Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pain is Intense at times


Mornings are magnificent
as are words
as is color
as is challenge
along with pain at times

Moving through pain
whether physical, emotional, spiritual or mental
can be intense as well. It has its own time clock,
its own season and reasons.

Remember that ole' saying
"What doesn't kill ya will make you stronger"
Boy I used to hate that saying!
These days I just rather grin when I hear it
letting the teller of it enjoy having said it
no matter the circumstance or situation
it always seems to make the person on the saying
side feel better having said it.

I prefer hearing what Mother Teresa had to say
in those intense times
when heard to say

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much."
 ~Mother Teresa~

Intense times are experienced by many people during life, it seems some just experience more than their fair share.
yes, really rotten things happen to really great people.
It just so happens that most of those things we never really can understand or fully process,
perhaps it is just not ours to understand fully
or reckon with I reckon.
Pain is pain
whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
There are ways
that we can minister or attend to others during those
if they are open to receive us.
That is the key
are we open during those times
those intense times
when pain is at its highest.
It may be at those very difficult times
that folks want to retreat and to be left alone
to suffer in silence and withdraw from the very ones
they count on for solace
and sometimes
we have to honor that
at least for a little while.
When they emerge from the initial phases of pain, or the cycles of that pain;
they will need to hydrate well
to eat and nourish their bodies
then perhaps they are ready for us to reach out
hold them
to let them know
we are standing at the ready,
to remind them we've been there all along.
Waiting like silent beacons in the dark
shining a light for them to find their way
they may need reminders
we never left their view or their side.
It is hard, so very hard
to bear silent witness to the pain of another
particularly one that is loved.
sometimes we must be silent
we must witness from a place of
honor in silence
knowing that there are no words
to do justice to the pain
no words needed to let another know
of our understanding or our
There will come a time though
for us
Stand UP
and to be proactive
on behalf of the one we love
to take the helm
when they are not able to
secondary to their pain.
We will then be able to demonstrate by action
that we can do whatever it takes
to attend to the tasks at hand
while still being present
fully present for them.

Pain is intense
it sometimes repeats itself again and again
HOPE is ever present
in the action
movement of those who love freely
care deeply.

The fire is burning brightly and its embers are hot.
The bowl is filled and lit; the sage is filling the air
with healing thoughts for all on the winds today.
and know that you are.
I wish you enough
to be all that you need to be
for you
that you can be all that you are for those that you love.

Walk In Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Irene M said...

WHAT ?!? Crying ? TEARS, two days in a row ?
DYS..... holy moly. True words on the blog, sad realization but lovely spring flower pictures. I thank you for this page, for the warriors and comments. Rough road ahead for me and everyone, times are uncertain. Gotta lift my head up, drag body outside, SMILE and dance like no one is watching. Keepin' it real these days, FIRM

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, I think there are times in everyones life they must suffer alone in order to heal. There are things in life that is so painful you just want to suffer and work it out your way. This is a beautiful morning and the birds are chirping and I know we want be suffering much longer with the sun shining. Thanks for your words of cheer. Irene has the right words for today also, smile and dance like no one is watching. STOMP

Anonymous said...

no tears here for me, been there though so many countless times. I sure do appreciate these words of love and encouragement. On a day when life seems to be getting the best of me ... I try and recall the laughter, happiness and all of the things in my life which make me who I am, and very blessed too. Somedays are tougher than others, but we do hold the tools to survival.
So I am right beside you in spirit...
STOMP... LAUGH... DANCE... and STOMP !!!!
we are survivors and we are awesome !!
Best to all, it's a gorgeous FL day to embrace,
you'll find me , thinking of all of you,
Hugging my angels,
sign me, A. ♥