Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Long Journey Shared

Irene, (me) Chris
(FIRM/SCREAM/ICESCREAM here on this page= IRENE)
(CHRIS aka,
our Warrior
BREAST CA Survivor here on this page) 
gathered together last night on a chilly Florida night
together again~

Good Morning morning,
coffee is ever so hot and delightful,
4 leggeds brilliant and still snuggled in sleeping this morning as the cold cold winter air is alive and well
in the sunshine state still.

Wakie Wakie, it's time for another rip roaring day of
preparing for the holidays!
Out in the Midwest folks are waking to the deep freeze and gazing at snow, the arduous tasks of bent snow shovels and the decisions to be made of whether to snuggle down or try to make a dent in snow covered vehicles and driveways that look like they are covered til' spring.
I vote for staying in and staying warm!
I am thinking of the many journey's taken
after talking with many over the last couple of days
and the paths that have been worn
along with the souls of moccasins and hearts
from loss and grief ...
most remarkably
I am continually amazed at the resiliency of the
human spirit.
Through it all, and into the light
when hearing the stories
I stand rather humbly as I hear many stories
only to be reminded that many do not realize fully
how far they have truly traveled along their paths.
Often needing someone to gently remind them,
"you have traveled quite a distance my friend
from where you first began along the way".
It just may be that when grief found its way initially into the heart and knocked one off balance so quickly, that the nervous system does not realize the long days, months and even years of work, pain, tears, and trails one travels... So that even when you find yourself standing in the lights of healing, you do not recognize how far you have really traveled!
A long journey it is.
One that is sometimes dark, sometimes light, sometimes exhausting... so much so that you feel as though you are holding on tightly to something although not quite sure what that something is or why.
These women in the picture are true
Warriors; both having walked through the pain of loss
both having known the pain of losing loved ones
and ached for the opportunity of having
"just one more moment, one more day"
both knowing somewhere deeply in their hearts,
they loved with all of their hearts,
gave with all that they were.
They now can walk with pride of having loved
been loved.
Their journeys now on a different path,
one that is embracing the light
now they can
with great gratitude.

Chris now without knowing has a favorite new color:
She has been gifted PINK;
robes, hats, shirts, ribbons
she wears all with pride!
She has been in NY where she underwent 
a double mastectomy 2 weeks after diagnosis of
Breast Cancer.
She joins with me
Chris never had the time for a pity party;
she had to be proactive, she had to 
into action, into surgery.
She left 
"the girls in NY" but she returned to life
in Florida
She is a Warrior
this page "blew up" with energy and prayers for her
while she was there, the air was filled with prayers being sent her way... with thoughts on the wind for a quick recovery, and for 
Cancer to HIT THE ROAD
Chris was doing Battle as were others here.
She returned home
with and to a 
Warriors welcome.

These women have shared in a "sacred society" a group of others who walked a journey of grief, who shared the loss and pain of loved ones. They are a part of a community, an elite community known as
those who have come together through their grief.
They are Survivors,
They are Warriors of gentle hearts.

They will take a STAND and they have a knowing look in their eyes, that can be spotted across the room by many, they have walked the walk and talk the talk.

I am honored to have walked beside them
to stand by them.
"Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences, all events are blessings given to us to learn from."
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
Lovely quote from the pioneer of the Hospice world,
Dr Ross remains one of my heros' today!

I hope you are taking best care of YOU as we approach the holidays, remember to be
KIND to you and those around you,
honor your loved ones that have died,
say their names
include them in the celebrations of the holidays,
perhaps with a candle
maybe with a gift that will be donated in their memory.

As you prepare for these holidays, 
I hope that you will find the support that you need.
That in your community, there are avenues to meet others who have journeyed this path, that have come together and now can stand together in a healthy and helpful way.

It took and takes
to ask for help along the journey of grief,
it took and takes continual
to walk in the door while in pain of loss or need of support
These women in the photo are of courage
and are
Some you will meet may still have anxiety, some maybe will have moments they know fear...
others may be "worriers"!
all are survivors,
even if some do not yet know that they are.

These women Irened and Chris
are the face of 
who are


"Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can't practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage."
Maya Angelou

As you move into your day,
where ever you are,
whatever you are doing,
Do it with amazing grace,
Do it
with Courage
of a
This is YOUR day,
Just Imagine,
the feeling practicing those random acts of kindness today!!!

The live den cam is almost in the den of Lily the Black Bear out there in snow covered Ely MN
Visit there and see what is new, and you will find more than you can imagine on North American Black Bear
education and information!~

The fire is burning, its embers are hot, the sage and cedar fill the air, with thoughts on the wind, the prayers being offered UP.
Holding up special prayers for Dahlee in NJ as she faces uncertain times there, know we are with you, you are never stronger than when you ask for and reach out to others... We here are holding you closely dearHeart, along with some powerful angels here and in the next place.
To those who are ill, those facing end of life care right now on Lily the Black Bear page,
we are with you, you are never alone...
May you find comfort in knowing,
we are together with Bear Spirit
with you.
To those who are serving our great Nation,
To our President and his family,
May The Creator keep you safe and bless you all.
God Bless the USA.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the
Healing Heartaches

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Pam C said...

It doesn't matter how cold it is outside. What matters is how warm the heart inside is. Thank you, Sherry, for all the love and support you provide for this world!

Irene M said...

Today is Tuesday, but I feel it is TRUEs-day
Our gathering with Dr. SES at Tiffany's last eve revealed many things: the TRUTH, the true's of life, existence, survival, strength, roller coaster emotions and all the in-between that comes along with loss & grief, show up when in the presence of a comfort zone.
A friend, the doctor, the therapist, speaks.
We listen, we learn, we feel, some of us CRY, but most of all, we LOVE the people we have become, having driven the rocky road, drowned in the tears of loss, missing our loved ones.
I stand tall, strong, healed and FIRM today.
Thanks for a great night at Tiffany's.
Thanks for a great LIFE ahead of me, Sherry.
You are a gem in my life.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, good to see a face of someone you have written so much about. Chris and Irene, I bet they are STOMPING thru this cool weather this morning. I am getting ready to go out and stomp in this cold windy day. Today is Bingo day and the residents of the home look forward to this day. I just happen to have a $5.00 to place in the pot. How was Tiffanys, cant wait to sink my teeth in one of those big old omlettes. The best and hope for a big hug from Paul. He gives the best hugs of all. Thanks Dr. SES for all of your words of wisdom, caring and love to all of us. Heres hoping for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, wonderful New Year to all. God Bless the USA and keep our soldiers safe and home soon to their families. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

To all of you out there in blog land. Please pray for my friend Della, she just had a double masectomy and is facing some hopefully not bad news from her Cancer doctor this week. She is a wonderful lady and I pray she will be alright. She knows attitude is what counts and her friends at this time. Go get them Della and our prayers are with you. Blessings

Anonymous said...

Keep the homefires burning for those far from home, send love to those you cae about, be kind today to a stranger. Each one touches someone, somehow, everyday. Be well.

chris said...

Hi all-wow what a blog today! I truly think that part of the reason that I have walked so far on the road is because Sherry was there to help me every step of the way. She gently kept pushing me-exactly what I needed! I thank the creator all the time for her!
Now on to something just as important-sending prayers into the wind for Della- Tell her it ain't no big thing. "the girls" don't define her-what she does with her life defines her. I am saying prayers that all she will need is some meds and to go home.! Blessings to her.

Anonymous said...

you are all amazing..
sign me, A