Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Unconditional Love and Self Care


Morning is beautiful
a time of quiet thoughts
and beauty that surrounds us
Spring is on its way!

You can feel it
you can see buds beginning to
from the brown grounds if you look carefully.
The hibiscus here took a bit of a beating
I've noticed
but on closer examination
I see green,
there struggle to survive is greater
than the harsh cold they were exposed to it seems.
I have great faith
that with some extra care and nurturing
some of that "joy juice"
I have hidden somewhere
they will once again delight my very being
with their flower a day
in the coming days.
Just as this one made my heart sing after a good rain!
Others will join in the dance once again
I just know that they will.

Coffee is splendid this morning
poured two cups just in case you want to join me.

Words are powerful
they always amaze me with their sounds,
the feeling on the tongue
often we have difficulty with them
it seems.
We can give others wonderful words
of encouragement
express feelings of great love
honor at times.
we have difficulty accepting
and expressions of kindness when bestowed
to us it seems.
we really have difficulty
it seems
using those same words for self.
It reminds me of flowers in that way;
most love flowers
love to see them,
to receive them
(although we often feel embarrassed or shy about accepting gifts when that happens)
we seldom give ourselves permission to purchase
flowers for ourselves, seeing it as an indulgence
that we cannot justify.
Self-Care and self-praise is difficult for people
it would appear.
once again
there are other times
when all we hear is about or listen as others
"blow their own horn"
as they tell us how wonderful they really are;
by the acts of generousity or great things they do
Perhaps it is that they bought someone a cup of coffee
gave to a charity
but then
they have to tell of it in order to make themselves
feel great.
For the most part though
people do not
take best care of themselves
loving themselves
and telling themselves that
they are lovable, that they are great, that they are
good enough or that the Creator loves them
just as they are, and I wonder why.
It seems to me
that if folks don't take a stand for themselves,
how can we expect them to take
a stand
for anyone else...
Just wondering on that one
as I wait for the sun to shine on me.
If we love flowers
and love the sight, texture, smell and
remarkable beauty of them
the Passion Flower
the Hibiscus
the Rose
then shouldn't we try to save a little
gift ourselves fresh flowers just because
they bring us joy?
I certainly think so!
Flowers are truly the work of the Creator
and make you feel good all over in my way of seeing it.
COB loves her some yellow roses [COB is coming to FL on Friday and sure is looking forward to some sun and seeing friends she has made here! The four-leggeds can't wait to bark to her each day];
while Laura is busy tending to her soon to be butterfly
Eileen is crazy up there in Northern VA with her love of
Gerbera Daisies and of course still loves those white roses,
while I am head over heels for my hibiscus here on the lanai
and will jump for joy over white roses and white mountain lilies in a vase myself.
DLB has always gone just off the hook for
parrot tulips or french tulips and you can see her eyes get glassy with the thoughts of them
while EE just loves her some petunias and flowers of great passion and color, and cross breeding all sorts of flowers herself
and in Ft Myers Dr B in his spare time is creating his own varieties of Hibiscus and naming them!
Sissy TwoWolves out there in South Dakota is always bundling sage for me here in Florida!
Oh my goodness, ever seen "Indian Paint Brush"
it will just give you shivers I tell you!
Flowers are truly amazing aren't they?
Wish I had invented them!!!

So I am wondering;
if we love flowers, music, and beauty to surround us with family of birth and of choice...
why aren't we telling them and showing them by the way we love and cherish ourselves?
if we love someone, truly love someone
shouldn't we love ourselves
as much
so that we have more love to bestow
on that someone
or someones?
It would and does make sense to me.
To honestly love and cherish others friends
We must love, cherish and take best care of
SELF in order to love others well.
Just sayin...
Just keeping it real here.

Speaking of love
Do you believe in
"unconditional love"
love without conditions or strains or rules?
Have you ever been loved that way in your life?
Do you love anyone "unconditionally"
have you ever loved "unconditionally"?

what a remarkable love that is.
as I sit an ponder
I wonder
if you comment about it today,
and I bet many here would love you to answer and explore your feelings about these thoughts and questions I pose today.

1. Do you believe in unconditional love
2. Have you ever loved unconditionally
3. Have you ever been loved unconditionally

"Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get–only with what you are expecting to give–which is everything." Katherine Hepburn

Oh how I love Kate Hepburn!

Uncondtional Love
rare, like nothing you have ever known
until you have known it
once you have known it
ohhh my.

"The rule of unconditional love; it is in the giving that you make the other person realize"

The fire is burning, its embers are hot, the sage is fired and thoughts are on the wind,
you know who you are, and those in the prayer bowl
are being held closely.
Walk In Beauty,
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

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at the end of our lives
the things that will will need to tidy up will be based on
did i love enough, did i say:
thank you, i love you, geez i'm sorry, and by the way, forgive me, and, oh yes, wish i would have bought me and you flowers along the journey!


Anonymous said...

In a word,YES.I know unconditional love when I see it, feel it and give it. Have done all three. I think most people would say it is a rare and special love. I however know that it is the only love that changes lives. Mine, and those I love. If there are really really no strings attached to the love you give, it is perfect. It does not mean no expectations. To me it means total acceptance. The good, the not so good and the ability to be a perfect fit with who you are and who you love unconditionally. NOt always romantic love. Often better when it is beyond. Who do you accept totally, and cherish warts and all.
Unconditional love is a pure safe harbor.
Odd that is seems so illusive to people. It lives here in my heart. Anchored in every fiber of my being.

Jan Szasz Hinerman said...

Awesome post today, thank you so much! Indian Paint Brush...glorious, glorious, glorious!! Can you tell, I love those? lol. Blessing for you and those you love.

Irene M said...

Today's words powerful. I would rather answer the question about which flower I love, and that would be the BIRD OF PARADISE & Roses.
In true Irene fashion, I will say about LOVE of all kinds, I am right there. Strong, unconditional, that giving, giving, giving love, waiting to receive & get it back. Being open to love is what I have learned in my mature years. Most fall short of my expectations, so I take good care of me & love others. First comment is very good. I did not want a head-exploding topic this morning, but D Y S, once again ! FIRM

Anonymous said...

tuluy love flowers of all genre, uncondtionally.
hmm, that's a great one, yes.I know what unconditional love is, have lived it, and continue living it. My parents loved me unconditionally.. they acceprted my wayward ways, and the rebel side, let me fall of my face, wiped tears, gave hugs, and loved me.. no matter what. As a mom I have loved my daughters in the same fashion, unconditional love and acceptance of the choices they have made, wether we agree or not,it is respect and love. I am a proud recipient of unconditional love, yet I work on keeping it real. What you see is what you get, no phoney baloney from me... wishing everyone time to smell the flowers today.
sign me, hugging my sweet angels,

chris said...

I have loved unconditionally and have been loved the same. I sure does fill the heart doesn't it? I too have been a wife, a daughter and a Mom and now a grandma (4X!)-my fav flower is an IRIS 2nd fav is roses-as a matter of fact just bought myself some last weekend! umm love that smell!! spent some time with a very good friend tonight and after a couple of hours had to break it up with a promise to meet again in a couple of weeks--life is sure good isn't it? even tho I didn't win the lottery!(LOL) talk to ya soon...luv