Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spirit, Connection and Dance

this is
right when
Kelly2Wolves said,
"Oh honey, the spirits are goin to tease you alot"
Olivia and I had the best laugh along with
sissy2 wolves about that
Joan slammed her head into her hand and
"Oh do they have to do this"???
Good morning to all
Joan an I wait to hear the little one
come down the stairs for her
first day back to school!
We will drive here there,
I dread...
did I mention
the "so long"
between the Nana and her girls.
We've had the absolute best of times
in even the most of frightening times
with those sweet feet.

We have had the
each day
"the best"
I tell ya!
Now almost ready to dance again
catch up with the
dance of spirit
that has been there
with the singing of
Kelly Two Wolves
Joan and I.
The sage has been burning, the house filled with
spirits guarding, nurturing and protecting.
It is now
time to return home. Nature is the Rhythm....

We are the vessel for the dance, nature is the rhythm... it is all around us, the Creator just watching and waiting to see if we will move! Maybe today? Will you feel it, allow yourself to be moved by its sound, swaying gently at first to its rhythm... feeling it in your soul and then ...

Without too much thought you are feeling it deeper, the sounds in your nervous system almost, moving you out of your comfort zone, urging you to reach a bit farther than usual, stretching a little farther in your thoughts maybe, and before you know it ... you are dancing YES DANCING ON A MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, and then it's FRIDAY!!!!

We never did tell Olivia that she "should would feel PAIN, we encouraged her to feel, to send messages to her feet, to dance, to see herself kicking that soccer ball, and run like a pony and feel the wind in her face! She who still dances through her young life knowing she has a warrior holding her ankles, and we on each side of her always.... and often will "dance, draw, and be with wild abandon" knowing that the music she is enjoying is in her heart! You see, she is open, she knows she is loved and has the love of the Creator and the ancestors, she has her "swagger", she was still "busting moves" with those swollen ankles and little toes, even in the arms of Nana... and having a grand dancing through the moment time! Indeed nature is rhythm, and we choose to dance through life.... or not.

There are times when the dance has to stop momentarily. Those times of profound sadness, grief, trauma. It is during those devastating times that we are unable to hear the music, unable to move... amazed that the world is still moving for others as we are sitting in our pain of loss with krumpled Kleenexes in hand.
There are no words for those moments, there are no "quick fixes".
As the Cherokee say, there are times you just have to "sit with it", absorb it in all of its pain, its magnitude. It is during these times that it is so very important to surround yourself with good friends/family, someone that you can just "be" with and not have to "do" for or "pretend that everything is all right" with.
But try in these very hard times to write these words down and read them often:
 You are a survivor, you will survive this, you will rejoin the dance of life. the rhythm is nature and nature is waiting for you... YOU ARE A SURVIVOR.
The dance of life goes on, the rhythm of life is infinite, it does not stop because of the struggles, the challenges the heartaches we have or of those around us.It just might be that the music becomes louder, more intense with more meaning... colors are more vivid, brighter, that life holds more meaning than ever... if we choose to embrace it. But life is here, right here RIGHT NOW.
It is there, waiting for us to re-join its splendor. And there is no shame in asking for what you need when you feel the music has stopped; rally the other dancers around you, play music to remind yourself you can still hear, you can still feel, even through the pain of change.

"In the river of tears, make time your friend"
 Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (Still a hero to me, dancing across the galaxies, her work still motivating,teaching, healing)

This quote speaks volumes and again speaks to the rhythm of nature...

The fire is burning brightly and its embers are hot, the sage is filling the air, with thoughts, prayers and hopes on the wind for all who enter here.
Blessings and thoughts surround EE out here in CO, we are with you friend, the warriors are STOMPING...

Walk IN Beauty,

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Fiona said...

Dear one, got to love the synchronicity of this life...Life is a circle dance, each step a movement in balance with the universe. Some steps are fast, twirling and breathless, some slow, complex and imperceptible, yet each a part of my journey in this Earth walk. I move toward the centre of all things and feel connected to all and dance away feeling bereft and lonely. I pass a familiar place though am not back at the beginning but seeing and feeling from the place I now find myself. The dance is familiar and if I close my eyes and listen to the heartbeat of the Universe I know my steps, my place in this dance... Hugs on the wind

dotti said...

"Indeed nature is rhythm, and we choose to dance through life.... or not." What a profound thought for this morning.

My "dance" steps may lack grace and others may see me as a fool, but I will move to the tune of my inner self ~ grounded by the Earth yet uplifted on the wind. Blessings to you and yours, Sherry. Safe travels, it should be a glorious day for flight!!

Irene M said...

First 2 comments say it all. Not much more I can add, cept that my " dance" is odd, varies greatly and so the difference of each of my days. High and low, here and there, I never know what music will set the pace for the day's dance thru life. Keeps in interesting and fresh. That is all from me.
I am crazy, but FIRM.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Dare to Dance to the beat of a different drummer, Follow your Hearts passion in life, remember the song dance like nobodys watching , and laugh at the most inapropriate times! Laughter fills the air and takes away fear regret sorrow or at leat lessens the blows. Prayers for safe Journeys Sissy Olivia you are so much stronger than you know, and your spirit gives us Hope. Practice random acts of kindness for others and yourself and you will survive and thrive, And be whole once again ! LOVe to all Blessings On the wind!

chris said...

only through you have I learned to dance and stomp again. what a ride!! thank you Sherry. Safe journey...

Anonymous said...

Late to the blog again today.... So sad. Much prefer to start my days with the feelings and thoughts shared here. Blessings to all. Dance on.