Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello MD, it's good to see YOU

View from my window
in Ellicott City MD

Whew, I arrived safely!
And oh boy did Granny
The Creator have fun yesterday
A plan in the making I tell you!
and oh my what a plan it was
to keep me from boarding the flight I was
scheduled for at that!
I was originally to leave on a plane from
heading to Philadelphia
ending up in Baltimore.
Creator has a wicked sense of humor
when you
add my
Granny to that mix looking out for me....
I have never ever been late to an airport before
never over slept
not ever...
so as always I was up, had written on this page
had coffee,
the alarm was set for my BFF
and I had checked my watch
had noticed
"no BFF"
so then went to wake her!~
Only then realizing it was actually
much much as in
an our later than my watch had just told me!
As the time ticked and the car flew toward Tampa
I realized I "forgot my phone"
turn around and get that
zoom zoom ZOOM
and back toward the airport
THE CLOCK minutes passed....
Finally I admit
"I don't think I'm going to make this flight, ohh my"
and it became very quiet in the car!
This was a first, and quite unsettling...
and the minutes ticked by.
"Remember me?"
I live n the "no pressure zone"
I must arrive in Baltimore 2/1/2011
Screeching to a halt in front of the curb
at 7:25am
I tell the man
"you must get me on that plane please"
with bags being yanked from the car
my BFF is trying her best
and I am begging.
He says,
"Baby, that plane is loaded and boarded
and probably backing away as we are talking".
"Oh nooooo"
With that, he grabs my bag, whisks me in a wheel chair saying, "I'll get you there baby",
with me saying, "go go go".!!!

Quite funny now that I think about it, in hindsight I should have known... I should have figured it out, but after all it was early, I had only had one cup of coffee.
this had "Granny written all over it"!!! LOL
BFF had thought I was saying "go go go" to her worried she would be late to work and that "I had it covered there at the airport" so off she went, (without our tradtional hug) which I am adament about since 9/11 I hug always at airport so longs)
and the man "whisks" me into the airport!
And then it hits me:
they are telling me
my flight is
and they are putting me on the next flight
leaving an hour from then!

Going to Charlotte and then Baltimore!
OH my goodness,
It is a first!
I have missed a flight for the first time in my life...
and the building did not fall,
and by the way
I did not hug my four leggeds so long
nor did I hug my
so long.
I know now that this is a rare day indeed
and something is definately "up"
most definately something
is going on.
Soon enough I am boarded on the plane
and up in the air
and it is then
that I think
I ask the man at the desk of the gate
"you know that flight that was leaving Tampa this morning going to Philadelphia then
He replies "yes?"
I ask,
"Could u tell me of that plane? Did it arrive in Philadelphia? Is it now on its way to Baltimore?
And then it became as clear as
a creek on a sunny day
The man looked at me in a most interesting way,
paused and said
"Dr Showalter, that plane made it to Philadelphia,\
and that is where it is and will probably stay
It is STUCK THERE secondary to the weather"
And in that instant
I was "hysterical laughing"
I got it!
GRanny and Creator
took care of me
it was not meant for ME to be on that plane
it was meant for me to be in Maryland
to surprise my
and to be safe
as was in the plan
to be stranded.
That man and I laughed and laughed
he said he bet more than 120 others got the same message and delay that I had!
Life is wonderful
and the messages are fantastic.
I arrived safely,
still grinning
and waited
Joan brought my sweet girl
and the door was ajar
and when they walked in to the room
I was just sitting here
when Olivia saw
in shock!
then she ran to her Nana
like the wind and fell in my arms
with tears falling and we had the best time
Later she said
her mind kept trying to understand what she was seeing
and saying inside of herself
but she could not move!
what a time was had by the three of us last night
now it is time

The fire is burning, sage is fired up and thoughts on the winds to all,

Walk In Beauty


Anonymous said...

Great ending to what started out as a crazy morning. Keepin it real doc. Olivia, Joan and the conference participants are lucky to hav you there and not iced in in Philly. Enjoy.

Irene M said...

O H M Y what an ordeal !

dotti said...

Hahahahahahaaaaa, I saw it coming, LOL!!!It is as it was meant to be, blessings to you and dear Olivia ~ what a happy story, what a happy day.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, the Creator and Granny was right there holding your shirt tail telling you NO not that plane. What a great story, you tell it like it is and make us proud. I would have loved to see Nana girl when she saw Nana. I know that was a happy, joyous time. Now today, go get em. we know you can do it and we know the people who are there will walk away blessed in so many ways. Hurry back to Fl. before the weather turns. The GROUND HOG DID NOT SEE ITS SHADOW, Spring is on its way. Yea, Yea. Have a safe journey and come back by Charlotte stay away from Pa.. Blessings to you DR.SES Blessings to our troops and their families, our Policemen and women. God Bless USA.

Anonymous said...

It's good to live a charmed life doc! Glad you are there safe and sound. Hear there is a heat wave on the way. And NO shadow for the ground hog? Bring on the spring! Love to all. Travel safe.

chris said...

WOW--what day you had! Granny ,the Creator and all the angels were certainly with you! Go get 'em-you know you will leave them with comfort and words of wisdom! Give Olivia lots of hugs from her Granny's friends down here in Florida.
Be safe and hurry to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

OMGolly geez wiz! What a story,, what a tribute! That granny of yours! She's something else! Be safe & warm, love lots, change lives... like you have ours! Be blessed to all who visit here, and love life...

Anonymous said...

loved it, for real, granny had her way with you... that lady sure has a grand sense of humor ! I'm saying, you really just gotta believe !
I could feel the love and warm hugs of happiness you shared with your Olivia, so special.
Another memory to be treasured forever.I iwsh for you a smooth rolling trip, and much laughter and success.... that's all from me !
one more thing... do remember to try and rest a bit, and bring home a few snowballs for us !
Have a blast, sign me,
yep, hugging my angels,