Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laughing is So Good For YOU

Wednesday Morning Here
Joan and I enjoying coffee
both knowing our time is about over
as Olivia is sleeping

We have laughed til our faces ache, have snuggled and watched movies til our eyes are sore. This picture is of
trying to hold the laughter in when
Kelly Two Wolves told Joan on the phone
that the house will be filled
with spirits surrounding
Olivia and all of us
for healing!
Joan said,
"Ohhh good God, do we really need them to be here and for the lights to sparkly showing themselves to us?"
With that 2Wolves laughed so loud and said,
"Joan, they are going to have a great time
until you embrace them"
Olivia, 2wolves and I were howling with laughter,
Olivia was also trying to "listen" to Kelly
so she covered her mouth to
try and keep the "laughter"
It didn't work!!!
She is still feeling
warrior holding her little ankles
the bandages are off
she is walking.
The swelling is coming down on those
little sausage toes!
boy oh boy
are we laughing here!

Dare to LAUGH! It is truly a healthy and fun moment when we can take take the time for humor.
And let's face it, there are many a humorous moment in this wonderful life that we are so blessed to be living. It helps if you can believe in miracles; to believe in magic, to believe in the moment and the memories.
 It helps if you can remember to not take yourself or your situations so seriously!

Look into your memories for laughter, look into your heart... A place where the sounds of laughter take over and fill our senses blocking out the unwanted noise of all else that may have occupied that space just moments prior.

That wonderful sound of laughter can and does blend in harmony with our own allowing us to look beyond the rain, the snow, the mud on the windshield... beyond the pain of struggle, the hurt of loss. It can and will transport you along the journey allowing mind-body-spirit connection often in spite of yourself! Forgetting the little things that once seemed so large to you and upsetting your equilibrium like an inner-ear infection!

Reach out to someone if and when your heart feels heavy and you feel deafened by the silence.
 Open your heart, your mind and your spirit to fresh air, good music that feels your soul, good friends and celebrate your warrior within.
Listen for the laughter, notice its effects; pay attention to your cheeks on your face, to the power it has in your heart!
Cherish memories as you listen to the winds of change... taste the rain, throw a snowball.
 Storms never last... do they?

The Cherokee teach their young to listen... perhaps that is why the Creator gives us one mouth and two ears! We hear not the crash of cymbals or the noise of traffic... we hear the sweet song of trees, the thunder beings playing in spirit land, the rhythms of rain dancing on leaves. It is here my friends where as the Cherokee write "dikanowadidohi" angels sing!

I'm listening................... Are you laughing???

"Life does not cease to be funny when people die, just as it does not cease to be serious when people laugh"
(George Bernard Shaw)

Tomorrow Olivia will return to school, she will take that spirit warrior with her for protection that Kelly Two Wolves sent here, Joan will take me to the airport, and come back home to work and to reflect on our wonderful times together....

I will board the silver Eagle to Tampa and then to home sweet home >>> or to the newly "Hurricane Brown DLB construction area" and to the 4 leggeds where they are probably filled with stories to tell me!

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot... Thoughts on the winds to all who gather here and those warriors held in the prayer bowl.

EE is out there in Colorado, and we continue to hold her UP in thoughts and prayers >>> Fight warrior, we are with you, feel the energy of many who are standing beside you and fighting with you in spirit. STOMP

Walk In Beauty,

Check out sissy, Kelly Two wolves at

a real deal psychic and gifted artisan, you will be amazed at her works!


dotti said...

I sat in front of the opened window with camera in hand yesterday, watching the gold finches and chickadees flying about ... waiting for the chance to capture a moment. The wind was whipping and the cold was filling the space just inside the open window when suddenly, unexpectedly, a warm wind washed over me and filled the space with heat and the songs of the birds. Grandmom says hello, Sherry ☺
Safe travels to you and healing energy to Olivia. Blessings abound in the cold and quiet of Northeast Pa this morning. My conch shell is full of tobacco & sage and waiting for the flame that will transform it and fill my space with peace and power. Wado♥

Irene M said...

Laugh, love, sing, play, dance,listen, enjoy !
The sun is out, the temp is rising ever so slowly. My spirits are lifted by the words in today's blog. Good progress for Olivia, a home coming for the SES. Today is Carole King's 70th birthday, a great singer/songwriter of our time. If added up, today is also 11/11: 2+9=11, weird, huh ?
Standing up FIRM today & always, peace out

Anonymous said...

happy thoughts to all , safe travel home
for you Sherry !
hugging my angel, sign me,

chris said...

welcome home--hope all is well with you and that DLB left part of the house intact!!
Beautiful blog today-so true.....laugh till it hurts! sounds good to me!
'talk' to ya soon..