Thursday, December 16, 2010

Embracing The Warmth

are hot
2500 degrees or more
Will flicker, will warm
Will fire

Good morning morning,
it sure has been cold here in Florida

Perhaps this will warm ya, wherever you are
this morning
as you watch and listen to the crackling
and see the warmth
 feel the power
the magic
the intensity

Good Cold morning to ya world,
how is everyone out there?

We're told that here in Florida the warmth is on its way,
the HEAT is returning!
I for one am doing a
Happy Dance
 with the four leggeds around the pool this morning,
already, even with the cold still here
we're jubilant over the news.
Here comes the warmth!
Happy Happy am I ~

In VA today, the excitement mounts as
Mom, D'Vante and Kamryn get ready to get on the plane and head to Florida for Christmas!
They are due to arrive Friday afternoon.
The boys usually begin their official trip with a
splash in the pool with yells that let the neighbors know they have arrived!

They may need to keep those flannel shirts close at hand and bring them along on this trip!
 They will take the plunge, their yells will be heard, we'll have the towels ready, and the blender all set for the
"famous milkshakes" extraordinaire"...
as we prepare for Christmas 2010 in Florida~
Cuzzie Angie has to work up there at Highland Ridge, so she is unable to join us in our family gathering,
while Aunt Linda chose to stay in Virginia this year.

will have a most remarkable time together,
we will choose to make it effervescent in all ways
each and every day\
I have no plans to get in the pool~ nope not doin it!

up in Columbia Maryland
Olivia is healing from the bad breaks of that ankle,
and she and Mama Joan *mother of the year*
are now making the living room into the
with Joan cutting 120 snowflakes by hand,
making 2 penguins that will stand (in stands no less)
and has nailed nails across the ceiling
precisely 24" apart
where the tiny white lights will hang from the ceiling
the snowflakes will fall
there at  the
in their home.

that's Nana's girls all right!
inside their beautiful sanctuary called home
separated by sheets to gain entry
in the living room,
a most magical
Christmas is underway!
Nana's package is mailed, with a message in
that states:
WArning: NOt to open before xmas,
~ ~ ~

Did I mention...
one cannot trust Nana's girls with packages?

It's the holidays,
time for humor, great cheer, goodwill to all.
Those close by and far away as well.
Just a heart beat away really, not much distance at all if you make it that way...\

Many choices are being made; some are wonderful, some are middle of the road,
 some are just outright ridiculous,
some are bad.
The great thing is this,
we all have the ability to choose
as Dr Seuss reminds us so eloquently:
"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who'll decide where to go..."

Today... Florida is going to warm up.. Just imagine it, I might just be able to take off one of my many layers this week...
I am really doing a happy dance now,
I cannot imagine all the 'warriors' here
living out there in
SD, MN, Allegheny NYS, and those cold states who actually go outside in all that snow
my hat is off to ya~

As we move into the week-end, as we approach the holidays,
choose wisely, choose to embrace the holidays,
the spirit of connections, of wonder and awe.
Laugh often (even if at yourself)
Generate a sense of energy that can be felt by others with the kindness you show.
Embrace and wallow in the magic of the season,
absorb every moment of it.

Turn your happiness thermometer to
Are you wrapping your memories,
your thoughts around
this holiday,
the spirit that will
get you through
the stress,
the joys
the moments
that will take your breath away?
I hope you have many, many of those moments
that will carry you into the

The FIRE is burning brightly, the sage and cedar are filling the air, with HOPE on the winds to all who enter here and those in the prayer bowl as well.

Walk In Beauty,


Irene M said...

There are just NO WORDS for this continued cold, other than: ENOUGH ALREADY ! Perhaps the weather men/women are right on with an expected warm up. No one will be happier than me ( and Sherry ) Your visitors will get a real shock jumping in that pool. Brrrrrrrrrr
The blue-blue sky is deceiving but stellar.
I am digging deep to make the upcoming holidays a nice one. Put on the happy face, my cousin and her daughter will visit and we all will have a happy time. More coffee time, boy is it ever good and hot. Irene

Anonymous said...

Already celebrating! I love this wonderful, magical time of year. Even the shopping, wraping, cooking and baking, the hustle bustle, the company... I love it all. Enjoy waking up to the most perfect Christmas tree every morning. I hope everyone that gathers here enjoys this season as much as I. Loved the fire crackling. So sad, I am out of wood this year. May saw up a bit of furniture for Christmas eve. Just joking. Love to all. Happy Happy Holidays! Make it what you want it to be!

Anonymous said...

I have the day off !!!!
have been waiting for this all week..
now, of course I have blown half the day
away.. drinking coffee in bed, feeling WARM sun,
taking too long to decide how to spend my day.
After a bit, I'm off to pick up the last few
items I need to wrap gifts. Have decided to lose the shoes and socks and don the much missed
flip flops.. have had enough of the cold weather
and my heart is warm with spirit and love...
This year I am jumping into
Christmas ! Good food, great family, and much
guidance from my little angel baby.. she's
kicking my ass and kicking the could be depression right out...As she dances across the
galaxies with her family members.. she has been
singing in my yourself a merry little Christmas, let your heart be light "...
I hear and feel her loud and clear.
Best of all the holidays may offer to everyone..
enjoy your family Doc !!
sign me,
angels in my heart,

chris said...

Hey Sherry-better rest up -you're going to need it in the coming weeks.! Can't wait--my girls don't wait until x-mas day either. Sent their gift up there with very stern warnings but I know it will be ignored. Ah-the impatience of youth! have been going out and about just to stay in the spirit and found out a lot this year-people are just as stressed out this year as they were a couple years ago. I want to stop and say to them-just slow down and enjoy the moment-of course, I can't--"they" would haul me away to the funny farm! Enjoy your visit with the family...Take care of you..