Saturday, February 5, 2011

Crystal City Marriott, you've been good to me!

I'm Tapping my feet
[Olivia's sweet feet]
Dancing to the rhythm
in my soul
a wonderful day
of speaking 
here in Crystal City!

Oh boy it's time to head to my girls
and what a time I've had
speaking to some of the finest of the professional caregivers in MD and VA
Compassion Fatigue
did I ever have some wonderful surprises and
moments that took my breath away yesterday!
ohhh my

When you think, just when you think
you cannot be more blessed
And so with the sound of an old familiar friend
I was amazed
as the sound of
and an old friend from more than
20 years ago rang from the halls and
Lauren Jones
a fabulous social worker from
Mount Vernon Hospital entered the room!
We had worked and walked together many many moons
and I was honored that she remembered me.
Then to find others in that room that I had known from a lifetime ago,
along with those I had never met but felt an immediate connection with
as they demonstrated their thirst for renewal
for tools
to continue their passion
their work
to meet the needs of those they care for.
And then
we returned from lunch
I waited to hear the voice mail that my sweet Olivia was
out of surgery
then I autographed copies of
Healing Heartaches
My heart stopped for a moment
My breath just stopped.
The woman said,
"Dr Showalter, I was with a woman 10 years ago, who talked at a presentation when I was grieving my beloved mother 10 years ago, it was called
"Weathering the Holidays, and it was in Burke VA"
recently I was led by spirit to find her,
and I did,
It is good to see you again after so long a time"
who found me after all these years,
and who attended this seminar.
Spirit works in wondrous ways
I am still overwhelmed by her and her words
I remember now.
Thank you Mary for remembering me.
Blessings to you.
The day was powerful,
the participants were incredible, and the time shared I will value always.
How are you today???
Did you give enough yesterday?
Did you give out plenty?
Did you get back any?

Yesterday I ended a three city three day tour and
the best was yet to come...
I met up with my BFF who lives in the city,
oh what a reunion we had.
Possibly the most wondrous reunion of true friends,
and a wonderful evening
Ruth Chris'
to be enjoyed,
much laughter and enjoyment to be had.
It's Olivia and Joan time
time to start the healing for the Olivia and the ankles that are swollen and hurtful now.
Surgery was arduous
but we'lll save that story for after the first 72 hours,
suffice it to say
"shame on the anesthesiologists and doctors" for exposing the patient and mama to the trauma that they did.
But for now?
The focus in on healing,
on loving
and on
healing the pain
the fear
and the
harm that was done.
Nana is not happy about that part.
Nope, not happy a bit, perhaps there needs to be letters written to address these issues later one, but for now
the focus is on the Little One and the Mama,
to take care of Olivia and Joan first.
That is the priority,
get Olivia out of pain and to decrease the Joan/mama pain...
Yep I have a plan for this day!

Nana, we just got to put our heads together and focus!
I'm on my way

we just got to get it together, Joan is coming to get me, and we are on the the way to Columbia MD
I will be wrapped up loving on my girls.

Blessings on the winds to all who gather,
please hold my girls in your hearts now.

The fire is burning brightly and it embers are hot.
Sage is filling the airs.

Walk In Beauty,


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled to here such joy from No. VA! Reunions can be wonderful. To reconnect with old friends and coworkers. It is indeed a small small world. Sorry to here there were dificulties with Olivia's experience with surgery. Speak up, Speak Out. I know you will. They are lucky that the Nana will be ther to help patch things up and calm the storm. Never too much sugar. Good rule for the girls this weekend. Indulge in all the comforts to be had.
Thank's Doc for keeping us posted on yur adventures.

chris said...

oh my-sounds like it was a wonderful reunion with old friends-I'm so happy for you!
Now, on to Olivia and her mom-- I'm glad that you are there for them-nope not enough sugar in the world right now.!!
As for the rest--you and Granny go get 'em. Perhaps some of the warriors on this page can help with the letters parts. Just let us know.
Am off to go to a wedding of a good friend-so I will 'talk' to ya later.

Irene M said...

Sherry, your words and experiences are such a
light in sometimes gloomy days. You ARE very blessed in your life and with all that you touch. If anyone deserves the BEST, it is you.
Joan and Olivia, soak up the care, warmth and knowledge of the good doc. She will make it right, or at least smooth. Old friends or co workers sure make it a heart swelling event when so unexpected. Enjoy yourself and YES, I gave enough yesterday and received it back, too. I am IRENE, staying FIRM

Angie said...

Good Morning glad you had a wonderful 3 days and old friends found you. That was a blessing by itself~I know you did you thang and people held on to your every word. You words are powerful and in you speaking all knows that you do care for each and everyone~~
I hope Olivia and Joan are doing good. I know when you get there that will ease up some of the stress. Tell them both we said hello and we love them and will continue to keep them in our prayers~~
You take care of yourself and rest when you can~
Luv you Cuz "whole lots"

Anonymous said...

DR.SES, you are indeed so loved. Your friends from long ago found you, what a joy that is in itself. I am sure you ate good with your BFF Eileen at Ruth Chris rest.. I bet it was a happy time when you saw Nana girl and her mom Joan. All will be better soon with Nana there, hope Olivia makes Nana rest with her when she rest. I am sure she is very tired from her whirl wind life. Blessings to all and I know Nana girl will heal much faster with her there. Special blessings to our soldiers and their families. Bring them home safe. God Bless USA.

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

So very Happy for you on your tours! See you have no idea how many lives have been touched and for so long! Good for you glad you got a little tribute in time! Makes ya know you are doing the right stuff Sissy! Olivia Olivia sending love and healing, What happened during surgery? I'm there with ya Sissy sending prayers up for you all ! Waiting to hear all about it Love to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

sure hope all is well.. sounds like a day of complete wonderment !!
prayers for olivia and Mom.. and more prayers for Olivia and Mom... all will be okay soon, Olivia is also a true warrior...
STOMP... holding on to faith here.
sign me, hugging tightly my angel,
p.s. did I mention STOMP !!!!!!!