Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another Day in Vancouver, Blessings Abound

My Morning View
in Vancouver

What a day it was yesterday!
The Blessings are remarkable,
as I stood admiring the mountains
and the wonderment
lost in thoughts
of taking the stage
The Annual Assembly of
American Academy of Hospice
Palliative Medicine
Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association
I am brought from my thoughts with a voice
that I remember hearing;
"So how do you like Florida"?
I turn my head
Look at the most loved young man
Steven Skobel
a dear and treasured friend
that I have not seen
in many many years
from Northern Virginia!
Now my mind is racing, my eyes are feasting my old
and my face is exploding into a grin as big as
And my brain is still processing the
"So how do you like Florida"
as casually as if he had asked me for a match!!!
We hug, laugh, and both are thrilled to see each
other, particularly since he had only learned the day prior that I would be speaking!
He had purchased Healing Heartaches the day before,
had skipped a session of the conference he said,
settling for an over stuffed chair at the massive
conference center and settling into the book and
found himself crying like a baby!
Steve said
"something made me just walk out here"
we both laughed knowing better than that
since there are
oh about 3000 people milling around!
So here we were
two old friends,
both tied by the  bonds of hospice of years
he then a young nurse,
together we had published together
had celebrated our success with
Eileen Dohmann!
Then he had a baby girl
who he would tell stories of
getting home after seeing patients
and put shaving cream on the floor of the kitchen
and they would have a grand
just slipping and sliding
and playing
daddy and daughter
having a ball!
she is thrilled Daddy is in Vancouver
she is a teenager with full use of
the car while he is gone!
Oh my where have the years gone???
We will have dinner tonight
catch up on his journey
might take a cocktail
at this rate!
Then as I listen
as grand gents of hospice receive distinguished
I am amazed at their lives
and their dedication.
they were all doctors
Were Dr Charles ........
Then Dr Sandra Bertam was the first speaker of the
morning; she spoke of art in care of Hospice.
This piece of ART
is outside the Convention Center
It is really just like YOU see it!

As I was listening to Dr Bertram,
I felt a "tap tap tap" on my shoulder.
Quite frankly, I had been very aware of the
presence of Granny around me, and
I was almost afraid to turn around!
Given I had my recent shock
old friend Steven Skobel,
I figured
since I had felt the presence and smelled
and sensed
I was feeling
"tap tap tap"
while Dr Bertram was speaking...
I was the next speaker...
if I turned around and
I knew I would just fall out right then and there
be done!
So with great caution,
I turned my head
and came face to face
Dr Loren Friedman
who I have always adored,
the Medical Director
of that little house that mercy built
up there in Arlington VA
where many of the stories of
Healing Heartaches
were written about!
It was Dr Friedman who I worked with many many moons ago!
And have not seen in many many
I mean many years!
it was his lovely eyes
that I was looking into when I turned my head!
So we kissed and hugged
as Dr Bertram was speaking,
he said,
"I love you"
and looks great,
he then left and went back to wherever he was sitting!
I haven't found him since!!!
I then found that I was flooded with many memories of our times together,
times of great fondness
times of wonderment in work
I admire him and so hope our paths reconnect while here in Vancouver.
When introduced to the stage,
I found my way across it...
and looked out to a sea
of hospice folks
from across the globe.
I let them know I was honored to be there,
acknowledged the doctors receiving their awards
then invited them to the book signing afterwards
encouraging them to
as I am having new one made!
I then asked if they minded,
re-introduced myself:

I said,
Given that our esteemed award winners today
are all Dr's and all have the name Charles,
I would like to let you all know who I am:

The room all were howling,
including our esteemed award winners,
and many times since then
at the book signing
many called me
Dr Charlie!!!
The morning ended with folks being
"they are doing THEIR BEST"
We MUST remember
those who walked the walk and talked the talk
from the beginning,
"That which is to provide light must endure burning"
There was a book signing afterwards
the lovely Julie Bruno escorted me there
(did I mention how huge the Convention Center is)
bless her heart
she carried my coat and bag
I would hear her
as I paused to speak to those wonderful
people who enjoyed our time together
"Dr Showalter, keep walking, just keep walking"
I think that will stay with me a long time,
"Dr Showalter, keep walking just keep walking"
Thank you Julie my friend
Thank you
Thank you to all I have met during our time
Vancouver for taking the time
to speak with me
after my address to all

The fire is burning, its embers are hot, prayers on the wind, and thoughts to all
sage is being sent through the air of the Pacific Northwest!

Walk In Beauty
author of Healing Heartaches



Irene M said...

Wow, what a terrific day you had yesterday !
So nice to read and share your story & happiness. Sell those book, SES !
Safe travles home, back to sunny warm Florida.
I am looking forward to a great weekend.
Bye for now, keepin ' FIRM

Anonymous said...

I was holding my breath in wonderment as I read of your experiences in Vancover. I was walking, Keep Walking right beside you thru out this blog. Vancover looked magical and you looked stunning. What fun it was to run into your friends from long ago. I am sure their lives and yours was filled with love and caring. The experiences will last you and all that reads this column a life time. We all walked with you with Granny right beside you. I can see and feel the pride she has in you and all of your hard loving work. Home safe and sound and dream of all you have done this time in Vancover. Blessings to you and to all who read this column and those you dont. God Be With You.

Anonymous said...

Not suprised at all, the world is finding out what we already knew!!! Just keep walking Dr. Showalter...just keep walking. This world will be a better place because of you... and the thought provoking seeds of comfort you plant wherever you go! Awesome times there, and always safe home!

Anonymous said...

I was able to hear you speak yesterday and was so inspired by your words. Then to visit this blog for the first time and read about events here in Vancouver. Thank you Dr. Showalter for your talk, your presence, and for letting me visit here on your blogspot.
A new fan,

Anonymous said...

wow. impressive view, and more impressive with each word of today's blog. I am not a bit surprised at the amazing events surrounding you.. what else could be, after all, this is you I am talking about. I am very happy for you and happy,as well, for the folks who were blessed by being in your world today. I wish for you more days like today, and a safe trip home.
Wishing all well and a peaceful Sunday,
is the moon as full there as it is here ?
Just asking cuz it's wicked cool awesome out
there in these wee morning hours ~
time to catch some zzzzz's.
And also "welcome " to Chelsea ! ( you are going to love it here ! hehe)
sign me,hugging my angels.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be my plight in life to get toread the blog later and later each night. What's up with that? Too much ork and not enough vim left over to play. Goona change my ways any day now. Just sayin. Sounds like Vancouver is wtreating you right doc. Bask in it. You deserve the acolades. Everyone have a GREAT Sunday plan? I sure do. Brunch with friends, then a bit of house cleaning. Then some serious loafing anround soaking up this beautiful weather. Regrets to those still digging out of snow and suffering sub zer temps. It's good to be me!

Anonymous said...

Wow, guess doc is on the way from Vancouver no thoughts to ponder on a Sunday, but wow, what images of powerful intentions spoken by by the doc at the assembly in Vancouver>>> have had the honor of hearing that voice and the messages before, would have loved to be there with all those who do the work now. perhaps on the next tour? blessings to all who stomp here. and thanks to you Dr Showalter, keep walking indeed! Sunday as u "soar"

chris said...

I am so happy for you Sherry, getting a chance to hook up with old friends and catching some renewal time..It sounds wonderful!!Just keep walking! I am not sure that Julie understood how profound those words are! Granny sure had her way didn't she? You are something else-we down here in Florida always knew that but now other people from around the world know it too!! Your picture is worth a thousand words -happy and excited at the same time. Come home safe--talk to ya soon!!

Anonymous said...

Dr SES due in Tampa at 12:58 AM. Loooong flight with layovr in Chicago, O'Hare no less.
Keep Flying Dr. Showalter... Keep walking Dr. Showalter. Keep teaching, keep writing, and keep us STOMPING! How lucky are we that we can all say we knew her when....
Quick turn around on this trip. Next headed out on a speaking tour in Ohio, three cities, three days Tuesday beforethe sun comes up. Just about enough time to unpack and pack her bags for the next event. I can remember Sher teaching the godson's to sing "I beleive I can Fly" These days she is proving that sentiment over and over and over. To you doc, I can say you lift us up on Eagles Wings with each day's blog, with the gifts you share, and the sincere love you ofer to so many. The Great Spirit got it right when you were dropped in the cabbage patch, as Granny would say.
I know Granny walks beside you still, in everything you do, she resides today in your heart and in your spirit. Shine on Granny. Dr SES is contnuing to make you proud.

Irene M said...

Well, second morning without Dr. SES, I am hoping the travels are smooth.
Never knew how much these morning stories mean to me. I wish you well, a happy Monday, sleep, pack and off again tomorrow.
Holiday to some this Monday. Whatever you do, have a peaceful day. I will wait.......
and stay FIRM

dotti said...

The photo of you is wonderful, the joy on your face is immense. Have a blessed sleep and a safe journey tomorrow. Who knows what wonderful surprises Granny has in store in Ohio♥