Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TRansformation, good morning

Art in the Airport

Good morning
home was warm, delicous, magnificent
did i mention
Off to fly the
friendly skies
Should be interesting
I have just experienced
I think I am awake...
We'll see
after hearing of the snow of Ohio
it sure is hard to get these feet out the door
this morning
but with the coffee almost done,
the 4 legged love in complete
it is soon to climb in the back seat of
the car driven by Michele
Action Limo
head out to
Tampa International once again.
Ever need a car to Tampa
Action Limo
Michele are the ones to call!
They are knowledgable, on time, friendly
and downright awesome!
Michele has one of those laughs
that just
"Lights up the day"
Meanwhile out there in South Dakota
sissy Two Wolves
really touched folks from around the world
with her blessed and beautiful bracelets
thay were handed out in the
Remembrance Celebration.
assembly had a couple of folks
from the First Nations
to perform sacred songs and do storytelling
at the remembrance
then they handed out
those special bracelets as a gift of healing
to all gathered!
The participants were so very touched
the next day
on the wrists of so many
I saw their bracelets
I saw their pride of connection,
a transformation of their learning
and days of gathering
as they prepared to return home
to their loved ones and communities
to their work.
It was beautfiul.
I even was thrilled to see a few at the airport!
that brilliant moment in time
that sometimes happens in a heart beat!
Just as the butterfly dries its magical wings from emerging from the darkness into the light after a great
and takes flight.
Just like that sometimes!

Wherever you are today
Whatever you are doing, do it with all you have.


Little Kamryn is now playing basketball with a traveling basketball team now... he scored 10 points in the latest game he did!
Angie is continuing to recover her surgery and being her warrior self up there in VA, even able to attend that game!
And imagine, I got to meet the medical director of the little hospice there as well, where Mom and Angie are volunteers as well while in Vancouver! 
What a wonderful world. The medical director said:
"I just love your Mom" haha, 
So of course I replied,
 "Well then, give her a call, because she would appreciate hearing that as a volunteer and since she and my cousin Angie are both volunteers they need to know that! After all Dr., you may not know this, but my cuz Angie just has had major abdominal surgery, so hospice needs to send them some love, flowers or something up there!!!"
Just keepin it real!
When I return home this time
I'm hoping the weather is great here at home,
I have to believe that it will be.
It will be time to re-unite with family of choice
hit the waters
time to do some famous flips off the bow of the boat
celebrate the wonder of home,
of life
of being home
with friends, with the Eagles that soar
those that have been missed
while traveling
laugh out loud
and its majesty!

The fire is burning, the sage is filling the air, with hugs and thoughts on the winds to all who gather here, and those who are being thought of, you know who you are.

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

visit above to inquire about your next conference or speaking needs and to order your copy of
Healing Heartaches

p.s. "Hello Oprah, Jay Leno, Ellen, ... I know u just have to be watching and reading this page!!!
Have your people call my people, let's get together soon ok, it's time!!!"

Come fly with me, come fly come fly come fly away!
"Just keep walking Dr Showalter, Just keep walkin"

Dance, Dance Dance
you can never ever ever
have enough


Irene M said...

G o o d Tuesday morning to all !
Sherry, your update & plans are very interesting. You are strong, focused and determined to share YOU, your book, your LOVE, even if it means flying to COLD, snow & ice places. My thoughts / prayers are with you, till you return to the Sunshine State for a while. I wish YOU enough, too. FIRM

Anonymous said...

Come fly with me, Keep Walking and away you go to anothere awesome place. You will probably not even feel the snow you will be so welcomed by the warm, wonderful people of Ohio. Good luck, God Bless and I know you will be awesome. The blessings will be flowing. Thanks for all of the updates on your world tour. I feel like I am walking with you. Some great responses in the blog and in your updates on your travels. I am sure Oprah, Ellen and Jay Leno are just waiting to see who will be first to call you. Good luck and make those people happy and I am sure they will go away with love in their hearts and knowledge of what you do and what they need to do with their lives. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

Good thing we have the blog doc or we'd never be able to keep up with your escapades. Sfe trip, let us know how Ohio is. Can't think of anything I've lost there but I do know one GREAT woman that hails from those parts. Any state that lays claim to being the birthplace of Steph is surely deserving of your presence.
As often as you have mentioned Jay Leno, he should feel honored to get your contact info. LOL. Be safe and stay warm until you return home.

Anonymous said...

Just keep walking Dr Showalter, just keep walking! You rock!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you are feeling the warmth of
home in your heart as you travel.. has been
most beautiful here lately... even nice enough to walk Honeymoon Island and catch some rays..
surely you know we all wish you well,
and well, just saying... rock on doc,
lucky and blessed who have the pleasure of
meeting up with you..
sign me, hugging my angels.
and feeling the hugs right back...
have fun !!!! A.