Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Sad Day For Many

A Light of HOPE
those who

Good morning on this once again cold Florida morning as the light begins to pierce through the darkness of night.
Last night the world heard on all news stations that


died at home after her long 6 year and very public battle with
Breast Cancer.
I typically do not express this particular sentiment
but it seems fitting somehow:

Elizabeth Edwards
A long time advocate of
Person of the year
died with the care of HOSPICE
at home in NC
Hospice joined briefly in caring for her,
along with the family and
As it should be, privately, with honor.
Thank you Hospice for your care
of a wonderful woman.

Elizabeth was a Warrior, a brilliant lawyer and author.
She was also one of the most public of the public
talked about and sought about news stories of late.

Elizabeth Edwards was a "class act"
more importantly she was a
She was not a stranger to life's challenges
nor pain of loss.
In what may be her final words and those to remember her by, she is remembered by having said,
"I've been sustained through difficult times “by three saving graces—my family, my friends, and a faith in the power of resilience and hope."

She has lost a child, and when diagnosed with breast Cancer, a cheating and lying husband whom she loved, was once said, about both,
"At least I have a chance, my son did not have a chance."

The thing I am most happy for her about is this:
it was announced that she had stopped all treatment.
And within the same flicker as a firefly in the night,
The Creator called her to the other-side,
She is now with her beloved Wade, who had died years before in a tragic car accident.
She is no longer in the eyes of human scrutiny or the press, she is not longer here to suffer pain and undue heartache at the hands of others, including those who claim to love her.
The press did not get to drag this out on and in front of the world and subject her to anything less than the
dignified woman she was in life,
they had nothing to really report
and for that I give thanks.
She is reunited with her son and the Ancestors.
So for that, we should all give great thanks, and send thoughts of healing, light and hope to her children
that they receive the love and support to hold them up
in the days and months ahead.


Elizabeth Edwards
We all admired your grace, your strength under fire,
your grit, you fight a great fight.
YOU won the war in life make no mistake of that.

Once you have rested, once you are at peace in the next place...
 I hope you dance in the lights of Heaven.

Cancer SUCKS
Recurrences, are often brought on by stress
Triggered by and made worse by
Are you hearing me out there Mr Edwards/press/people?

Wherever you are
Whatever you are doing

Give it all you have
Believe in YOU
Practice Random Acts of Kindness
We have this day.
Make it The Day that YOU will know to be the way
YOU would want to be remembered for

Walk In Beauty,

Healing Heartaches.
Order yours and gifts for others
ship in 24 hours
Need a special one of a kind, got something in mind
and need someone to bring it in to real?
is the one to talk to about it~



Irene M said...

As I look into the eyes of Elizabeth Edwards, on the many interviews and pieces the media have brought forth, I see the strength, purpose, kindness, forgiveness, hope, but no hint of fear and so, she left us quickly with honor, dignity and her way. Quite a woman.
R I P, Elizabeth. You touched many lives.
Cancer sucks, especially this day. Irene

Anonymous said...

thanks doc for this awesome tribute to a brillant and classy woman... yes may she RIP and then celebrate with her son in a different and more poweful lght of heaven.

Cancer does suck, but she gave it one hell of a fight.

shame on john edwards and the stress she was subjected to ...
she remained a Warrior as u said

and we thank you
for todays tribute

and the HOPE that u always are able to share here
sign me a Warrior who is STOMPING TODAY with a grateful and humble heart

Anonymous said...

Just watching Tom Brokaw on TV talking about the loss of Elizabeth Edwards as I was reading your blog post. He called it "An American Tragedy".
I Echo your thoughts and the sentiments of those who have posted above me who have commented so beautifully! ♥
RIP Elizabeth. You are a woman to be admired.
What a loss....

Anonymous said...

We have but this moment, this day. There are no guarantees in life....none. And so, in that retrospect, many things become trivial and unimportant. My thoughts are...measure each word, each act carefully for it could be your last. Is this how a person wants to be remembered? Is the fussing or fighting or getting even or anything else that promotes negativity worth it and what anyone wants to be remembered for?
Love the blog today. Elizabeth was and still is a class act and will be remembered for that as she lives on in the peaceful world beyond.
Eagle eyes

laura said...

Elizabeth your family will miss you.But you have no more pain and now you will be with your son.cancer does suck

Anonymous said...

thank you for a truly beautiful tribute
to a very strong and beautiful woman.
Elizabeth certainly deserves to rest in
eternal peace, after a life filled with
pain and struggle. It is a sad time for her
children,for she seems to have been such a great
and awesome Mom... they hopefully will be
able to find their own inner peace in knowing
they were lucky to have such a devoted and loving
Mother, I'm sure she provided unconditional
love and strength, even in the most darkest
times. Thankfully, the media and public eye
have been respectful.
Cancer SUCKS... such an insidious and random, evil,
disease... with WARRIOR spirit Ms. Edwards
fought valiantly and with grace...
Today, each day, I am grateful for every moment
I exist, for every memory of love I hold,
and make an effort to be unselfish and giving..
If each person were to try and be the best
they are able to be... perhaps we would
find a world of understanding and unity.
May the Angels protect Elizabeth"s family
as they welcome her great spirit into the next
place, full of happiness and eternal love.
sign me,

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth Edwards, truly a great American Lady. She was a class act. She loved her husband, children and all of her many friends of many professions. She would have made a great first lady. She was also a tough one and she survived her cancer longer than most. Her children will always be strong and remember her of great faith. She did have a lot of stress in her life, losing her son and losing her husband. She was a devoted mother and she did love her husband. She knew when she was dying he needed to be with her and the children. She knew the children would need him and also he would always take good care of the children. I am sure his heart is also heavy of the misdeed he did to her. I hope all will be as loving, strong and compassionate to him and to their children. I hope the media will give her the tribute she deserves and be kind to the family. You could tell she was not hating her husband or she would not have had him near her and the family as she was dying. She will rest in peace with her son and knowing her family will be taken care of the way she would if she was here. Blessings to the family and all.

chris said...

I spent today reeling from the fact the Elizabeth Edwards died. She was a class act all the way and I have always felt that she should have run instead of her husband. She was the smartest of the two. She had the guts. CANCER SUCKS--need I say anymore?