Monday, February 28, 2011

Welcoming a New Day with Dance

With Beauty
Good Morning Monday

Good Morning Monday
The coffee is ready
the warmth is beautiful
It is delicous to be wakening at home.

Sometimes a day at home is so darn good
you just revel in it, as I did on Sunday.
We spent the day just in
"chill" fashion
differntly than most would think of
as we took to the outside chores that were long
HItting the outside long neglected tasks
and the yard that made the ole' homeplace
look as no one had been home for awhile
or busy beyond measure.
I have to tell you I cannot remember the last
time I was so very present
in tasks that usually are not so enjoyable!
I was just tickled
to fire up that leaf blower
and for the longest time
enjoyed myself
as I blew those dreadful "Oak Leaves and stuff"
from the walkway, the driveway and hidden from all
over into an organized path and into the street.
No one to speak to, no one to offer suggestions to,
but only to direct to the street for
Mr Street Sweeper to get rid of this morning!
Then to the yard to rid ourselves of the annoying
and ever present soon to be
"Oak farm that is destroying the yard and grasses"
While I enjoy an old Oak tree or two,
how I have come to not like Oak trees in Florida
find them a nuicance here
wishing against wishes that this one
would transplant itself to another place
preferably Colorado where I have seen pictures
of acres of flat lands that would enjoythe mighty Oak in its splendor!
And I can't help but wonder;
why is it
that my home
is the only home
with Oak crap
all over the yard and little bitty Oak babies
taking over the yard and flower beds
and the screen top of my lanai.
of course
I still find my mind boggled that on a persons' own
you cannot take these trees down
without "permission" and without paying for
licenses, and without red tape
and such things...
So while the body aches from trying to do it all
in one day,
there is an immense sense of satisfaction
from doing so much in such a little amount of time
making things look so good
all though
the massive and irritating
big ole'
Oak is there laughing
"there is more aggravation to come"~

It was great to be out of the "head"
and into the movement of
just being for awhile
and stretching
and seeing the efforts of action
without words for the day
while feeling the warmth
of the day
Vitamin D
I have to tell you.

Fluidity of movement
the lovely immediate results of what had been done
just fine indeed.
As we approach the end of another month,
the energy and the light are changing,
the light months are returning to us,
spring is around the corner.
A time of new beginnings.
What an exciting time for us all.
Some are preparing for big and newness is all around.
New Beginings are always exciting if not a bit
scary it seems.
There are those who are preparing for moves
in jobs; in moves to new areas,
time to close out old business, to leave old relationships,
old areas, to walk away from old things that have not served you well or old things that you have "outgrown"
it is a time of transition I hear from many.
Perhaps that is really how the phrase
"spring cleaning" really first came about I wonder.
Cleaning out the old
to make room for the new?

I've been blessed to hear from many across the country since my return home from speaking, from meeting new people since the first of the year.
It has been an honor to meet so many.
Some have enjoyed the words they have heard; some have appreciated the reminders of things they knew already; others felt as though they have not heard anything they did not already know while others felt inspired by the words and yet others have wondered if I am free to engage in therapy from a distance.
Still others found points they wanted to challenge either there while the seminars were taking place
and they did so,
which opened the conversation
and I encouraged that,
then opened the floor
for others to respond to
allowing their peers to
give their responses
it was stimulating
and at times
it was
fiery as well!
One thing is certain
professionals in the caring professions for the most part are daggone good at what they do and most give all
to their patients and clients,
most sacrifice much
and their very own families often
should be the recipients of "awards"
as they often do with less
as those in the helping professsions
work long and hard
for those they are honored to work with.
I bet they too sometimes
welcome a day to
mow or blow leaves
seeing a
"beginning, middle and end"
to the task at hand!
One without human interraction or interruption
or crisis along the way.
Sometimes that is a great respite.
Blowing those leaves into the street
is rather mindless
you can take your time,
while it may make your back hurt after a bit,
it is a job of satisfaction when it is over
(unless the wind blows it back to you)
it is over!
No one asks for more
until the mighty Oak dumps on you that is!

then again
it is temporary, and it gets you out in the warmth, the sun, and for a moment, you can wear shorts and not really care what anyone thinks about you technique
and not have to answer to anyone but the blower!

Yes, life is filled with small and big surprises
and I find this morning to be a day of promises
a day
of knowing that many are facing small and big
I also know
we are approaching a new month
a month of
change for many.
A time of
New Beginnings
new promise
it is so very important
that we give the right messages
to our
learning to give
consistent messages to that wonderful
brain of ours.
Our brain loves consistency, so we must be
consistent in those messages
we must practice practice practice.
"I am grateful, I am thankful, I am doing my best"
We must remember:
"Whether you think you can,
Think you can't you will be right"

So friends
give yourself and your brain
so beautiful flowers
magnificent flowers
and thoughts to sustain
Plant yourself firmly on
the ground
and thoughts and messages
that will begin your day
with an
to start this day
with love, kindness
for the day
to make it what YOU want it to be.

You have the power to make it what you want
it to be.
Make it outstanding for yourself.
It is your choice.

Cuz Angie up there in Southwest Va
is healing each day from that serious abdominal surgery, and contnues to STOMP
with an attitude of gratitude
and so glad surgery is behind her.
Olivia in MD is walking on those little feet
now that her surgery and her
blessingswy with Kelly 2wolves
helped her to stand, and Nana was there
to encourage and love her through those first days along with the Mama
and those spirits who stood by her.
EE in Colorado is improving day by day
and has fought back from that horrible and rampant illness.
warriors on this page are
with the help and knowledge that they are
NOT alone
and that we here
are always with them.
This week we surround
LIzzie and her family up in Manassas VA
as they are under great times of stress there
we are with you dear ones,
we are standing strong with you there.
Kelly 2Wolves and Jinxy out in South Dakota have been so busy caring for all and sending prayers for all of us
that she is fighting a nasty cold
and still digging out from under the snows
she has been a bit under the weather,
we are with you darling
"arm in arm"
sending prayers your way
rest, restore and heal
knowing we are sending you
healing on the winds.

For those who serve
in Uniform
walk across the street if you have to,
take a minute
"thank them"
for their service
for protecting you and your families
for putting it on the line.
Tampa continues to mourn our losses
and we are still in shock
of those we have lost.

Life is like
Spiders Web
whatever is done to one is done to all
the web is fragile
and each thing affects all others in and on the web, and felt by the Universal Oneness
of the great connections.
You see my friends,
we may have been born into a family,
been born into circumstance
have lived through hell at one time or another
even perhaps been diagnosed and witnessed and gone through hell in life
perhas even gone through trauma.
it is what we have done, what we have worked through, resolved that matters.
It is what YOU have mastered
what you have done with those beliefs
that determine
"who you are"
"who you are and where you've been
is not who are where you are now"
you are different now
those old labels and conditions
may not be who you are now.
You may in fact not be able to call yourself those things any longer!
One who has resolved their trauma
is no longer "traumatized"
one who is no longer "abused"
is no longer a "victim of abuse"
they are a "survivor"
so it goes.
It is now
time to "leg go" of old labels
to adopt and embrace
who you are
and embrace
new belief systems
to give your brain consistent messages
and make your new beginning
new YOU
now and forever more.
Welcome to your
new LIFE
Congratulate yourelf
on work that has bee done
and know
from within.
enjoy your life.

Be gentle with yourself today
Be good to you,
kind to those you meet.
Kindess costs nothing
but gives so much
through a smile
a touch
through buying the person behind you at the drive-through a
or a coffee
just because you can do it
and then
glancing in the rear view at the reaction
will set the pace of the day
all day long!

If you make time for work
you must make time
for YOU

LIsten to music in the car dear ones,
after all
you already know traffic is jammed up
you are after all
sitting in traffic!
HOW much more do you really need to
know about that?
Think of good things
and give that time in your talk, in your head
at least give it more time than you give
the negative time or things that you hear
and join in conversations about!

of course remember this:
have enough
real friends
new experiences
ah ha moments
fun times
chocolate (fat free or sugar free)

The fire is burning, the embers are hot, the sage is fired up ... thoughts on the winds to all who gather here, and even those who somehow have missed this page!

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Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
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Anonymous said...

Good Morning to all. DRSES is working out those meetings, people and just stomping thru the yard and getting ready for Spring to Spring. The jonquils are showing their head here in Va.. Time to spruce up and get on with this great thing called LIFE. Thanks for your words of wisdom and also update on Cuz and Olivia. Two brave souls that is showing us how to buck up and take it on and get it over with. The weather is warming up here in Va.. and I am loving it. Blessings to all especially the men and women who is protecting us while we sleep in soft beds and have decent food to eat. Blessings to their families while they wait for word from their loved ones. Blessings to DRSES. I am just full of blessings this morning to all. God Bless USA

Irene M said...

Morning world ! " leg-go " old labels, good advice. It is a new day, new month (soon), new season (soon), birds are singing, leaves are blowing, grass IS growing. Coffee is GREAT
Reading today's blog reminded me of many many things. Along with others, I need the brakes to be slammed on once in a while, THINK, remember, carry on, wonder at achievements, pay it forward and live this MONDAY full throttle. Buh-bye for now, EyeScream signing off..............

dotti said...

Good morning, good day, good month, dear Sherry. So glad you are once again home safely!! Blessings to that troublesome oak, maybe it will send healing energy to those at Toomer's Corners, that the evil one whose attempt to poison them shall not succeed. Rain and freezing rain here this morning, just beautiful to watch and listen. Mother Earth is washing my world, for the start of a fresh new month. So happy to hear update on Olivia and Cuz; may I ask your healing energy be directed to Cindy H ... 2 months of suffering before they realize she too needed major surgery, STAT ... a week after and her recovery is slow and painstaking. Pancreatitis ... nasty word, nasty thing... My eye surgery in 3 weeks, then I will be able to READ again, and guess what I will read first?♥ Love & hugs on cold brisk winds to you and D and the 4 leggeds♥ The image of the dancer above, is absolutely glorious. I am stomping with you all!!

Anonymous said...

I have an idea for some botanical research. Why can't someone make oak trees eat their own leaves and acorns? Or come up with a new product that allows all the muck they produce to be turned to mulch. Oak does NOT decay, EVER. This is a sad state of affairs. If you pile them up, unlike other stuff you want to conpost, all you get are full, whole, oak acorns and leaves. Even after several years.
So we rake and shovel, blow and bag. then they go to the land fill where they do not disolve into anything.... Like plastic bottles. If the oak is really a natural tree, why does it's junk stay whole for ever?
Yes I get that I am on a rant here.... I LOVE trees, I love shade, I love the ones that drop their leaves, change colors, I love blooming trees, in fact the ONLY tree I HATE is the FL OAK. The wood makes a great fire in the fireplace but its "stuff" WILL NOT even burn.. What is up with that?
So how does that tie into my next issue. Why if I own my own land and pay my exorbitant taxes for this tiny lot, must I pay the city to be allowed to cut down a damn tree? And worse yet, why is ther a law that says living oaks are so damn sacred that you can't get such a permit? You can apply, but they won't issue it unless the tree is dead.... So, to tree huggers everywhere, and I have long stood with you; I now harbor great and unending animosity for the gazillion oaks that are on and around my house. Huge, fruitful, disgusting oaks. If I could pick up my house and transport it to some barren lot I would do it in a heartbeat. Hate and loathing are terrible sentiments to be wed to, but as long as these damdable oaks stand, alas I am stuck!
As unpopular as it is, I totally empathize with the dude who wants the oaks out of the town square. Hell, I want them out of the whole Gulf Coast. So get a lawyer and sue me, sue me, shoot bullets through me, I HATE THEM.
Enough said.

Irene M said...

P S : The photo of Mr. Native American Dancer is stunning............. forgot to mention.

........ and to the OAK TREE hater above, I got a real chuckle outta the " sue me, sue me, shoot bullets thru me " Still laughing.

I, too, have raked, bagged, kicked, cussed at the huge one behind my parents house. UGH !

Anonymous said...

What a great BLOG today. The Native Dancer is awesome. What picture. I can almost hear the music and see the movement. Many thanks for your words, and always for the wonderful photos and links you suggest. I hope everyone visits the new book a week site, and Kelly 2Wolves is an amazing artist.
Sign me A FAN

Anonymous said...

Hey DRSES. tell all of your friends to say a prayer to our creator for my dear beloved friend of many years who just a few months ago was FREE OF CANCER, he has come back with agressive treatments for his cancer. We need some powerful prayers for a smooth sailing, not a long goodbye. Whatever the creator has in mind let it be pain free. It is better to say goodbye now than watch a long suffering.

Anonymous said...

Today is my Pappys birthday in Heaven. I am sure he and Granny is dancing to ONE DAY AT A TIME SWEET JESUS. They both are missed so very much and I will say they were the best parents anyone could ever have. I miss and love you both so very much and each day I think of you and the sacrifice you gave for your children and grandchildren. Happy Birthday and I will always remember walking into your house and you were dancing to One Day At A Time. Happy, Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...

Love Your blog friend. It helps EE to close her eyes and feel her toes on the edge and soar with the Eagles. :) such heart provoking words that I read in gulps and come back and reread.
Hugs to you on the wind.