Monday, December 13, 2010

January Cold in the Middle of December on a Monday

Jinx in SD

Good Monday Morning
from a daggone chilly Florida
Those dearHearts on Lily The Black Bear fan page
just overwhelmed me last night
and opened a virtual candle page
where they could go and light
candles across the world
Remember the Children!
As I discovered this and sat here realizing that they had done that, my heart is full.
Thank you to all who took the time to do that.
You have filled my heart.
to see what they are up to out there in Ely MN
as they are close to installing the den cam
so we can be once again captivated by
Lily and HOPE in their den!

Coffee is hot this morning as I hear of record colds
and much much snow and the deep freeze
in the Midwest.
The metro dome of the Vikings collapsed out there in Minneapolis while their opponents were
snow-bound at the airport in Kansas
luckily no one was harmed.
Snows have fallen across our lands
and the freeze is hitting, now
being compared to winters of January
here we are in the middle of December!

Out in South Dakota
in the Black Hills, Kelly 2Wolves reports that
Jinx (in the photo) is loving it!

Last night
in NewPort Richey
Parents, Grandparents, siblings from the little of the little, to those I have watched grow from little to big
at the
World Wide Candle Lighting
The Compassionate Friends.

The wind was blowing and the chill was in the air there.
Each greeted warmly, given a program and a candle in a royal blue holder... finding their way to the lovely buffet of goodies and coffee/soda/water
before taking a seat.
Old friends, new friends gathered. Some for the first time, you could see the anxiety and the sadness in their faces; some losses recent, some anniversaries once again all for the same holidays mixed with dread of facing without those precious children.
Some arrived alone, others with friends or family.
The came, they stepped out of the warmth of their homes, out of their comfort zones
to participate in something
greater then self
an event that was taking place around
the globe
The Children.
The Creators' Children.

The program began promptly,
The first candle was lit
7:00pm EST here.

The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle lighting
with the Mom of
Duke Limongello
my friend
Jean Limongello,
the Chapter Leader
welcoming all.

If I were to guess, there were more than 200 there.
There were readings as each of the candles were lit
by the steering committee of the
then the invitation
for all to come forward
to light their
candle for
their precious child.
It was moving, tearful.
It was real and it was powerful.
I was moved again as I saw those precious children
from the youngest to the oldest,
each seemed to come to life
most with a "twinkle" of knowing in their eye
knowing that they were seeing something that no one else could see.
As if they were seeing us at that moment in time,
differently in some way.
then I could sense their presence there with us.
It was powerful, it was spiritual,
oh how I prayed that others could feel their children
beside them in that room
that very special night
HOPE and light
that was being shared.

The video slide show of all the children named yesterday was shown, this year it seemed even more alive somehow as we all watched, those waiting with their eyes filled with tears, waiting to see their precious child.
My reading was of
"From One Who Knows"
which I always add to each time it is read,
adding in words that somehow seem to tie in to what will be my remarks for the evening.

I promise you, my friend...
I promise you
that you will feel the warmth of spring again
(I hope you will feel that perhaps this night)
That you will touch the hands of children
And the lips of lovers (perhaps real or dreamt)
And feel the tenderness of Christmas again
(I HOPE it is this night)
But here and now, my friend
I promise only small consolation
Some morning you will see beauty in your sorrow
(I hope you will see in some ways this night)
Comfort in the wealth of love remembered
Courage in the aching tide of days
I promise you, my friend,
(I promise you now)
I promise you that you will understand
Someday… Someday...
This pain which taught you
What greatness and devotion one life can hold
YOUR life, my friend
(I HOPE it is tonight that you feel the HOPE)
By Sascha Wagner

The evening ended with my closing remarks on
through the visions of knowing that these
precious children are here, they were
with us in that room,
within each heart right there.
for with each one sitting there,
those precious children were within each
beating heart
of each parent,
each sibling
each grandparent
You could feel them there as the room became so very hot there.
With each flicker of each flame, you could sense their presence, see their reflection in the eyes of those who love them.
Perhaps last night across the world,
many knew
There is no distance.
I feel strongly
HOPE filled that civic center
and the hearts of those that gathered there.
For that I give great thanks,
on this cold morning in Florida,
I give thanks
so it is~!

The above,
Precious Child
is the song that was played during the powerful slide show of the Children
that was put together by Diane Smallze, Mom of Joe
and member of the steering committee, who once again did an outstanding job!

The fire is burning brightly, the sage and cedar are filling the air and on the way to all this morning
as we Remember the bright lights that continue to burn for the Children.
Great thanks to all who lit those candles at 7p your time, and whose lights burn brightly.
Prayers and thoughts for all and to all gathered here and in the prayer bowl.

Walk In Beauty,
That is the
Healing Heartaches

see you tonight at Tiffanys in Palm Harbor FL
at 6p
"Hope for the Holidays and Book Signing"

Still time to order
Healing Heartaches for yourself and for gifts.
Shipping in 24 hours!~


Irene M said...

You continue to amaze me, today's blog is oh, so heart tugging, filled with your heart-felt spirit and healing ways.
D Y S is all I can add to today's comment.
See you later at Tiffany's

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Jynx wanted me to tell you thanks for letter her share your blog today.! It must have been amazing to be there last night. was there any vidio taken at the event? Wonderfully moving blog my Dear sister, I can feel the emotion. Hope, joy and saddness at the same time . Much love to you and those that come here . I wish for you Huge success tonight !! STOMP! Dazzel them Sissy like you dazzel us!! Blessings Love you All!

Anonymous said...

so, sorry that I am missing these events,
however I am holding my own tribute here,
and I am holding up and holding on,
thank you , all of you, for enabling me
to carry on with peace and hope in my heart,
I wish to all, blessings and joy,
Hug your memories,
it helps sooo much to ease the stress,
Love and warmest thoughts to all
warriors who gather here...
I am honored to know you.
sign me,
candles glowing,

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a beautiful tribute to the young ones. Amazing that across the globe, the candles were lit, and shone for a full 24 hours. A lovely way to remember and honor the children. Thank you for sharing this tender, moving ceremony with us.