Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter Sparkle

Winter Sparkle
the first snowfall
Nana's girls home
Welcome to the North Pole!

Good and beautiful Saturday morning
from my home to yours...
All is quiet, all is brilliantly wonderful here,
all are still sleeping after an exciting
welcome to Florida
the fam arrived safely,
picked up by friend Stuart next door
as I was busy seeing clients...
I think I heard the screams of delight
Kamryn hit the pool
50 deggrrreee
water of the pool!
I arrived home
to find all
comfortable here at home
my have my boyz grown!
It's offical
Let's let
Holidays begin...
Family is here!

The energy is high, the love is in the air
in the arms of family!
Coffee is hot and good
the party began!
I think I heard the screams of delight
UPS arrived in Maryland
yesterday as well,
the email was in a font so large
I almost fell out of my chair
trying to adjust my eyes
with the
"wooo hooo"
and the
pleas of
"Can we just open the box"
cried out in BOLD FONTS
The North Pole is underway there.
Now with snow and lights outside
(of course we noticed that the front door is open
to welcome all in)
Can't help but wonder how Joan and her hands are with the cutting of those 120 snowflakes to fall from the ceiling at precisely the designated spacing
is going!

Winter sparkle, happiness abounds
in countless ways,
folks out doing and being
the smells of kitchens and memories of old
fill my senses from so many as they tell
their stories of times remembered
HOPE for the holidays.

Thinking of
Out there in Ely MN
Boy oh boy is it snowy and cold,
Dr Rogers, Sue Mansfield and others are working
hard and staying busy with
research, paperwork,
the others as they prepare for the
wonderment of live den cams
for the
North American Black Bears.
The world will watch
as Lily and HOPE
snooze on, as they sometimes turn over, yawn
and lick the camera lens
giving us all a thrill to be sure.
The world waits and wonders
if Lily the Black Bear will give us
cubs this winter,
sharing a den with the famous and ever so
lovely little HOPE.
Some things are just best left for
The Creator and Lily to know
the anticipation runs high
along with the emotions
realities of nature
and possibilities of how it will all turn out.
Time to get the day started
to get out and
see what kind of fun we
can get started.
Music up and on
swagga on
with fun in the air.
Magic is all around
you choose to embrace it!

So friends,
what's on the radar for all this marvelous weekend
before the day of miracles and magic
in your homes?
Whatever you are doing
Wherever you are...

I hope you are having a remarkable day today.

The fire is burning and its embers are hot
with sage, cedar, laughs and love
offered to you and yours.
YOU know who you are.
Walk In Beauty,

That is the
Healing Heartaches


Irene M said...

50 degree pool water............... YIKES !!!
Not even a toe would go in there. Happy to hear they arrived and are settlin' in.
You will have a great visit, happy holiday and memories to write about.
Me: today, a few of us neighbors are having a lunch get together for one of ours, stricken with CANCER. She & her daughter flew out from Pitt, PA for 3 days. TOYS 4 TOTS motorcycle parade tomorrow, expecting 2000 + bikes to pass where I live. Whoo- Who !, loud, too
Wishing good weekend to all who read this.
HI C O B , are you FIRM ?

Anonymous said...

If your precious ones were like mine, their lips would turn purple in cold pool water, but when asked"Is it cold?" they would say "Nnnoo-ooo-oooo" Enjoy their visit. Im off to meet my daughter and hubby to get the granddogs, while their "momma and daddy" drive to Dallas for a Cowboy game.A book I ordered from you reached it destination yesterday. Thank you , Dr S. Im praying it will serve as a guide book to help with healing of their heart.