Saturday, December 4, 2010

Its' Saturday, and Its' A Day of FOCUS for Some!

#51 The Beast
take the field today
in the "Play-Offs"
"See that focus"

Good chilly Saturday Morning this morning!
The 4-leggeds feel the crisp in the air,
NASCAR is happening around the pool
with barks resounding as they take it a bit too close
to the edge!
Gypsy is the winner this morning
as she dances with her stuffed animal in her mouth
doing a
circle of victory!

Positive Energy
That is the thought of this day
to those who are out there with a plan,
working their plan!
Notice the energy out there this week?
It has been quite amazing, on the wireless connections,
on the streets, in the stores, in conversations...
The dark months
and the end of year is affecting folks.
As are the choices being made.

It is the holidays, they are right here on us.
Shoppers with glassy eyes, retailers with high hopes, sissy 2wolves out there in SD making one of a kind jewelry and leather goods for folks like a maniac filling those special orders (be sure and visit her site and get your orders in for the holidays)
folks getting ready to see, fall in love and buy the home of their wants and dreams, while others get ready to believe and do magical things!
Christmas decorations beginning to light the night,
North American Black Bears denning with snow covered dens out in MN,
and snow is in the air and on the grounds
in so many places already!
It's the MOST magical time of the year!
Today in Radford VA when Godson D'Vante takes to the field with the Bobcats to prowl once again,
the weather will be in the low 30's and it is suppose to snow! The family will be layered up, as will the community filling the bleachers, huddled together as they watch and yell and holler for those boys.
Most will freeze their butts and loose their voices,
D'Vante is embracing the notion a football game of this magnitude in the snow!
Only as Bobcats could get it done
DESIRE. I already have my Bobcat shirt on, I am ready!

What's on the plan for you out there today?
Denning in or going out to play with passion,
focus, kindness, compassion today?
Perhaps with the intention of
paying it forward
smiling just to get folks wondering
what you are up to?

with focus.
Ask for what you want, what you need.
Ask it with passion, desire and urgency, clean hands and straight eyes...

I just love this quote,
"Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don't go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won't laugh at you." Jim Rohn

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing,
Choose to do it with all you have today!

Send a powerful and winning thought to
D'Vante #51 today for those BoBcats
as they take the field in the snowing home field of Radford VA and prowl on today!
GOOOO BOBCATS, Godmother is rooting for you and wearing your colors!


Irene M said...

Go Bobcats ! Good luck / have a WIN
Wish I was " denning " in this morning, right about now, heading out the door...........
All I know is : Brrrrrrrrrrrr
Enjoy all, see you on Monday at Tiffany's
Firmer, than firm IceScream

Anonymous said...

Go Bobcats, the snow is supposed to start at 12pm. and the game starts at 1:30pm.. This is my wardrobe attire. I will start with 2 pair of socks, long handles, fuzzy warm pants, Bobcat tee, Bobcat hoodie, long warm winter coat, neck scarf, ear muffs, hat and warm fuzzy blanket to wrap up in fur lined long boots. No fashion plate today. I told my friend if I should fall down the bleachers I will surely wipe out the whole team. I will go for the Gate City team to wipe out. The Beast is looking forward to playing in the snow. ugh, the concession stand will be selling a million hotdogs and hot choc. dont forget the pizza. I cant figure why when you go to a ballgame you have to eat all of that stuff whether you are hungry or not??? Dont forget the popcorn. Sure I will have some of the above. Wish you were here to enjoy the excitement of the crowd and the players are pumped up and ready to go. Reminds me of the older days when my brothers played and no one worried about the weather. The only thing we worried about was my dear Mother fainting every time one of my brothers got hurt. We had a special handicapped resident and he would yell call the Rescue Squad Ms. Eller fainted again. The excitement would get to her and again there she would go, nothing to it, just put a few smelling salts under her nose and she was yelling again. Oh for the good times and let me tell you they are here, now right at this moment each day. Remember our Soldiers and their family and dont forget to write on the back of your envelopes sending bills etc. out GOD BLESS THE USA AND OR MERRY CHRISTMAS. Blessings