Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We're RE-Scheduled To December 13 at Tiffanys!

Paul Hittos
owner of
Tiffanys Family Restaurant
Palm Harbor FL
US 19 N

Good morning Winter, you sure do know how to get us with our "chill on" here in the sunshine state!
Yep, hit the high 30's last night,
right here in the beginnings of December on top
of that!
Coffee is hot this morning, but that is about all that even
comes close to being real warm around here!
I'm sure everyone knows by now,
Evening at
Tiffanys had to be re-scheduled at the
last minute...
To those that did not get the word on time
showed out at Tiffanys' last night
I sure hope you took a seat
enjoyed a great meal, kicked our laughing friend
Paulie in that picture
will join us
December 13,2010
Paul tells me he has put my name in lights
right under his very large sign that sits on
so I'm sure you will see it, and so will I when I head
out there later today
to take him books
and a new poster for display!
If not, might just feed him to a gator on Lake Tarpon!
Speaking of Paul Hittos;
he is the father of three little boys; all precious indeed.
That photo of him laughing that I was able to take above
was taken as he was telling of the littlest and newest of his tribe.
Baby Spiro named after his brother,
Pauls' eyes were as wide with pride, joy and love as a child as he told of that baby's birth, his beauty, his sweetness. Only then to be outdone as he told of the greatness of his wife, as a wife, mother and woman.
It may be that I've never experienced seeing and hearing a person so in love with their family before, so very enchanted with each breath of their children, so anxious to hold, hug, to talk with them and love them; and to give such praise and adornment
to his wife in the process.
Paul is an honorable and good man; guess he received that from his parents who were wonderful people.
I only wish that I could have known them as well.
I am so very honored to call him
as a community here, we are so fortunate
so very blessed to have such a man
owning and operating a business that reflects
the essence of family and traditions
that care for community!
Thank you Paul, thank you staff...
The food? Fantastic
The Service? 5 star
I am honored to speak there to and for our community
December 13
"Weathering The Holidays in The Winter of Grief"
It is a time for our community to come together, to meet one another and to hear coping strategies on grief in the holidays; whether it belongs to you, a neighbor, a member of the community or workplace.
We all know of someone who has walked the walk of loss and need to gather with others
to be validated along the journey during the holidays.
While many are so happy, with celebrations, songs in their hearts and blaring throughout the malls...
others may be working with all of their might just to get through the day at work...
Others may hold it in, while still others may just feel anger at the joys of others!
then again, some have forgotten that it is perfectly OK
to feel all of those things!
Let's gather together at Tiffanys'
or for those across the globe, explore what is happening in your areas, to provide some support or local gatherings or speakers to offer and provide
speaking engagements/seminars/workshops
that will
focus on
HOPE during the holidays
Healing Ways
that will offer tips, tools, techniques, new traditions and thoughts
to enhance the winter of your grief!

Where ever you are friends,
Dress warmly
Think Warmly
Practice paying it forward
Smile Broadly
Laugh Loudly (even if at yourself)
Trust that you are a Survivor

The fire is blazing this morning, its embers are heated, are hot... The sage is fired up with thoughts and prayers on the wind, to all who know who they are out there.
And yes,
I am hearing of many who have this nasty bug that is traveling and trying to make a home in your bodies...
Rest, drink water water water, increase your Vitamin C,
nap often, wash hands with each attempt at standing.
Know you are never alone.
YOU are with some powerful warriors here
along with some powerful angels,
both here
and in the next place.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the
Healing Heartaches

You have time to order your copies of Healing Heartaches for those gifts... Just put message you want on gift cards in "special instructions"
All are shipped with a "special gift" to recipient
24 hours after orders received!


Irene M said...

Flannel P.J.'s in Florida ? What's wrong with this picture ? Tiffany's is the top place to gather, eat and be served with a smile, personality and quality. Staff is wonderful.
This Tuesday, I will wish all a warm thought:
Act of kindness for me was on Sat. night. I found a cell phone laying in the street, I called the last # dialed and asked if they knew who's phone this was. His response was YES, here she is. I returned the phone to a very grateful and thankful person.
Looking forward to next Mon. at Tiffany's.
Bye for now........... Irene

chris said...

Hi everyone - I think I need flannel sheets as well as flannel pj's! At least I have a nice warm spa like robe that some angel sent to me while I was in NY this past year (thanks again Doc & Bunny)It is being to good use right now.! See you Monday! Luv

Anonymous said...

that's all I'm saying,
teeth chattering here,
stay warm... especially in
your heart ~
angel hugs are the best !
sign me,