say, the only trouble he has ever
been in is  " a little school skipping" and they ask for "forgiveness for his actions".
I'm certain that Officer Crawford's loved ones feel much better now, aren't you,
as well as those who are protecting and serving our county and community.
Another fine man, a vet, a man with those who love him, just living his life, doing his job, wanting to talk to a kid, who knows about what... now

has joined
Tampa Bay weeps
my heart aches
' ' '

And an awakening of thunder in the middle
of the night
and torrential rains here
awakening to black ice and weather warnings
all over the areas
of ice, snow delays around the area
and storm warnings for Ohio
It is 30 degrees
as I look out the window and
recognize the "black ice"
on the pavement.
I wonder how it will impact the many
participants of today's seminar
and I still find I am flooded with memories
of days gone by
and the photo above.
Many thoughts as that photo
is similar for many who have ever
stayed in an
Embassy Suites hotel
oh how I do enjoy staying here.
Have spent much time
in that photo in the DC area
dressed as
"Bearly Bear"
loping around, laying on floors
and silently and compassionately
listening to little children
with a diagnosis of
Cancer who would come
to the holiday parties
there at the
Embassy Suites
to be entertained; to see Santa, to eat
forget for the day their illness!
They would suddenly see
"Bearly Bear" on the glass elevator
headed down
and would scream their delight
often finding their way to the doors
as they opened
and follow, and pull on the fur
as they hollered
"Bearly Bear I've been looking everywhere for you"
"Bearly  Bear Bearly Bear, LOOK AT MY HAIR"!!!
The parents would smile, and the day was a mixture
of painful loveliness
Bearly Bear would smile and cry at the same time.
While looking for children from last year
when they could not be found
Bearly Bear
would wonder
then would pretend that perhaps
they got a better offer of fun for the day.
You would see the bears that had been gifted from the year before;
some had worn fur from chemotherapy treatments
others had on bandages on their heads to signify recent surgeries
legs that were bandaged
or recent IV's that had been inserted
in their fur.
Some kids were in remission
and they shared that with an over stuffed bear
and all
ignored the fact that a human was under the costume
the adults ignored that as well!
And when
Bearly Bear was a
no one associated who the human was
not the kids, not the adults!
The Embassy Suites and staff were the only ones
who knew,
but those were different times...
the Embassy Suites is the Hilton
the staff has changed
few folks remember
the magic that was created
for those special children and the adults who loved
them through the most difficult times and journeys
they walked.
they were magical times
and magical people.
And when I arrived here safely yesterday,
before the torrential rains came
and the storm warnings came,
it all came back,
and I was filled with gratitude.
Perhaps the thunder that woke me from the deepness of sleep
was the little ones
that were celebrating my memories,
that were celebrating
Bearly Bear
Who knows
it may have been
riding a "Harley In Heaven"
Rolling Thunder
along with those
The Thin Blue Line
"from the other side"
thanking me for letting folks know about him
Healing Heartaches
for thinking about him and the memories of all the children as I came in the doors last night!

The fire is burning brightly and the sage has just been fired up this morning
I think of all who know who they are
I remember the children

Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Angie said...

Good Morning Cuz,
Oh how I remember the days of Bearly Bear~~Oh how the kids loved him....I know it did bring back lots of great memories....
I went to class last night! Didn't make it the whole 3 hours but I tried. I am actually starting to feel normal again :)
I hope you have a great day and don't let the weather get to you...when ppl hear Dr. SES is in the house they will be there~~
Love ya Cuz~~

Irene M said...

Oh ! What a great story about Bearly Bear !
I remember reading all about the bear in your book, was stunned then and MOVED this morning at the mere mention of your memories. The lives you must have impacted with your fur cover. I wish you a day filled with heart-felt speaking, listening, remembering, safe travels and reunions with former friends.
Thanks for sharing such a touching blog today, Dr. SES. Come home to Florida soon and rest.
Feb. coming to its end in glorious fashion.
FIRM IceScream !

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed it is a great story to start out a cool, drizzly morning. The temp. is good 54deg. for a morning with no sunshine. Guess we will have to make our own sunshine. Greet a man or woman who is serving our country with a red outfit on and a big hug and a smile a mile long. Our hearts hurt for the Policeman it makes me sick, a 16yr. old who was a good boy? Who ruined the lives of so many people who loved the Officer. What was he thinking? I dont get it. My prayers for the Office and his family and friends. For our soldiers who are protecting us and for the people who does not get what life is all about. God Bless USA, DRSES. hurry home with all of your memories and with a hopeful heart the sun will shine on you today and always. whole lot

chris said...

16 years old--he knew what he was doing..My heart breaks for the family of David Crawford. That was an incredible sick thing to do. The papers today are full of stories about how the other two Policeman met their fate and how Officer Crawford died.
I am trying to make sense of it all-I guess I will leave that up to the creator to explain it to me later when I meet up with him/her!
Come home Doc--the sun is nice and warm!
Talk to ya later...

Anonymous said...

Some of my most favorite parts of your book included bearly bear. It touched a place inside me. I guess it is easier to talk to something like a bear costume than open your heart to a person for the bear costume does not show approval or disapproval or any emotion like a person would. I love the love you pour into your work.
Keep it up. Maybe one day Oprah will notice you..she should.