Thursday, March 10, 2011

Minnesota Mornin

Good Morning
From MN

baby it's cold in MN
wouldn't ya just know that after checking in
last night
I had the honor of meeting
the man attached to that very special
patch in that photo above?
Seems I get the joy of being in the right place
just the right moment.
This officer is one of MN finest
we were able to spend a few minutes chatting
(NO I did NOT get arrested)
He shared with me that you do not see
many in the burgandy uniforms
with that particular patch
as they are a part
of a special detail.
They are those who make death notifications to individuals and families.
It was no mistake that our paths crossed, I feel sure of that. I was honored and thanked him for the work he does here.

A difficult job, one that is filled with
compassion fatigue for those that have the job of making that walk to the doors of so many so often
and quite often of their own brothers and sisters wearing the shield as has been the case recently with the fallen officers in Florida and around the country.

It's cold here this morning
HOT inside the hotel
oh my I am not used to this, as my head feels as though it will explode from the dry heat in the hotel
the cold of outside almost is better so that my brain
can breathe!

I have made some interesting observations yesterday
so for our thoughts of today
I shall share them with you.
1. Babies love to cry on planes
2. Twins are not alike at all: one screams/one smiles on the same plane
3. People completely forget what their luggage looks like once they arrive at their destination and get to the baggage turn around. They look puzzled, and continually fondle the baggage of others in a stupor as they try to find their luggage.
4. NOTE: #3 it is the same luggage they packed at home and probably have used many times before!!!
5. The airport at MN is odd at best
6. I ate a "filbert" just like the "filberts" Lily the North American Black Bear and HOPE eat!!!
7. People here do not know about Lily the North American Black Bear and HOPE!!! EEEGAD how can that be when we need them to help in Protecting collared bears in MN?
8. Ever notice that people in airports do not look like they are having "fun"?
9. You can never ever ever have enough fun

and finally Warriors out there
May the warmth find you wherever you are
the sun come out and shine on you.
I hear that in sunny Florida this morning the rains are falling so hard and fast that my pool is overflowing,
the streets have standing water on them and flooding is occurring in some places!
Liquid sunshine we call it,
out in South Dakota
Sissy TwoWolves is shoveling snow
thinking "spring"
is around the corner
but I just don't know what corner!
Keep the faith though, it's coming, and oh boy when it gets good and warm wherever you are!!!!
YOU will just jump for joy.  Until then, think warm thinks and know that it's good to be you... 

"Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope." Dr Seuss

Just fired up the sage bowl with thoughts on the wind to all.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life


Anonymous said...

Good rainy morning from Fl.. Dont think I have ever met a special policeman in burgundy. Blessings to him for the job he has to do. I am sure the pain is great for him carrying out his mission. I will have to look for the man in burgundy. So sorry about the snow. Hope your mission is a great one which we know it will be. Take care of you and be careful in the snow. Maybe the man in burgundy will find one of those patches for you. That would be neat. Blessings to our policemen and women wherever they are serving. Special prayers for them and for the soldiers serving our Country so we can be free and enjoy the wonderful life we live. Blessings to all wherever you may be. Everyday is indeed a Gift. God Bless USA

Irene M said...

Thursday, Oh, my !
You crack me up, Dr. SES, when you are not making me cry....... Bless that special policeman and the job he does. The cold weather is a distant memory to me. We are going from 84 yesterday to the 40's tonite.
Stay safe, warm and happy. I saw the little green frog in the pic. (cute) I remain FIRM

Anonymous said...

Great Evening Folks! Cool here again, windy, wet and feels like winter's last yee ha. Warmin back up this weekend? Hope so....
Have a great trip doc. Loved your "bird's eye view' of airports. You're funny.
Best to all as we gather here t follow the ever unfolding adventures of DR SES!

chris said...

loved your description of the airport and those who are traveling thru--your observations are so true!
stay warm and hurry back to the warmth--we will try to keep the sun shinning---(rain is gone)
talk to ya soon...