Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve ~


Heading out to the airport
with the family
I'll be back to finish

I have returned to
bewildered 4 leggeds and a quiet, very quiet
The family is now
in the air
headed to Virginia
a hugging and loving
"so long, this was the
best ever Christmas together EVER"

PHoto compliments of the Security Man
that Mom conned into taking!

They are off into the friendly skies now,
although I got a phone call after 15 minutes on my way home
from Buddy Pal
"Can you come back and get Little Hawks'
Snow Globe? They won't let him take it on the plane!"
Quick U turn
back to the airport where I saw Buddy Pal
standing where I had dropped them off,
got the best hug and kiss ever
grabbed the snow globe
and he took off for the gate,
once again
I cranked up the special CD
he had made
with a mixture of
Hip Hop/Rap/Country
made my way home
through the wonderful memories!
here I sit
with a coke and the four-leggeds are wondering around looking for their little Hawk
wondering when he will appear to grab them,
scooping them up to dance
while hearing that laugh
or the basketball dribbles and sounds of the
Swwosh as it goes through

While sad to leave Florida, I know they are looking forward to getting home; home to see what Santa might have left under the tree there, to their Mom... their grandma, their friends...
There at home to ring in the New Year (without my home-made milkshakes which I am sure they will mourn deeply tonight no doubt about that!)

Mom will be glad to be home as well,
to her bed, her quiet zone,
as Granny used to say,
"It's great to go away,
it sure is good to be home and sleep in your own bed".

I'll miss my back warmer tonight though!
Little Hawk woke me each time I went into a bone crushing sleep last night, with such important things.
1. "Puddy Pal, Did I say goodnight?"
2. "Puddy Pal, I LOVE you"
3. "Puddy Pal, I'm goin to turn the T.V. on again ok?"
4. "Puddy Pal, look there is Clearwater Beach, isn't it pretty, we've been there right"
5. "Good night again Puddy Pal, I LOVE YOU"
6. 'Puddy Pal, I think you were snoring"
7. "Puddy Pal, are you asleep"
8. "Puddy Pal, Jeepers farted I think"
9. "Puddy Pal, this was the best Christmas, I really mean it"
I do remember this went on over hours and most of the night
then it was time to get UP!!!

D'Vante was in the back seat, with headphones at the ready... But, he was listening to us til' time for the plane and by now, he probably has them on and is snoozing! Shorts ON, and ready to get home to his friends, his life there. On Jan 12 he will undergo Meniscus surgery on that right knee ~ He now "gets it" that this is big, that he needs to be mindful, to be still and once the surgery is done, to be STILL, and to not try to think about doing anything other than being STILL in order to heal it and to focus, FOCUS, focus on restoring and healing so that when physical therapy begins, he does what is needed to be 110%... Next year he is a senior, #51 Bobcat for the Radford High School Offense Lineman will be better than ever with a healed knee ~
Yesterday he ordered his class ring and oh boy is he over the top about that!

So here we are, the last day of 2010 and what a year it has been..

I am being escorted into the New Year in the photo above by two Dolphins, Auntie V and Dot ... What an experience that was, and I welcome in 2011 with great HOPE that it will be magnificent for all of you.

As we enjoy this blessed and last day of 2010, the sun is shining brightly here today, the temps are rising and it is beautiful here.... Having had a magical holiday with those I love here and there, I can say I am richly blessed in countless ways, with joy through times of sadness, with tears of great gratitude...
I welcome this day, look forward to the darkness of this night as people will gather everywhere. Some with grand celebrations across the world, some have already celebrated, some are anticipating wonderment as they ring in the New Year...


If you are going out... please remember the strong message of truth, Drinking and driving is STUPID... do not do it!

Cabs were invented for a reason, designated drivers are a good thing, find one, buy one, rent one, do whatever you need to do to get one...! If you are going to drink, make a plan and work the plan or just STAY HOME where you are safe.  [one more note: People who do not drink will grow tired of hearing the same stories that are often told by those who do drink a lot after about the third time!]

Be gentle with yourself
Remember a lot of folks make those
New Years Resolutions!
Try not to "set yourself up" for failure...
I would say I hope your New Year is all that 
you dare to make it for each of you!
Oprah says,
A New Year is a chance once again for all of us to get it right!

Then there is:
"People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas." ~Author Unknown

So it's best to be careful
about those resolutions you know
cos' many make em, then by next month
next week
they break em!
So perhaps
all should start small and work tall,
just maybe
if all
I resolve to:
practice random acts of kindness and compassion
and begin with ME
it would be easy
would last throughout a life time
we would not have to resolve
could just

"May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions."  ~Joey Adams

On this New Years Eve,
I wish you all that you
all that you dream
all that you want for the New Year.

I HOPE to see that ball drop from Times Square once again, but who knows
I might just sleep through it, I don't have two boys to inspire me to "lateness" as they have been doing
in the last couple of weeks
so it may be that
the bed inspires me more than staying awake!

I do know
cuzzie in VA is anxiously awaiting getting them home
Little Hawk wore those Michael Jordons back home
on his feet
managed to take my camouflage clogs in his suitcase too!
I'm minus a pair of shoes
just like back
in the day
when Buddy Pal #1 was little and took my black sneaks
when they fit him
and wore them OUT
but now
he is a size 13
I can just buy him the shoe BOX to wear!!!
So for now, I'll just wait for the little one to grow,
I end up with some "tight" MJ's for me soon ~

Blessings to all on this last day of 2010
be safe out there,

May The Creator shine on you and yours, and the rainbow always touch your shoulder as you
Walk In Beauty, into 2011



Irene M said...


Sorry to hear the family is leaving you.

Till later, I am FIRM

Anonymous said...

The quiet is loud after the loved ones leave. Its the first thing I notice after a family gathering and everyone goes home. I hope that your NEW YEAR is an incredible one. Im not going to set myself up with resolutions. Ive never kept them before so what makes me think I can now?? Bless you , sweet Dr S.

Irene M said...

First of all : I DO NOT SEE any dolphins
dragging you thru the water. It seems like you are flying on your own or on some new type of water ski, W T F ? Sorry, I am just too
curious. Sad about the globe not being allowed on, but you rescued it, alas !
Happy and healthy next year to all.
Sherry, like I said : you "saved me this year"
Love to everyone, near & far, sober or tipsy, happy or sad. Take deep breaths and smile.

kelly2 Wolves said...

Ahh that blissful yet often sad quiet in the house I know it well. Time to digest all the moments shared and commit the memories to the pages of your life with joy and a little sorrow. Untill we meet again doc sha aket. Back to the normal routine in the house and your life, looking over the shoulder for the excited patter, and chatter, don't worry Sissy time flys and you will be together again before you know it! In the mean time the internet will keep you up front as to all that is going on! Will bbe sending healing for the young ones as they go in for their surgeries, all will be well! Now onto saying goodby to the old year and Hello to 2011!! What mysteries and magic this year will bring. Set your intentions, I am rich , I am debt free money flows easily to me. Sending out messages for love and healing across the world. Better ge ready cause here we come ready or not!! Let my voice echo yours! My prayer tonight BE SAFE, BE SMART! Dont drink and drive People LOVE YOU. Lets not start this year with tragidy, Let us rejoyce, in the wonderment yet to come! Blessings Girl! We are ganna take the world by storm!! STOMP! Love to all who are here Blessings Happy New Year!!

chris said...

H A P P Y N E W Y E A R to everyone. Sherry,I know the empty feeling!
I keep remembering something my Mom used to say-
"there is a reason God made women most fertile in the twenties" when you get to be our age, after a short time-we need the peace and quiet just to regenerate!! Also Maude (remember her?)
"I'm too old for this crap!" Cherish the memories and enjoy the new year. Talk to ya soon...

Anonymous said...

Sorry we can't see the dolphins pushing you across the lagoon by your feet, but I get that it is a great way to usher in the new year.
This has been a good and fast year. What's up with time speeding by? Have big plans for 2011. Will get underway in the AM. Watch my smoke!!! Love to all, have a safe celebration.

Makeba said...

Dr S. Thanks for the incredible read and the awesomeness that is you! It has been a year of ups and downs and life lessons and growth. Next year I'm sure will be the same. Such is life! Bring it! Have aq happy New Year! And sleep well. Sounds like you need it! Love on the wind as I think you say.