Friday, December 17, 2010

It's the Week-End!

Candle of Remembrance
The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle Lighting 2010
"What a night, what a sacred and lovely night
HOPE n healing ways"
Remembering The Children

Good morning on this Friday Morning...
It's Friday...
It's warmer in Florida I might just add!
Happy Dance here I come!
Coffee is hot, I am hoping to get that way
soon, very very soon!
Just waiting for ole' sun to greet me and fire up
this day today.
Gypsy and Jeepers are on their way,
I think they know
here come the family today!
We Can' Wait... happy are we about this Day!~
Let the celebration of the day begin!
Today the "fam" arrives from a snowy
Virginia, and they are due to arrive this afternoon.
Did I mention
MOM, D'Vante, Kamryn are comin?
Woo Hoooo

Should you hear a loud set of screams, not to worry it will just be those Godsons' hitting the pool... and
hitting it hard I would imagine as I sit here and
laugh out loud and watch!

The most magical time of the year is happening all around it seems, and all around here folks are scurrying around town. The roads are now officially insane with drivers going who knows where, but at a break neck pace. Stores are filled with shoppers shopping and those who are getting packages shipped lining up with a look of "less than happy" in those lines.
"Tis the season"
I'm thinkin!

But then again, there are others just having a ball,
having the times of their lives and enjoying each moment that they share with those that matter, either face to face or in letters, or on chats via the wonderment of wireless connections.
There is no distance if connections are meant to happen.
When paths cross it can seem that journeys have always been shared, when hearts beat, their sound can break barriers and knock down walls
if the intention is pure, if the communication is
with straight eyes and clean hands.
It seems that along the way
I have tried to teach my Godsons to walk in honor and truth since they were little, to always let their actions speak through their eyes of truth.
So much easier that way as they grow they are finding that to be truer than true.
Of course as all children, they will test limits, they will "fib" and they will have to jump from small areas to see how far they can fall before being caught.
they will learn as we all hopefully have,
that truth and intention of honor
will walk with them through their lives
make them into
men of honor and gentle warriors who can always
be known as those who walk their walk and talk their talk based on truth and intention.
We are all a work in process, none of us are perfect
we all choose our paths
even at times by not choosing we
are in fact making a choice!
Today is Friday
a day that will find many getting ready for
out of town trips, packing, running
fluidity of movement is the theme it seems for preparing for the holidays.
Doing, running, going, seeing, playing, shopping, shipping, flying, and so it goes.
I hope that many will take the time to just
take time to
take the time
sit with self for awhile
jumping into it
whatever it is!
If not NOW, when?
Ah, there is pressure and stress with the holidays, I know that to be true, for others tell me that it is true.
I believe them!
I was in stores yesterday, I got to see it for myself.
I chose to "sing my way" through the experience,
to greet others with a "Merry December" or "Happy Christmas" to those I saw along the way, particularly those who dang near ran over me with their carts in the stores!
I was singing nice and loud my rendition of
"Here Comes Santa Claus" when my box of Angel Hair Pasta sprung a leak and those long skinny noodles fell from my cart without my knowing and left a trail for the entire asle!!!
Perhaps I should have been singing a different song!
Many got a kick out of it though, and I did happen to notice what had been not such smiling faces, started humming along with me after a bit!

I've often wondered, why folks shop for others or for big gatherings and frown... why look so stressed when you are out there in crowds?
After all, we all know the crowds are going to be out there when we hit the roads, right?
At least we have a pretty good idea when we arrive and have to park in the next town to get a space!
The lots are maxed out... is that not a great indicator that the stores are going to be packed?
C'mon now, let's keep it real.
I'm thinkin, before you lock your doors and re-check that you have your keys,
maybe it is a good time to check
YOU in the mirror.
Smile on?  CHECK
Attitude of gratitude one? CHECK
Humor available ?  DOUBLE CHECK
Got money? CHECK
Got cell phone? UH why need phone? CHECK
Got Patience? RE-CHECK

Let's go join the others who are looking for that
one of a kind near impossible must have gift this year!
While we're in there, let's add to that list, another
one of a kind, must have it today, most sought after gift of the year in oh let's say color "magenta"
for kicks!
And then
let the fun begin!!!

ARe ya feelin me here?
many who are there, who are new to the whole shopping experience, who do not know what it is they are shopping for, who brought their aging parents, and their fifteen kids...
throw in the mix of that,
short staff, new traineees
those who don't want to work and have a crappy attitude
and did i mention
customers who are needy and miserable.

Having fun yet?
Tis The Season to Be Jolly
Do Not Forget the Man/Woman ringing the bell
outside the door
who you already gave to when you went
INSIDE the door!

By the way
Do you Remember
I just loved when Erma Bombeck was around
she always had the answer for times like this.
Remember when she suggested taking your
toilet bowl plunger with you shopping?

She suggested that so that when you parked at the
Malls at the holidays
you would always find your car
sticking the plunger on top of your car.
Easy to find,
it would be the
I just love Erma, who also said this:
"My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint."

My first used to be shopping, but now I so enjoy watching others that I like to do it particularly during the holidays and combine shopping for food just to watch the others when my angel hair pasta takes a dump along the isle I'm walking through while singing. 

How are you today?
How's your shopping and preparing for the holidays and the company coming along???
Need some company?
Maybe when mine eat all the food,
those "Hallmark moments"
 and "bonding times"
 wear out
 you might want to borrow them for awhile!
as I find my car, and finally get it loaded with the amazing amount of bags from this fascinating experience in the stores
I am even more amazed as I see someone "high-tailing it" across the parking lot, and the road with their shopping cart! Theft of a cart... wow, a wonderful and one of a kind present in the taking I'm thinking!
Truly a classic, for some lucky someone in the making, but going to be a real challenge to wrap.
Once again, I am reminded of our beloved
Erma who had this to say:
"Why would anyone steal a shopping cart?
It's like stealing a two-year-old."

Only then
I get to see security hot on them, and I can't help but laugh hysterically and find my Christmas music
and so it is all good!

Ah, 68 degrees, I am finally warm as I hear
All I want for Christmas is a

I could do this going out and shopping thing
just to watch others...
but as I was told yesterday
"someone is going to just knock your happy butt out"
with all that singing and smiling!!!
That may in fact happen,
I'll go down singing and swinging!
It's all about the attitude of gratitude is my way of thinking, all about the "swagga", of loving each moment of this life.
Just think, some actually had to laugh
in spite of themselves
as my noodles literally covered that lane of the store!
And you know what?
That was A-OK with me!
How bout doing something for someone else this year? Someone who might just be tickled to "life"
by your acts of love and generous spirit!
What a joy that might just be for you and
the recipient...
Now that is my idea of the holidays ...
So Oprah, I know you are out there babe,
I sure would like you to add
Healing Heartaches to your book list,
while you are at it:
Sure you might just want to add ole'
as the next great thing for a show
Now talk about keepin it real,
we could really get a show going
with warriors from here and all over the place
talking about
the many things in the "real world"
of loss/grief/hope and healing ways!
OPRAH, c'mon now,
Let me show you
how to live our best life here...
Just keepin it real
knowing how you like it real.
Best of luck to you Oprah,
you deserve all the greatness you said you
were destined for oh those many years ago
when first inteviewed by Dame Barbra Walters!

Let's go friends,
get out there today
Smile at someone,
then run like hell if you have to!
Laugh in living color.
We are here, this is our moment, our day
this is a magical time of the year,
we might just make some one's day
brighter today,
let's spread a little Christmas,
a little somethin somethin
to someone
somewhere out there
with love and wild abandon
cos' we can!

The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot.
The Sage and cedar are filling the morning air
with thoughts and hope on the winds
to those who know who they are.

Walk In Beauty,

Still time to order those copies of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
ship with gift card in 24 hours

Check out sissy 2wolves one of a kind fantastic makings out there in South Dakota
or email her with special requests at


Anonymous said...


Irene M said...

Oh, Yes, Friday ! I opened the door at PUBLIX this morning in the dark, want to avoid those crazed shoppers that spill angel hair pasta down the aisles (lol) and then SING....
Nice blog this morning, good words of advice, but the BEST was the plunger on top of car. Being 5 foot nothing, that would greatly help me find my car. Thanks for the old hint, SES.
Now, y'all have a great time visiting with the frozen family from VA. Do not disturb the peace of Tarpon Springs, too much.
Love, hugs, blessings & FIRM beliefs. Irene

Anonymous said...

I laughed at the vision in my head of a plunger on the roof of my vehicle in a parking lot. Im sure no one would come near it!! or think Im strange(and i can be when provoked) I recently read a book from the Oprah club choice and I have to tell you it was one of the most difficult books Ive ever read (Paradise) Im wondering if she truly read it? :) i wouldnt recommend it to even my very best friend. Your book is such an easy read and so so easy to comprehend. Besides the fact that it makes you laugh and cry and all the emotions in between. Now that to me, is the sign of a great book. She needs someone to show her the way in selecting an awesome read!!!! Perhaps you DR S?? Send it to her and tell her this is one great book and something that ALL can relate to. Love you much and hope that your visit with family is joyous!! I get to be with mine tomorrow and see my lovely soldier son in full dress uniform (he is doing a presentation for a community group) Now that is a gift in itself. My baby boy all wrapped up in a pretty outfit!!! And my chest heaves with pride at his sacrifices! Ok kleeenex time here Love and Kisses to you!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading today's blog..
it truly amazes me that you, Doc,
can muster up sooo much energy at such
an early hour... I am glad to hear your
family will be here soon, and ever so thankful
we have been graced with our warm weather
again. I will be enjoying my day off by
wrapping gifts, baking cookies and enjoying
a leisurely walk on my fav beach..
heeding your advice to relax, reflect and
laugh out loud...
wishing everyone the best of todays..
sign me,
angels hugging my heart,

chris said...

great blog today Doc--I agree with angels where do you get your energy? I can just about pour myself a cup of coffee in the morning! Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I loved Erma Bombeck-I would read her column first before anything else. She beat out the comics..she had such a unique perspective on life. she made life funny and fun. Much like you do..enjoy your visit with the future star athletes and say Hi to COB for us. Talk to ya soon.