Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Power of People

Meet JO
"The Poster Bear"
asking you to STOMP
The North American Black Bears
The Power of
Those of Us That

Good morning dear Ones
coffee is ready
ready for the day?

I am with a grateful heart
I know
Braveheart is this morning.
I read the comments of yesterday with
a full heart as I saw comments from folks
who now I think may be Warriors of this page
ones who do not comment here
thought to myself
"where are those who always do"?
Then I received a few emails from those who
comment often ...
They let me know
they did not comment yesterday
as they
immediately hit the links provided
to sign that petition
to get
"busy for the bears"
with letters
of action
Taking A STAND
The North American Black Bears
out there in Ely MN.
What a great group of gentle warriors fill this page
I am honored by all.
Yesterday on the web cam
little Jason
climbed all over Lily and was just as active
as active could be
the sounds coming out of the den
filled the mics of computers and delighted everyone
sounding like babies hollering and screeching
when not sounding like
Hope the Helicopter ready to take off
or just hover above!
One can only imagine when they journey from
the den
and make their grand entrance into
the woods
in the spring
begin to make all of the tumbles and run abouts
those mysterious and wonderful "bear delights"
that would disgust most humans
we will ooh and aah
as if we had good sense
as we watch and observe!
Nature at its finest.
Meanwhile there are many who are filling up the post boxes and filling the desks of those in power
letting our voices be heard.

Many in MN Legislature sit in offices that can make this happen: many have received emails and letters.
Many must "get it" they must really understand that we are talking about importance of a law to PROTECT THE NORTH AMERICAN BLACK BEARS THAT ARE RADIO COLLARED AND BRIGHTLY RIBBONED RESEARCH BEARS.

Representative Phyllis Kahn
353 State Office Building
100 Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
St Paul, MN 55155 ~ 651-296-4257
A spark plug in this effort is Representative Phyllis Kahn. She is willing to author a bill in conjunction with Representative Dill and any others you can put pressure on to get involved. Representative Kahn will read your letters, gauge what we can do, and pass your letters on to whomever she thinks needs to see them.
For information, talking points, who to write, call and email >>> STOMP friends, STAND up! 
1. The North American Black Bear has been revered since the beginning of time, it is time for humans to take a stand for the Ancestors here.
2. Human egos and differences of opinions are standing in the way of research, of education, of protection for a few Bears that are doing what bears do, while a brilliant research of humility and a kind heart has and does dedicate his life to "walking with bears" in a humane and honest way for research, education while allowing the world to follow along. 
3.The dozen radio-collared bears near Ely are a tiny fraction of the 20,000 bears in Minnesota.
4.Minnesota’s bear studies are now about how bears live—not how they die. Radio-collared bears with data histories are too valuable to science to be shot like any other bear.

5.In the trust-based studies around Ely, the loss of any radio-collared bear in the single bear clan being studied is a huge setback. A collar cannot simply be placed on another bear. This study is providing more data on black bear behavior, ecology, social organization, language, and bear-human relations than any bear study ever has. The data histories on the older bears in that study make them irreplaceable in my lifetime. The data from these bears becomes more valuable each year.

6.The dozen radio-collared bears around Ely are part of the biggest public bear education program ever done. Through social networking, these bears have acquired a following of over a quarter million (over 128 thousand on Facebook alone) that follow them on Den Cams and daily research updates on http://www.bear.org/.

7.The dozen radio-collared bears around Ely are part of the biggest classroom bear education program ever done. Over 500 schools follow these bears daily in their classrooms. Teachers and students watch the live Den Cam and read the daily research updates on bear.org. Individual radio-collared bears are part of their science, reading, and math classes along with the lesson plans, traveling Black Bear Boxes, and other educational materials now available on http://www.bear.org/ (click on Education).

8.The dozen radio-collared bears around Ely have generated a huge amount of good will. Their quarter million followers want to help the area where “their” bears live. They have donated thousands to the Ely Area Food Shelf, voted Ely the “Coolest small town in America,” produced $20,000 for Ely’s Schools, produced $100,000 for Bear Head State Park as well as $600,000 to reduce debt for Ely’s North American Bear Center.

9.The radio-collared bears around Ely boost Minnesota tourism

10. Ethical Hunters have said, "Make this a law, enforce the law" How much more clear can this be stated when we have those who engage in the "hunt season" taking such a strong stand as to say that, those who weigh in and have to listen to the boasting of those who pay no attention or justify their kill by saying "sure I killed it, there is no law that says I can't"
C'mon DNR let's get with reality here, we are talking about research, about value, about morality and about what is right.
Do you remember when you had a "teddy bear as a child", or when you look into the eyes of a child and explain why of 20,000 bears in the woods ... the one that had to be killed was the one that valued research is being gathered on was wearing a rainbow of brightly colored ribbons and became one less of years of research, and in the swift pull of a trigger is now gone forever?

Lastly, I thank those who hunt for their ethics, for their honor in standing with those who want Protection for the bears, who value the research and education being done.  Many are against hunting, but it is something that goes back since the beginning of time; it is something that many still will ask for permission of the animal before making the kill; they make sure the shot is swift, the death is fast; they use all that they kill, many donate their kill to others so they may eat, they use all that they take.
They are the real hunters.
They have and will continue to use their own moral compass to govern their behaviors and I would bet that they too are writing letters and letting their voices be heard and I thank you for that.

But, I also believe that the Creator will watch over these efforts and will guide the pens and the fingers on keyboards so that the words are written with respect, wth honor and dignity to those who can effect change on behalf of the lifelong work of Dr Lynn Rogers out there in that little town of Ely MN and those magnificent bears that have brought people together across the globe; those North American Black Bears that are educating children across the globe and dispelling myths of many and enchanting so many more.
I believe in the power of the human spirit and their quest to make things right.
Won't you join me?

Where is Betty White when we need her, or Oprah, Jay Leno or those celebrities that would jump on this in a fast heart beat?

I can tell you this>>> Lily the North American Black Bear gave the world a little cub Named HOPE. From there folks from across the globe came together and were captivated by the world of bears and their behaviors, their antics. And some of the world found a reason to "go on" even those with a life threatening disease have "out-lived" prognosis of Cancer as a result of having HOPE of having the spirit of the North American Black Bear to focus on, to heal by.

The DNR is not thinking clearly, and those who manage them, those who manage and those who can think clearer must make a law to allow folks to have consistency in their brain to give the message:

Just as many ethical hunters have said, it does no good to tell us that bears with collars are research bears, try not to shoot them BUT it is not against the law.
That is a mixed message to the brain, and in the moment, of bear and gun, a mixed message is no message to those who have an adrenalin rush.

We must make this law get to the right hands, we must.
"This is a campaign to gain support of legislators and other officials, not an anti-hunting campaign.
Your active participation will make a difference. Thank you for your support.
--Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Biologists, Wildlife Research Institute and North American Bear Center"

Thank you Dr Rogers and Sue for all you do for The North American Black Bears!

This page is filled with Warriors of gentle spirit, Warriors who have fought tremendous battles and do not stand down.
The time is now to STAND.

And stand we will, for the Ancestors and for the bears.

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot, and thoughts on the wind to all who gather here.

Walk in Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

p.s. flying to MN tomorrow,maybe I'll run into a North American Black Bear and let em know, we are standing for them !


Irene M said...

Bear with me, I missed yesterday.
I read both days words about BEARS and hunters.
Mixed messages to those with guns: you can shoot some bears, but NOT the ones with brightly colored ribbons or radio collars. Who is going to listen to that and actually apply the rule if it is not LAW?
This former Jersey Girl is not on board with hunting, guns or the like on any level. Protect the bears & all animals
Thank you very much. IRM.

Anonymous said...

Safe travels...stomp...LIZ in WI

Anonymous said...

love to take a stand...
love to try and make a difference..
Been busy typing and commenting...
hope the battle ends in victory.
And to you drses, once again,
safe travels and happy adventures !
Heading out now to walk my walk,
honeymoon island is calling me.....
have a great day everyone !
sign me, hugging my angel ♥

Anonymous said...

Wish the bears could be armed for self defense, then the hunters in their bright orange vests would be the targets. Hunters protect one another, what's up with the "adrenelin rush" defense? Telling, isn't it, that it takes a law to make people behave sensibly. I too rushed to sign the petition yesterday and failed to return to comment here. Be safe on your trip doc. Snow up there?

chris said...

safe travels doc-I am one of the ones who waited until I could comment then went back in to hit the link..letters were mailed this AM but I think a little e-mail would not hurt so again I will be going out and coming back in...last time I looked there were 12,000+ pleas from warriors all over so I'm hopeful it will work...I don't get it--why shoot the bears anyway?.it's not like we need their meat to survive. I guess I'm with Irene on this point-why hunt at all?? there is no need for it. Be safe --and warm -talk to ya later....