Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Merry Christmas

Ho Ho HO
to one and all

It's Morning,
these are not my feet...
but those of
cuzzie Angie
who is probably still asleep up there
I'm sure she won't be for long
as we will be calling her...

As I sit here in the dark of morning
ready to crawl back in the bed quickly
when I hear the sounds of those reindeer upon
my rooftop.
For sure as the world, I do not
want to be the one
that sees
as he enters ...
The house is quiet
ever sooo quiet here,
all are sleeping for now.
very very very
about the time
I get my bone crushing sleep
going once again,
I feel sure
they will hear the sound
he makes his way
from the house.
Probably about the time the empty
milk glass gets set down,
the dogs will bark,
Kamryn will hear it
It will begin!
The magic of morning
Christmas morning
the wonder
of it all
Will find us in "awe".

to all
I say this
May your
Christmas be bright,
Merry and filled
with wonder,
with joy
and more blessings than you can count.
May the gifts you receive be those of love,
best wishes, friendships
kindness and compassion
that will take you into
New Year
in your heart.
May your memories sustain you,
your paths take you to places you have never imagined
allowing you to soar to new heights
without fear or burdens
as you
choose your path
master your own course
as you
find your way
to that which
you choose

Blessings to each and all
on this
Christmas day
from my home to yours.
Oh my,
I think I hear sleigh bells,
gotta go run jump in my bed
For it is
I sure don't want to be missed!

The fire is burning brightly,
HOPE on the winds
to all who gather here
and those
we remember.
Walk in Beauty,


Irene M said...

Ho- HO- HO ! ! ! ! Merry Christmas
I heard him, I heard him, it woke me up !
Sherry, thanks for writing on such a celebrated day, when some of us that are alone, do not feel so alone, reading your blog.
Let the hysteria begin at your house, have fun.
Eat, drink and be merry. From me to you.
Lots of love, peace to all. Irene

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Morning Merry Christmas- Everyone! May your day be blessed and full of magic and wonder! Up here in the Hills someone musta told Santa where I lived because he found me this year. I have been blessed with many new friends! And Even have some packages to open.LOL I musta been a good girl this year ;-), Ice covered roads cold winds are blowing early this morn, but the weather man said it was supposed to get up to about 40% today that would be nice. Wishing safe travels for eveyone and many many blessings! Love to all and Special thanks to you Sissy for being in my life ! And Jynxy sends wolfy kisses too! OXOXOX

Anonymous said...

Irene hit it on the head, thank you for posting on this day for those of us alone. It will be a great day and Im thankful for all the gifts that werent wrapped in pretty paper Ive received this year. I just had to open my eyes and see them as such. Love you Dr S. Bless you dear lady!!!

Anonymous said...

As you have said many time doc. Every day is a gift! ccept the blessings. Call someone you know that may need to hear you voice. Share the love and goodness of this holiday season.
Have started the traditional breakfast omlette in the oven. Hot chocolate with marshmellows filling the mugs. Wish each of you were here to share this very special day.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, I know I heard Santa Claus this year. Seems I was just asleep and I heard the bells ringing. The plump on the roof and I could visualize the red nose of Rudolph. It was just awhile when these little hands were shaking me to get up as Santa had already been here. He was very excited as the milk and cookies were gone. As he carried the dishes to the kitchen sink, he said we must get his DNA as there is prints on the glass to make sure he was the real SANTA, not the ones you see on TV. Now that is thinking on his part and a good idea. The rest of the household came bleary eyed into the Santa room and as tradition the little one handed out the gifts and we took turns opening gifts. The girfts were great and something we all needed and wanted. Santa is good. After a few hours some of us headed back to bed and a few hours of sleep before the day began for lots of food and friends coming in. Life is good and God is good. Blessings to all and hope all of you is as blessed as we are in this household. Thanks Dr. SES for the blog this morning. Especially loved the feet. Blessings

chris said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS-I know it late in the day but it has been a very busy day--meals to cook, presents to open and lots and lots of phone calls- miss the little ones in NY but heard over the phone all the crazies going on-it wore me out just listening to it all. whew! Merry Christmas to you Doc and to Dorothy and the family. I feel the same as Irene. You are the best present I have ever received. I thank the creator every day for you....Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

merry christmas !
hope all had a day of wonderment
and blessings...
sweet dreams,
sign me,

Anonymous said...

May we never lose the childlike wonder of Christmas and all the joy. can tell yours was a wonderful one. Peace always EE