Thursday, February 24, 2011

Morning Comes EArly

Blue Ash Ohio!~

Nope not arrested
but had a great day I tell you!
Walked out during a break and
saw this car,
uh ohhh
Blue Ash knows
Dr Showalter is walking through Ohio!

Morning in Dayton
and the weather man
is not being kind with the forecast,
then again
I awoke to a lovely view out the window
and then a trip
to the bathroom where
my feet were wet
and the ceiling was
reflecting the weatherman's
forecast of
uh oh
best get on this
not good in my way of thinkin
for rain to be comin through this
light above I see
nope not a good start to the day
OKIE dokie
Did I mention
30 degrees
rain to snow
What's that you say Mr Weatherman?
"A mess you say"
oh boy,

how's your day looking friends?
In the no pressure zone I'm hoping!

Lay back, turn up some tunes, blow some bubbles
you just have to know
when to take control
when to admit you have no control
when to just
relax into it
This is one of those days
I'm thinking
we should just
stay in the no pressure zone!
May the spirit of the day
bring you the ability to relax
although you will say
there is NO time for it!

May you find ways to smile
knowing that if you have time to run
you have time to relax
if you have time to fill the many needs of all that needs
attending and doing
have to make time
to take best care of you
so it is Good!

Maya Angelou once said,
"One isn't necessarily born with courage, but one is born with potential.  Without courage, we cannot practice any other virtue with consistency. We cant be kind, true, merciful, generous or honest."

Go forth today
with courage
with a smile
knowing you can never ever ever
have enough

The fire and the sage are fired up
with thoughts and HOPE on the wind!
Walk in Beauty


Irene M said...

Oh, how you make me laugh & smile first thing in the A.M. Yeah, wet floors and lights, not-so-good. We are having stellar days in a row here in Florida. Today, Shuttle launch at 4:50 PM, exciting to see it's last flight.
Will go out, buy some bubbles, turn up the tunes, make the neighbors think I have cracked up or ask them to JOIN ME. Coffee is really good this day. Dr. SES: be safe, knock em out with your talk and come home safe to SUN.
Eyescream, here....

dotti said...

Good afternoon Sherry, Blessings from a cold and soon-to-be-snowy NEPA♥ Turkeys strutting this morning outside the window, sign of "early" spring? I am watching the NASA channel to see the shuttle launch ~ "T -20 min". Praying for a safe journey for the crew; and a safe trip for you too.

Anonymous said...

Hey DRSES you got it girl. Woke up this morning in LA and heard the rain on the tin roof. Wow let it rain and watch the old New River go by. It hit be real hard, I thought I dont have anything to do today. I can sit and hear the rain on the tin roof and watch the river. Did I say I am in the No Pressure Zone? What a great feeling and it has stayed with me all day. Lovely. So sorry about your hotel room, sort of funny too. Did you get your bath? So glad the blue and white car was not watching for you. Keep us informed to where you are next and when you are going home. Cold there, you want home and the sunshine. Irene you better keep that sun shine going I will be there the 4th.. Looking forward to sunshine and lots of walking for the health. Blessings to our men in blue, to the soldiers who are fighting for us and their families. Blessings to DRSES to be safe and have a wonderful time while helping those who need to hear your words of wisdom. Blessings to all. God Bless USA. Dont forget to wear RED to support our soldiers on Friday. Blessings

Anonymous said...

What does rd on Friday mean? Is it Natl soldier day, or red for support or what. I live under a rock I guess. Have not even heard about red on Friday. Will do though if it signifies acknowledgment of our troops. As for rain in the bathroom doc... only you. I just knew there would be some adventure we'd hear about. And here I though Ohio had little to offer. I get a kick out of the daily news and events here. Be safe. If FL is warm, it is absolutely the place to be. Travel safe.

chris said...

incredible is the only word that comes to mind--Hope the Hilton gave you a suite to make up for their roof problem! I have not heard a thing about red on Friday either.but that is not unusual--I think I live in a bubble. Safe travels my friend-keep warm-we'll try to make sure the sun continues to shine down here so that when you get home you can warm up your bones!!
Talk to ya soon....

Anonymous said...

free suite at the hilton.. lol... one way to get comped a room, standing in an electrically charged puddle... yep. only drseswickedcool... LOL.. I love the way my heart smiles as I read here... time for me to call it a day.. a damn long day too..
I will be hugging my angels to sleep..
Hoping to keep the crazy dreams out of my head tonight.
Have a great tomorrow!! sunny and 75 here.
sign me.