Friday, March 4, 2011

I love Tyler Perry, but my heart aches at times

Tyler Perry
Now that is one
Handsome Man
Now a Face to Child Abuse
One who has made the Choice of Healing Pain

Coffee is ready, wanna join me?
The warmth of morning and the quiet of the start to the day is marvelous.
Today Mom, aka (COB) hits Florida
she is ready for some warmth
ready to enjoy all.

I am resting from being on the road so much of late
preparing to journey to
in a few days.
So things are ever busy here.

I've been thinking recently how I would love
to sit with Tyler Perry
just talk over a cup of coffee,
to really enjoy him
to look into his soulful eyes
and listen to his stories
and see his face
touch his face and hug him
while validating his long and arduous journey.
He is such a warrior
and so very talented as well.
I have sat with the family and Godson's as
we laughed until we cried
at Tylers' work
on film
he is brilliant.
And then in October
he appeared on Oprah
and bared his soul
of the most horrible tales of abuse
by the hands of his father
and others
that I wept for him
and was filled
beyond like for him and his work
love for him
and times of ache for all he endured.

he was again on Oprah
a re-run I think you call it.
Darn Oprah
you could have had me on the show
and it would have been
"new show"
I did notice you had those
red souls on your feet though!
Love those shoes I do.
more importantly
I again watched
Tyler Perry
bare his soul and his heart.

I wonder,
how he found courage
to sit in front of so many, and as I wondered that
the camera crew scanned to the face of his
and my question was answered.
I saw the tears in his eyes
his voice was clear though, he is working through the
pain of so long ago.
He is a gentle WARRIOR
on a show like
he now has given so many others
to come out of the darkness
into the light of healing.
Tyler thanked Oprah, for helping him, for being his reason to keep on going even in his darkest hour.
She inspired him to keep movingm, to keep going,
he is now one of the hottest stars in the sky
and one of the most talented,
one who was also destined for greatness
as was Oprah
when first interviewed by Barbra Walters
you remember.
But on National Television sitting with
Oprah, the same person who kept him from
suicide and he attempted it twice,
he was able to take her hand
look deeply into her eyes,
and with that lovely and deep voice
And we saw that it moved her deeply as she brushed a tear.
He is a man of dignity, a man of honor
and a man who walks with many scars of a child
who grew into a man
of solid character.
Oh how I would love an opportunity
to sit
with Tyler Perry or have dinner with him.
What a gentle soul he is.
The pain
he showed us
and when he glanced over his shoulder and
saw the photo that Oprah had on the screen of him as
a child
I noticed that he would have rather been anywhere
but on that stage;
he would have looked at anything
rather than look
at that child.
then he said the words that tore me in half.
He said
he remembered when
that child
and you knew that he meant it.
Tyler Perry; the playwrite, actor, director,
I believe he is even on Forbes
is on top of the game in the industry
about 14 years ago was living in his car.
He was tormented, beaten, abused, sexually and emotionally and physically.
Oprah asked Tyler:
 "what is your definition of a
Tyler responded:
" A prayer answered. I remember being a kid and praying in the hell of my house to have somebody love me and somebody that I could love".

If you haven't seen his movies
you are really missing something!
I have laughed until I cried
which he plays himself
I do a "wicked" Madea impersonation
of which the Godsons just fall in the floor
laughing at me.

But to listen to the interview
with Oprah
will really show and tell you the depth of one mans'
and his desire to heal from deep within.
A little innocent boy
the pain he has had to bury.
He only made the decision to come forward
with this story after his Mom
but I still wonder
and will wonder I guess.
I still see fear in his eyes, and when he talked
about providing for his father
with a home...
I wonder about the little boy that he said
"died that day"
if perhaps one day
that little boy will come back
will say to him,
it is time
for me to have the last word.
Maybe just maybe
it is his working so hard
elevating women so very much
in his work, his art, his films
will elevate himself even higher.
he may slay all the dragons of the past
and that little child
may find his way back
knowing that no one
will ever harm him again
in life.
perhaps he will have his attorneys
give a call to the man
living in Tyler Perry's home
and let him know
"the gig is up"
and he as 90 days to leave the premises
has been done
it's time for the man who is slated to have fathered
Mr Tyler Perry
 to move on.
And then
it will be time
time for
Tyler Perry to finally
celebrate his brilliance
his survival
to live his best life
with an attitude of great
knowing that he is

Tyler has given a voice
to  men to women who have come forward now
and to resolve their traumas
to allow others to be there for them
to find ways to empower them
with love, tenderness and
Tyler Perry is
one of the men
to have your children
look up to.
He is sure a man I would love to spend some
time with,
just to let him know
"I'll Stand By You".

How is it that we use a word
like "molest" when we speak of what is done
to children
read signs now that say
"do not molest the alligators"
at restaurants where alligators are known to hang
What a confusing word now that I think about it.
Hard to use that word for alligator and then to think it is used in such a way for our precious
children isn't it?

We must protect our children
the child that lives within all of us!
with that said,
get out there and
take care of YOU
celebrate the
child within you.
Love that child that resides within,
if you have trauma
from the past
find someone, a therapist that is good,
talk it through
resolve it NOW.
Blow bubbles
smile at puddles
jump in puddles
You are your most precious resource.

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot sage and cedar are filling the air with
HOPE on the winds for all who gather here.
Walk In Beauty,
Author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

Keeping it real as always. Molest means to "bother". So we don't "bother or disturb" the wildlife, but how frequently are children abused and their childhood destroyed by perversion? You are right. Molestation.... let's call itwhat it is. Sick, twisted sexual abuse. I'm not good with actor's names and stuff like that but I have seen Madea and this guy is beyond talented! Brings back the lessons of the "nner child of the past" and our responsibility to nurture that child even as we are full grown. Unfinished business so many drag through their lives as emotional baggage. What a sad state of afairs.
For today, I will count it as a good day. I will do it DR SES's way and make it count.
Headed for the weekend! Can anyoen say Whew.... Well earned?

Irene M said...

I can say it " Whew...Well earned "
Powerful piece about Tyler Perry, saw it twice, just as moving & sad as ever.
Wish I had more to say today, just going to make it count. Happy Weekend everyone !
Welcome COB, soak up our sunshine.

chris said...

wow--that's all I can say-what a man--my ghosts are staying in the closet-have only told one other person-my friend, and don't plan on telling any other.
what courage he has shown--incredible!
welcome COB--enjoy the warmth of the sun and love of your family.
Have a great weekend everyone--talk to ya soon..

Anonymous said...

welcome to the weekend..hope that everyone
has some time to enjoy playing,
like children, sounds like a great idea..
fortunately I do not know the evil or terror
of child abuse first hand, however my heart feels compassion and sadness for it's innocent
victims.. reading today and hearing of the pain
of others really makes me appreciate all the
more. the childhood I was blessed with..
just saying.. my heart goes out to those who suffer from past life horror..
happiness to all ♥
hugging my angels, and thankful for all,
sign me,