Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's Good To Be HOME

C'mon Spring
We're waiting on ya!

Morning Saturday Morning
sure is good to see you.
COB arrived safely from the chill of
southwest Virginia
yesterday and she is loving having her shorts and t shirt on.

Feels like Florida this morning~ the sun is shining, the smell for jasmine is filling the air here.
Time for
easing into the day
enjoy home.
Isn't it great just to "be" rather than "do" at home?
When you can just enjoy yourself with whatever thing that comes up, whether it is nothing or a vast list of chores... knowing that in the end it benefits you and your home...
It may be something that requires no talking at all
or music playing loudly as you sing into the end of a broom handle
dancing across the floor with not a care in the world!
it may just involve bonding with the
4 leggeds and the couch!
it's at home
where you are safe from the worries of the
that is just
fantastic indeed!
then if you get the urge to roam
you know you can
home will be welcoming you back
when done with whatever it is that has called you away
for a while!
Ah yes, home
what a wonderful place we create for ourselves.

"I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself."
Maya Angelou

I heard another quote I like that was something like this,
"A house is made of walls and beams a home is made with love and dreams"
but I don't remember who said it,
I believe it indeed to be true!

Today is a great day to be home
to be out and about knowing you will return
Whether it is cleaning, or packing to go to the next
place you will make a home
it is always a wonderful thought
so today
rather than have thoughts to
bring tears to your eyes
I will leave you with this thought!

Think of our soldiers who are defending this land
of ours
who sleep in who knows what conditions
or don't have the luxury of sleeping at all tonight
so that we can enjoy our home
our bed
and a hot shower.
Pray them safe journey
as we enjoy our home
join me in
clicking your heels
three times
ohhh my

Prayers and thoughts for our troops
HOPE for all of us
to have the best day ever!

This is IT
your day
your choices to make it how you want it to be.

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is fired up with thoughts on the wind to all who find their way here,
for those who are fighting their battles
we are with you standing strong.

Good luck to you Chris in NY may you have a great report there and update.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
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Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Home, Is indeed where the heart is! I can easily move through whever life takes me and make myself at home where ever I am for however long I am there. Just relax and you can too. Glad FL is feeling like FL for you now Sissy, SD is still SD just when I get a clear path to walk it freezes into more ice and then more snow. At my "home " right now I am tired of snow!!! LOL, Love the way it looks all pretty, but tired of shoveling it! And we are expecting a Blizzard here within the next couple days!!! AHHHHhhh Can I come home to someone eles place that has green grass and warm winds for a while ?? I'm house broke he he he . Enjoy your FL sunshine Sissy and think of me ROFLOL. When the wind blows I will be snuggled up with Jynx on the couch Home! Love to you and all that come here Blessings on the Wind Coffee's On!

Anonymous said...

My Mommie always said I love to go but there is no place like home. Her own bed, her on habits of doing what she liked to do when she liked to do it. I have several places that I call home and I love each one of them. I love the quietness at times and then I love the laughter of other people and the stories that are told. I am so fortunate to have choices of visiting with others and enjoying their homes. They make you feel at home and that is what makes a home. You are so right about our men and women who are serving in this great county of ours. My heart was heavy this morning when I saw on the news the 23yr. old Marine they had brought home and was burying him. His Mother stood watching the Marines carry his body, you knew her heart was breaking but she did him proud by standing so beautiful and secure in her knowledge of her love for him. Please remember to thank a soldier when you see them and shake their hand for fighting for our freedom. Blessings to all.