Monday, December 27, 2010

Best of Day.. What Day is It Anyways? LOL

Nana' Girl
up their in Maryland

Good morning on this late
thought of
"I don't even know what day it is"
kinda morning!"

I do know this... the kids don't really care
what day it is, so why in the world should I?
Seems I am sleeping sounder, and much longer
since staying up
with these boys
watching more movies than I've seen since
last year this time ~
Yep we did it yesterday... we hit the malls as our boyz head money from the holidays that was burning a hole in their pockets!
you should have seen those lines
customer service!!!
Not happy were those folks in lines; seems
old Saint Nick made some big mistakes he did,
as the lines were ever so long in the "return it"
Laugh my self silly at some of the faces I did.
Dorothy found her some fantastic new "scarf" thingies for window treatments and was off the hook.
there was this button thing on the counter
and she asked if she could push it.
the lady said yes,
when she did...
We hear
by James Brown!
Mom, Dorothy and I
break into some serious dancing
on the spot
"I feel good, I knew that I would"
da da daddadda
The whole line started laughing
and the sales clerk almost fell in the floor!!!
Oh what a great time we had,
once Dorothy found that button,
James Brown kept singing
we just kept dancing!!!
Of course some
looked at us like we had just dropped in
from an alien planet and were not real pleased
that we had!!!
The boys were gone for hours
oh what fun they had when finished
jerseys galore and bargains did they find!
A great time had by all.
Home exhausted but very happy

How is everyone out there in the cold lands of our
Even the birds are hesitant to chirp I think
afraid of getting a cold in their song.
Probably would still be snuggled in and sleeping
like the North American Black Bears
if a little boy
Star Hawk had not wakened me
with the Disney Channel
a need for
this morning!
While in Maryland
Olivia is still snoozing
after grand competitions with the Mama
on her
It is rather amazing how kids do not need
manuals or instruction booklets.
They just seem to know how to do those games,
hold that knowledge close to their chests
as adults flounder and make complete fools
of themselves in the process!
Seems Olivia
failed to tell the Mama of the rules until after
she beat her badly
only then telling her of the "secrets"
the ways of holding the magic remote
to properly play the game!
Both fierce competitors so you can only imagine
how that went over there!!!
I am hearing of flights being cancelled around the country secondary to bad snows and ice.
Seems those
"Hallmark moments"
with friends and families may last longer than the
Turkey in some homes this year!
Isn't that wonderful?
And to think
in the
Parade section of the paper yesterday
who was on the cover
She is gearing up for her
of her new
Guess I better get that autographed copy
Healing Heartaches out
there today for her.
I'm just certain it will land in her ever so talented
after all I am sending it
in care of her #1 woman
Lisa E.
Get Ready Oprah,
Healing Heartaches is headed your way,
and those who are reading it over the holidays
are telling me
It is destined for Greatness
just as you told
B Walters back in the day
that YOU were
we all know how that worked out for YOU!
I'm bringin it Oprah, Healing Heartaches... Stories of Loss and Life ~ Headed your way...

As I tell Creator each morning and throughout the day,
"Use me UP", and if the words and stories in Healing Heartaches, touch one, reach one and offer HOPE in healingways...> it's time for Oprah to tell em, tell em, and reach em through the stories, that is what the messages from others are telling me!
(p.s., but I also ask humbly of the Creator, take your time in Using me up please)

This Christmas time, I have heard from so many who are making this Christmas time shine, in lights of grief, of great struggles they are fighting great battles. They are Warriors all.... I am with you there... You do not stand alone, I hope you know that deeply within, that you stand with many here.

While I may not know what day it is, I do know that there are some powerful warriors on this page, those who are at the ready, to send thoughts, to hold YOU up in prayer always...
When you are tired please rest, and know we are with you.
When you are ready, STAND UP and fight, we are alongside you as warriors...

YOu are surrounded by those who care, those who are fighting with you along with some powerful angels, here and in the next place as well.

Those who are missing, are longing for those no longer present physically here, dig deep for HOPE, for the light, it is burning strongly within... ONly a heart beat away...

As we approach this new Year, know that you are all you need to be, you choose how you will embrace this day and all days.

And that is the thought of this day...

We are with you.

The Fire is burning brightly here, its embers are hot, with hope and thoughts/prayers on the winds the sage is burning...

Walk IN Beauty,


Angie said...

Wow you are really sleeping in aren't you? I have been waiting since 5am!! lol
I know what day it is because today is the last of my three day weekend and that means back to work tomorrow but it also means 4 more days til my boys & Dot are home!! I sure have missed them :) Too much peace & quiet will drive a person crazy! Never thought I'd say that :)))
Remember my friend Christina? Her husband is in Iraq and this am, he IM'd me and we chatted for a little while. Hearing from him made my day~He was able to Skype w/Christina and the kids CHRISTmas morning! He is doing well but won't be able to come home for a visit until late June but we are all looking forward to it especially his family~
What's the temp there Cuz? 50ish?? It is 20ish here but with the wind chill, it feels like a big fat 0!! Think I will stay in my PJ's all day.
I hope everyone had a Blessed CHRISTmas and I also hope 2011 is a great year for all~~
I love ya Cuz~

Irene M said...

Heeeeeee Ha !!!! I, too, waited for this
a m blog, but even the doc earned well deserved sleep / rest / break from the crack of dawn posting. Glad to hear all is well and " cracked up " over there in Dr SES land.
The James Brown song story "cracked me up "
In fact, I think I will CRACK an egg for breakfast......... see ya tomorrow !
Love, EyeScream, FIRM, IceCream, Irene, ILENE, if I had one leg..... okay ! NUTZ

Anonymous said...

Cold, ya say, Oh how nice the bright sunshine feels. Watching the news of the Eastern part of the country just makes be grateful it is just the wind and the coolness of this part of the world. There is so much snow and so many people stranded waiting in Airports to get home. Santa was good to all. We are blessed to be so fortunate to have a loving family and friends who care. Bless the troops and bring them home soon. Bless their families and blessings to all. Good health and more blessings to those who are so troubled. God is good. So glad the boyz had such a wonderful Christmas with their family who loves them so much. Cant believe the shopping trip. What fun they had spending the money that was lovingly given to them. Blessings to all for a Happy, Healthy New Year.

Anonymous said...

warmer than I thought it would be..
loved the morning blog as usual.
off to work I go..
not sure what day it is either...
have a great one !
sign me,
hugging my angel,

c said...

hi everyone--I think it's time for me to move--to Key West--it's gotta be warmer than here! I just wish someone would turn the heat on!! Oh well, I know we shouldn't complain, but THIS IS FLORIDA damnit!
Hope all is well with all of you..Today's blog sure did remind me of a Josh Groban song-Just a breath away..I hold that thought close to my heart. Talk to ya later!!