Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines' Day

Happy Valentine's Day
from me and the Dolphins!
On this chilly February morning

Coffee time, wakie wakie ~
It's ready, poured two cups
was just thinking about Valentine's Days
of long ago in Northern Virginia!
Boy oh Boy
they used to have some wicked snow storms
up there on a day
when flower deliveries were being made!!!
The roses so beautiful
Dorothy's dad
gearing up to make those deliveries
as she was holding her breath
wondering how many dozen would be broken or left
in the snow!!
Nothing quite as beautiful though
than flickers of snow on
beautiful long stem
South American Long Stemmed Roses
that I am sure.

Quite lovely indeed.
St Valentines day, shortened to Valentines day, celebrated orignially between "intimate" partners to show and demonstrate that great connection, through the years now shared by anyone and everyone it seems to show their love and friendship via candy, cards, balloons, and flowers~
Hallmark particularly loves this holiday!!!
Lovers and good and dearest friends often like their flowers sent to their place of work
so that "others" can ooh and aah and witness the
wonder of love as well
then a romantic dinner of couples often will  follow in celebration of the day
or night,
Valentines Day on a Monday?
Most do not care for that nearly as much it seems!
children adore
Valentines Day
and the stuffed bears, hearts, candy
We cannot forget the "doves" and
our dearest
the biggest star of Valentines Day
when he shoots that arrow right into our hearts!
Gotta love cupid I'm thinkin
but most of us
still love those stuffed bears
that accompany the
"chocolate" the best.
It has always struck me as
just hysterical how men
think women prefer
Red Roses above all things
and order them at the Flower Shoppes...
When in reality
the Creator made a rainbow of choices in
Roses and other wonderful flowers to say
"I love ya I do"
and they are spectacular!
BUT one of the finest stories I ever heard of late
was from the daughter of a grand woman, she was a therapist actually.
Her husband always always gave her flowers, she always accepted them throughout their long marriage.
After her death, when picking out the headstone, he insisted a "rose" be engraved and added to the stone,
the daughter silently complied
but later told me this:
"My mom hated flowers, and all through their life together Dad would give her roses; at anniversaries, Valentines day, and always she would thank him, put them in a vase... now even in death, she has to have a damn flower on her stone. And he will never know, cos' she never wanted to hurt his feelings and said, always pick her battles!!!"
Now that to me, was very funny!
And if you want to understand the complexities of
human behavior
or not
hang out in a flower shop
the day after
Valentines Day and particularly Mothers' Day!
talk about those who complain
swearing that their person would have
NEVER EVER ordered such a thing for "them"
would "know that they do not like a particular flower"
it would boggle your mind!

People are funny indeed they are!
I do love me some white roses though, add to that a few white mountain lillies and oh my what a display and fragrance!
Yep sure do love me some flowers!
Happy Valentines Day dear ones
May you have a day that lights your day
with wonder, with thoughts of spring
in the air
HOPE in your heart.
Eat chocolate
surround yourself with beauty
with music
with flowers!
You can never ever
be kind enough

The fire is burning and its embers are hot
sending hope on the wind along with powerful thoughts to all.

You should see those bears of Lily the North American Black Bear out there in the Den of Ely MN
they are having a blast together they are!
to see them and hear them talk!

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Irene M said...

Happy Happy Heart's Day on this MONDAY ?
Yes, it falls on a Monday this year. How 'bout those Grammy Awards ? Wow, talk about entertainment... Mick Jagger, Barbra, Queen of Soul tribute, all right now. I wait all year for that show. Call me nutz, but that's my bag, MUSIC and keeping up with it.
Had a lovely day yesterday with cousins. Took a detour while driving over the SKYWAY. 3 beautiful dolphins greeted me in Tampa Bay while taking a walk along pathway by south fishing pier. Remarkable creatures, 3 spirits saying hi to me, letting me know they " see " me. A great warm feeling. Love to all today
this hearts, flowers and sweets day 2/14

Anonymous said...

I well remember the days when I would go to the flower markets in downtown Was and buy cases and cases of roses, then spend 48 hours cleaning and arrainging them for VD. Talk about hard work! Still love the flowers but owning a flower shop is the closest thing I know to share cropping. If you get flowers today, some poor person has been slaving away all weekend to make the delivery possible. Enjoy them even if they are the wrong color, or even if like the wife, you generaly hate flowers. Someone has taken the time and effort to say that you are loved.
As for me, I baked "flower cupcakes". Go figure.... Best day to all. If you gather here, YOU ARE LOVED.

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine to all, yes send me chocolate, chocolate and at this time I will probably eat one piece a day or just forget it and eat the whole box so I want have to worry about it. One time I got hooked on the old fashioned cherrys with the juice that seeped out on your face and ran down your chin. If I got the wrong box I would go back and get more and see if they were just the right ones. Now I cant stand them, that is called over dose. Hoping to have a Happy Valentine day with old dear friend and then a trip to the Nursing Home to help celebrate Valentine day with the residents. That is after a little exercise at the old YMCA. Yep gotta do it because dont know what will tempt me to eat today. May just make it a day of chocolate. Forrest Gump will surely come by. Blessings to all and remember DRSES said you cant get enough SUGAR. Continue prayers for our soldiers and their families. Irene where are you? On a chocolate day I would think you would be up and at it. God Bless USA.

liv said...

Happy Valentines Day Nana ! all the xoxoxooxox coming your way. we love you!

Anonymous said...

Happy VD friend. Hope yours is as wonderful as mine has been. Son and I have competing music blasting through house. He has opera and I have on some Patti...ha ha....great way to wake up whole house. Peace and joy your way.

chris said...

happy St. Valentine's Day to everyone. I just finished reading yesterday's blog about Liz-WOW she is one incredible Lady. I can only wish her peace.
On the subject of flowers-I too always kept my mouth shut--the Husband would get me bunches and bunches of wild flowers when all I really would have liked was one single flower! I used to kid him that the house smelled like a flower shop!That lady was right-pick your battles wisely.. enjoy while you can!

dotti said...

Yep, still Valentine's Day. My white amaryllis bloom opened up today, that was my gift ... from Mother Earth to me. I am blessed♥ Feeling a bit lonely and overlooked, but still grateful for that which I have. And tomorrow will be even better ƸӁƷ