Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Views ~ Face to Face or from Behinds

Just talkin
Face to face this little had much to
catch up on it appears

Good morning in the best of the holidays
it seems, the Spirit of Christmas
is the most magical time of the year for so many
across the world!
I love the view in this picture.
Seems so much is being said
with the snap of that photo,
while so much is probably being said
to and maybe
about others across the lands this year!
most of it is wonderful, loving and
filling the hearts of all.
Whether face to face, or by phone, by the wireless
connections of the world,
by prayer
or the energy of the
Universal Oneness the connects all
from the Ancestors
to those that are honored to walk the earth
on this day.
There are so many that light the path with others
across the world,
so many that
ask for and receive the prayers and thoughts
that fill hearts giving them a bit more to bolster their days into that of energy, good health while providing what they need
and feel the earth beneath their feet
as they move into the days and nights.
It's interesting how
views and opinions often become heated
and experiences jaded
leaving bitterness in paths
misdirected anger
and hostility
replacing positive experiences
and good energy.
Views that could be expressed without
hurt and ugliness become accusatory
knives get thrown
and mouths open with the intent of doing harm to others
without regard to another that is on the receiving end.
Justified by words of
"freedom of speech" and "I am expressing my opinions" and have the "right" to say what I am thinking, or
stating my "feelings and views".
Why is it
that views and opinions and thoughts
cannot be expressed without
injuring another with ugliness
words that are intended to harm.
Some are immune to the harmful knives
they are warriors who know their truth
I believe,
what a waste of energy and display of
ugliness to others.
A true display of
character for others to have to witness
particularly under the veil of
shared thoughts/opinions/views.
Views have been shared as have experiences
throughout time without ugliness or the
expense of others.
Maya Angelou once said,
"When someone shows you who they are, believe them."

Yesterday on a page on Facebook
I watched as a couple of people were upset over the Lily Black Bear page, and went on a rampage of anger;
accusing the page, and the Moderators of many things
one of which was wondering why a
certain person was allowed to post there
and "self promote their book" daily.
Nope never promoted or used Lily page to try and sell
Healing Heartaches, never had that as an intention, never had to ~
Will stand for and by those in the light though,
nothing going to change that one,
We here are warriors of bear spirit
and those who are on the Lily page
count on that, the
North American Black Bears
know that
that friends is all that matters!
Meanwhile on that other page,
It got ugly, the accusations, the words, the
continual knives being thrown
and the accusations of a couple stating that there was daily " self promotion" and it was "tacky" and showed "favoritism on the page...
 of the person
was me. [go figure]

One person there took a stand
and quite a stand at that.
She stood for many things;
mostly the integrity of the 
Lily the North American Black Bear page,
Dr Lynn Rogers and Sue Mansfield, Researchers, Moderators
for me, the one who daily puts up a post
with the link to this page
and a good morning message of
for all there who gather in kindness and compassion.

She asked that people stand down on the ugliness,
She stood up
Nancy Weber
for what was right
it fell on deaf ears there.
People were pumped up in their own darkness of ugly.
Views had turned to anger that just spun deep into itself,
Nothing good can come from that,
most of us have seen that before,
even in our own families
of birth
those we know and have had to hear the stories of.
"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude."
Maya Angelou 
We look below at this most beautiful picture
and then we see it through different eyes
after thinking of the above
and think
Better to walk away
better to just walk away
when someone shows their asses so blatantly!

out in Ely MN
they are working hard to get those den cams
installed by the New Year,
the countdown is here.
All on the Lily page are embracing the lights
and waiting with such excitement
and grand energy together...
We will watch those magnificent bears
as they are sleeping
we will
and wonder
watch live
at the remarkable
Lily the Black Bear gave us
the little cub
of great strength and independence.

From that a miracle happened for Ely MN
for the world.
Great friendships have emerged across the globe,
some dissatisfied minds,
(who were probably that way long before anyway)
Many changes have been made along the way,
you just can't have so much happen so quickly without
monitoring and care
for the greater good of all.
Visit the bear.org
for all the wonder and updates,
you will be captivated to be certain!

My wish for you today?
Have an outstanding day today!
Enjoy each breath, each moment
each view from your eyes, from the eyes of others.
Know that views and opinions even those that differ greatly and colors that blend and shape ever so differently can be shared with
kindness and compassion.

The fire is burning brightly, the sage is filling the air this morning
with thoughts on the winds to all
along with blessings to
those gentle warriors
Walk In Beauty,
That is the
Healing Heartaches


Anonymous said...

Irene, where are you? Sleeping in? Getting ready and rested for the New Year? It is truly amazing especially during the most wonderful days of the year so much ugliness comes out of people. Thanksgiving one of the most precious holidays with thanks to all the service men and women give thanks to our God, give thanks to our family and friends and the ones who dont have family and friends. Christmas the day Christ was born. I think when the ugliness comes out it is the evil in people who begrudge people of their success, also friends and family who are there for everyone and uses their time to make others happy. Jealousy can destroy a person mentally and physically. Take a deep breath before you utter the awful words and sit in a dark room and meditate and ask God to help you thru your problems before it is too late. Ugly is not pretty. Dr. SES you know these people have nothing better to do with their life. We just have to pray for them and hope they see the light and the damage they are trying to do to others. The way I handle it is to go on with my life and my life of helping others. I will STOMP and greet the New Year with love in my heart and a smile on my face. A devoted follower of your words of wisdom.

Irene M said...

Here I am ! Thanks for missing my early comment
Left house shortly after 7 am in the B R R R R
of morning. What's up with the deep freeze ?
I become very affected and disturbed by the ugly insinuations that seem to be written about the motives of Dr. SES. on the other page. Grow up, get over it, read on, not into
an imaginary world. This is no place for anger or intrusion. Wasted time, stay FIRM

Anonymous said...

I will STOMP with you Sherry! I was very saddened to read the comments made. I'm sorry for everyone who was/is hurting. I LOVE bears & like having friends who feel the same. PEACE! ♥

Anonymous said...

”This above all: to thine ownself be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”

You have always spoken in truth and peace. We all know that and you have "shown yourself to us" and we believe you. What a great friend you are to many.

Remember ..don't take tylenol for another man's fevers. :)

northernkid said...

Thank you Sherry. :) I really tried to make sense of their anger, because it makes no absolutely sense to me at all, and I failed. Most rational people would just LET IT GO and MOVE ON. Some people just don't understand when a question is asked or a suggestion is made and they automatically take everything you say negatively and immediately get nasty and start calling you names. I guess it makes them feel good and they always have to have the last word, every time. They don't understand there are two sides to every story and rational people look at both sides before passing judgment. Just because someone says it's "this way," doesn't necessarily mean it is. And when people bash and trash other people publicly in front of others, and those people don't have the benefit of knowing both sides, it's WRONG. Obviously, there are deeper issues going on with these people. We've all dealt with them some time in our lives, they're bullies. And some of them are dangerous. I'm sorry that it got ugly and I fought back, but I WILL stand up to bullies...every time! To sit back and ignore it just allows these people to continue with their atrocious behavior. And for someone to allow them to continue to be bullies on a public forum, they're just asking for trouble. Possible legal trouble. These bullies are adults and should be ashamed of themselves. They see nothing wrong with their behavior, it's normal for them. They really need to get some professional help.

chris said...

what can I say? Northernkid and everyone else has said just about all that can be said about those idiots. I am totally blown away how stupid these people are. stupid is as stupid does...I am glad someone stood up for this.
Sherry, Northernkid is right, they are Bullies. More later....

Anonymous said...

Guess some people just can't be happy for the entire hoiday week. Geeze, yesterday was only 3 days after Christmas. Maybe those angry, isolated, hatefull people will find a new distraction as the new year begins. As for me, everyday I clelbrate the joy and love in my life. Have little tolerance for fools. STOMP

Kelly 2 Wolves said...

Well My Sissy looks like we are standing in good company LOL since each of those I call sister yestedray seem to have been smaked by someone (you know that includes me) Wow. I had the pleasure of not seeing these posts you are talking about and had removed myself from the project hope page a while back. You have to look at these ones with pity for they are so hurt and damaged they have to spew it out over the internet to feel good about themselves. Sending prayers up for healing. But standing Arm in Arm with you girl Thinking Happy thoughts, Thinking Happpy thoughts! Cause noone would want tos see me thinking bad ones He he he GRRRrrrrrrrr Love tpo you all Stand in Intergrity Darling it really pisses people off LoL

Anonymous said...

does not hellooo.
I missed all of this drama due to
living in the real world and working to
make an honest living.. I do not get it...
my opinion is very simple... drses has never
shown any sign of "self promoting"..
always sharing herself with us in the most
kind, compassionate and caring ways.. I do
not read the bear blog... love bears but do
not spend much time online... I cannot believe
that people could be so inappropriately self
involved to speak so out of line... where I
sit, they should be very embarrASSed at their
words and ugliness... that's all I'm saying,
you rock doc !!! Healing Heartaches deserves
so much better ...
sign me,
putting my angel on the move,
have a great day... and THANKS
for all you do for us !!!!