Thursday, February 17, 2011

Worth the watch it is!

that's it
OUR BRAIN, it is actually split down the middle, two distinct hemispheres, the left and right!
That wonderful and most remarkable
3 pound wonder between our ears.

Good morning friends,
I'm off to Vancouver BC
this o'dark thirty hour,
I'm off to speak at the Annual world wide American Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (AAHPM),
leaving you the most remarkable
video this morning
from a most remarkable woman.
It will leave you wanting to see it several times,
it will leave you
moved, tearful, and at times
it will leave you with
Left and and right brain hemisphere
movement, and at times she will take your breath away.

YOU will be captivated by this woman
by her voice, her presence
her message;
a message
that only she could deliver.
a message that
can choose to use
for your life
that will connect you to your inner life
and the world around you; the external world.
We here often talk about choices
loss, grief, healing, HOPE
the many
along with
the power of the
The brain loves consistency.

my friends,
may this woman Dr. Jill Taylor, gift you in ways
that you have never ever imagined today.
I HOPE you will take the time
to leave your comments
after you have absorbed this video.

YOU Can always
"step into the consciousness of YOUR right hemisphere" right here right now where we are!
if you
choose to:
YOU right here and right NOW
which will
YOU can be one with all that there is
of the light force of the power of the Universe!
For this woman,
I give tremendous thanks
it is!
The fire is burning brightly,the sage is fired up.
Thank you Jill for the gift of this video, for the gift of YOU.
Blessings on the winds to all who enter here, to my cuz Angie, now is the time for healing, for those who know who they are, prayers and thoughts on the winds to you as I fly into the skies...

Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL video! Interestng, captivating and as you said, powerful. Watched it twice, and well worth it. Great adventures in Vancouver! Hope Canada is ready for you!
Anxious to hear wht everyone else thinks about the utube today. Best to all.

Irene M said...

Now, you just KNOW that I watched that video and tears streaming down my face ( DYS )
There are no words, adjectives or expressions.
I hope EVERYONE watches that as I did.
I wish Dr. SES a peaceful, safe, successful journey to the North of us. Thank you for sharing that most moving 20 minute video.
One of your BEST pass along yet.
BTW: sign me, A: feel better, dizzy is no fun
From my right and left hemispheres, FIRM

Anonymous said...

Where exactly is everyone?????
Are Irene and I the only two people left in our little band of friends and family? What's up friends?

Anonymous said...

Hey doc, knock their socks off with your presentation. Is it tomorrow or Friday? Will be thinking of you and wishing I could be in the audience, or a fly on the wall. Exactly how cold is Vancouver this time of year?
Prayers to our soldiers and their families. Blessings to everyone else on my list.

chris said...

watched that video several times --so completely captivating! I think it is amazing that she survived and can remember all that happened to her. Very ..Sherry it sounds just like you-chose your path! STOMP with the world-be aware of your surroundings-be greatful for all you have..thank the creator-live, laugh, love all you can...STOMP.
Enjoy Vancouver-but bundle up-I'm sure it will be a bit chilly up there. Talk to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

Both sides of my brain love you DYS! Knock em over in a snowdrift up the in Vancouver! Safe travels, take care friends, STOMP! Just cuz you can!