Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning hello from MD

LIttle feet of Olivia
oh what a day yesterday was
has nothing on my girl!
Coffee good Joan made
and our girl still sleeping soundly
after nightly crawl upstairs with those feet up in the air
and a crawl to the bed!
She is just too funny.
She is still showing some effects of the "gas" of anesthesia particularly in her right eye, and a bit "slow on the take" but her sweetness as always is right on the money, and her smile is always there...

She had not slept since surgery when I arrived, and was in wheelchair and then to knees to then need assistance on the necessities and back to the couch, where an exhausted Nana and Olivia are still enjoying the status
of "fat cats" being waited on by the Mama, Joan!
Super bowl sunday had nothing on our girl as she was quite remarkable indeed.

We've fired up the sage many times a day, for prayers of healing for her, smudging her from head to feet and then laying the bowl of smoking sage at her feet, watching as the smoke finds its way up and swirling magically around both feet and ankle and then making a straight line toward the ceiling.
Olivia finds it soothing, healing, and helps clarity of her mind/body/spirit
remembering she is 10 years old,
seeing the power of connection for her
fills my heart.
She is now eating, drinking water, and resting
more peacefully.

The day began with the wheelchair,\
ice for the ankles
moved from there to using crutches to get to the bathroom and to the kitchen as we encouraged her
to move through the pain of pressure on her feet
and the\
to stand.
When she got to the kitchen
unsteady at that,
Nana then took away ONE crutch
and stood back as she maneuvered herself to the hall
with only one.
As she entered the foyer,
Nana then took the other crutch\
saw fear in her little sweet eyes,
asked her to look at
her Nana
take a deep breath in and smell the sage
exhale out
all the fear and pain
to walk to me.
I kept slowly walking backwards as she
looked at me.
Talking to her
reminding her to breathe in the sage
the healing
 watching as fear was replaced
with courage
with faith
with trust.
She moved her state to one
of a
walked un aided to the couch
with a smile on her face.
can move mountains
Olivia has had one prescription pain pill
since this surgery was done
the picture of what was done
is on yesterdays blog!
We have moved the wheel chair out of sight now,
we are not moving the crutches as well.
on those little feet.
She is still a bit off her game and balance
secondary to being so still
and unsteady
mostly from the anesthesia
as evidenced by her right eye\
and her thought process being a bit slow.
It will take a couple of days I think to rid her system of all.
When we settled once again on the couch, she in Nana's arms, I was able to get her to rest, with my arms around her, we got good and comfortable for a day of movies...
So comfortable in fact that a great day of rest was just what we had. Joan got this photo of Nana and Olivia, two "fat cats"

My baby, wrapped in Nana's arms
finally sleeping a peaceful and deep sleep,
with the Nana!
 I know it was my best sleep
 since her surgery and since my flight!!!

she has us here, to love her, to nurture her, to encourage her and to laugh with her...
Today we will call
Kelly Two Wolves in South Dakota, and 2wolve will fire up sage there, we will fire it here, together we will do a blessing of healing ways together
with sissy 2wolves singing a special song to Olivia
for healing and she cannot wait.

She was too tired for it last night, but looks forward to it today. I think we have given her tylenol one time
isn't that amazing ???
We ended last night by Olivia walking to the stairs
for bed, so very tired from her day,
from our Super Bowl watching and eating
and laughing.\
She crawled up the stairs with those little feet held in the air, and into the bed, where Nana tucked her in, kissed those little fat toes, and feet, and covered ankles...
then her sweet head, eyes, knows, ears, and lips....
She was tucked in
now dreaming of running in the wind.

We talked to DLB in Florida who is tearing apart the house on a cleaning spree there, and the four leggeds are calling the neighbor to do an intervention on her today hopefully to slow her down and or help with all that is happening there...

Lily the North American Black bear and tribe are just busy as can be I hear out there in Ely MN
our dear reader EE is appreciating all the well wishes and continues to benefit from our thoughts and prayers.
We are with you dear one, fight, STOMP, get well.
We are beside you always.

The fire is burning brightly and the sage is filling the house and the air.
Olivia and Joan thank you for all your thoughts and know it is helping,
My heart is filled as well.
Walk In Beauty


Irene M said...

Priceless pictures today ! I hope my prayers and good wishes help in the healing of that sweet angel, Olivia. So young to go through an adult procedure. Sage and Sherry: a great combo. DLB: take it easy over there.
Joan, the maker of great coffee: hip-hip-horray
Super, super Bowl, exciting game & ads.
Oh, how I wish the WEATHER would cooperate and be more like our winter Florida. Where is the SUN and warmth ? Till tomorrow, I am FIRM

Anonymous said...

Rainy day here. Awaiting Stanley Steamer. Doing sme work from home this AM. So pleased Olivia is onthe fast track to recovery, and sending warmest thoughts to EE. Could use a good hot cup of Joans Java about now. Hope everyone has an opportunity to make some special memories today. Be well. STOMP!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, the sun is shining here in VA.. Olivia, my beautiful princess you are the bomb. You and Nana make quite a pair, I bet you both are snoring poor Joan out of the house. You ard doing so good, what a brave 10yr. old, you are our hero. Thanks for putting smiles on our face and in our heart for doing what you are doing. Super bowl was quite an event at the home of ODE, Kam and Angie, we had a family day super bowl. I wore my VT shit and Grandmaw wore her Bobcat shirt and of course we had to tell them we thought our team was playing. A little disgust on their face as they explained who was playing. I toook the yellow team and was upset the other team had on yellow. How dare them do that. We made a bet on the winner so they all took the Steelers, I told them to deposit the $4. in my account while I am in NC visiting so it will bring me in some interest. ha. Have a wonderful day to all. Blessings to all. Thanks DRSES for the update on Olivia. Love to Joan. Blessings to our soldiers and their families. God Bless USA

chris said...

good for you Olivia-I just knew that between you , your Mom and Nana- you would be just fine.
Go slow but steady -keep your eyes forward! I am so happy for you. I'll keep stomping and talking to the one upstairs for you and EE..
talk to ya soon..

Angie said...

So glad to hear Olivia is doing well. I knew w/her Nana being there she would make a speedy recovery. Dr. SES seems to have that affect on alot of people~~
The boys and I had planned our own Superbowl Party but once COB read my comments on here yesterday, her and my mom invited themselves and boy did we have fun. I of course was wearing my Eagles jersey, Ode in his Bears and Kam in the Redskins. Then in walks my mom with a Radford Bobcat shirt on and Auntie Dot in her VA Tech Hokie shirt!! Sure wish we could have gotten a pic of that. We had so much fun laughing at Dot...she still says she is going to protest b/c both teams were wearing yellow!! By the time they left I had no clue if she knew she was even watching football or if it was Tiger playing golf!! Good times~~
I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers~~Special prayers out to EE and Olivia~~Keep Stomping and God will help you through the storm~~
Hope everyone has a good night and a blessed day tomorrow~~
Luv ya Cuz

Anonymous said...

Whata Warrior! Whata Nana! Stay strong Olivia, I know you will! You'll heal quickly with your strong will! Ya'll cuddle, love, watch chick flicks, and funnies, and know thoughts and prayers are with you!
Sign me...weary. Nite nite! P.S. I sense a forest growing in the TS area...DLB is on the loose!