Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Where's My Horn to Blow? It's March 1 !!!!

Great Month
Spring is
On its Way!

Happy March 1st everyone
Here's to a great month!

"March is a month of considerable frustration - it is so near spring and yet across a great deal of the country the weather is still so violent and changeable that outdoor activity in our yards seems light years away."
- Thalassa Cruso

Now we know that many are still feelin the chill
but I'm thinkin
let's think
let's embrace the newness of a new month
be hopeful
you know the ole

"spring is just around the corner"
we just have to find the corner I'm thinkin!

"The sun is brilliant in the sky but its warmth does not reach my face.
The breeze stirs the trees but leaves my hair unmoved.
The cooling rain will feed the grass but will not slake my thirst. It is all inches away but further from me than my dreams." - M. Romeo LaFlamme, The First of March

I'm thinkin Romeo wasn't livin in Florida or certainly he would have known our winds will blow you around and the sun will heat you even on a cold day! LOL

So dear friends,
happy first day of March, much to do, much to see and to feel everywhere.

Thoughts on the sun's beams, on the gentle breezes as Joan up there in MD has the "crud" and is real sick today, and many are fighting the fight like warriors > others are packing up and ready to make huge moves to places unknown and still others are packing their bags and heading to vacations and stillness.

The little ones are playing NASCAR around the pool here and zoom zooom (oops real close to the edge) life is daring adventure for so many, feel the joy and remember that YOU are alive!

Blessings to all who gather here, and thank you for your comments and your thoughts!

Walk in Beauty
author of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life

OPRAH, I'm watching you, have your peeeps call my people~!



Irene M said...

Sun is coming out. ROMEO, where are you to see this ? Wind blew the rain out. March came in like a lion this morning.
Healing thoughts sent from me to you, everyone who is healing, sick or just tired.
Me, running favors, jumping dead car batteries for neighbors, seniors in need. I keep on, keepin on with the hopes that when I need some help, it will appear. Love to all, Irene

Angie said...

Morning Cuz,
So when do we leave on our next venture? I'm thinking about quitting my job and becoming your assistant...sound good? Uh no you say...but why? Oh yeah the boys....dang kids always getting in my way!! lol
Yes it is March 1st and I am so looking forward to the warm weather. We had terrible rain yesterday but the sun is shining beautiful today~
Guess you are getting excited for Friday...sure will miss my nurse~~I'm sure Dot needs a vacation by now :)
Matt is coming home today!! He will be here for two weeks~Christina and the kids are so looking forward to seeing him~~
I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy relaxing. Gotta go find your schedule so I will know when to pack! LOL
Love ya Cuz~~

Anonymous said...

I am truly happy to see February come to an end.
Personally, it was a difficult and trying month,
emotional and quite depressing.. sooooooo..
STOMP STOMP... moving forward into March with the
promise of spring in the air, the aroma of budding
flowers and that special little butterfly just dancing away so carefree.. just saying.. I am so
looking forward to the beginning of new friendship,
fine tuning of older relationships which take a back seat far too often.. and the wonderment of all of which the world offers.
I am on the edge of making major decisions.. hehe..
sounds quite indecisive. Spring brings changes, and although we must always take some bad with the good, we do have a say in creating good.
STOMP... I am proudly a survivor and a warrior as
well, and I'm thinking,, BRING IT ON !!
hey, Oprah, you good upgrade the quality
of your book list anytime now...
sign me, wishing you all happy days,
Hug an angel, it feels awesome.

dotti said...

♫♫ ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ ✽ ❃ ❋ ♫♫
I'm singing and thinking of the flowers, LOL!! Blessings, Sherry♥

Anonymous said...

Marching into Spring! Had to chuckle when the weather report said a cold front comming in... temp to drop 5 degrees tomorrow then warming back up to the high 70's.... Really? Who makes up these reports, and who pays them to do it?
As for me, all good here. Put out MOLE Repelents (solar no less) Am watching out the window to see them MARCHING right outta my yard. Given the 90 gazillion sand mounds that are out there, I must be hosting whole colonies of um. So sad. Will report back when the solar repellants start to work. Wouldn't you just know, day one and it rained. Guess I bettr get out there and fire up my flashlight to make up or the sun that is supposed to make these gizzmos work... What Next?

chris said...

some of us love the spring-me I am going back to NY in a couple of weeks and it will definetley gonna be cold up there still- I just hope there will no white stuff while I'm there! I know that mother earth will be just awakening and hope that she will be gentle...
LOL..Here's to all the warriors and survivors out there! Talk to ya soon