Thursday, December 30, 2010

Do Not Blink ~

Blu Lights
Busch Gardens
as we were leaving last night

Good morning in the middle of darkness
in the middle of the night I think.
Oh my, it's still too early to entertain coffee,
but I woke for not particular reason it seems,
still filled with thoughts of
a wonderful day
with family
laughter beyond imagine
We had the best of times
once again.
We sang to a CD that Buddy Pal D'Vante
made just for the Day as we set out
in the cold morning to Busch Gardens.
From rap to hip hop to country
after our first stop
The Tarpon Springs Police Department
a fresh
and I mean fresh baked couple + dozen
home made cupcakes
for those who serve
delivered by
the Godsons of DRSES
and a card
of gratitude and introductions of my boys!

Next stop;
Starbucks for
PUnkin Spice latte
Hot Chocolates!

Godsons and Mom in the back seat
Dorothy driving
me riding
the music turned to high volume
"hit it"
attitude to gratitude and voices heard
in unision

The words changed to fit the boys
as this has become a favorite now when they are here, they know the words by heart, and join in to the top of their lungs... we might just have to take this song on the road~
From that song,  to rap, to "Boom Boom Pow"
others we sing, we laugh, the boys get a gleam in their eyes when talking of the roller coasters that are high, that fall that go zoom at 100 miles on the down spin!
Ah, but good times are in store as we note it is
Florida and 47 degrees~
Buddy Pal is in shorts and asking if I will go in the
water flume with them?
Uh, NO comes immediately to mind to me.

Then a song comes on, and I am transported to when my now 16 year old, soon to be a senior next year Buddy Pal was little, really little... and I just have to ask him.
"D'Vante, baby boy, when did I blink?" From there Dorothy and I began sharing memories of D'Vante when he was little, stories of his antics, and once when he had a remote big truck and told Olivia who was about 2 1/2 years old he loved her and then proceeded to have her lay on the floor of the kitchen and try to have his truck run over her body by remote!
 Yep that's our boy, the same one who now says he is going to have to go to Maryland to his "little sister" Olivias' house and answer the door when boys show up wanting a date and protect her!!!
Heaven help the boy that shows up at that door is my way of thinking!
Our boys are growing as is Olivia...
we should have duct taped them when they were little.

Do Not Blink,
so much happens when you do.
So much can happen in an instant,
in a heart beat.
Even when you are looking, when you are paying attention, in a flash things and people and situations
change so quickly.
Kids grow up, they change, develop.
We as adults come into our own,
wear so many hats
in our lives.
Aren't hats wonderful?

D'Vante and Dorothy
got their "Swagga On"
in safari hats yesterday!
You just nevah know what the two of them
will get into when you put them togetha ~
oh boy were they togetha
(when he and little Hawk weren't off on roller-coasters)

 "Life can be like a roller coaster... And just when you think you've had enough, and your ready to get off the ride and take the calm, easy merry-go round... You change your mind, throw you hands in the air and ride the roller coaster all over again. That's exhilaration...that's living a bit on the edge...that's being ALIVE." Stacy Charter

Now that quote is quite fitting for Dorothy and D'Vante, they are quite like two peas in a pod in many ways; a special relationship exists there, that is wonderful, rich and heaven helps the fool that would want to try and get between that! They are quite the pair indeed in their hats!
They are quite special the two of them, a special bond exists that goes deeply,
yep, you just don't want to get between that
if ya know what is good for ya.
Dorothy loves her some D'Vante
and he some kinda loves his Aunt Dorothy too.
Dorothy has always been there for D'Vante, serves as a mentor, a guide, and one that he turns to when he needs advice and always one he can rely on, as well as one to provide "many roles/hats" to look through different sides of his brain!
Then of course

We have,
COB, aka, MOM aka DOT aka the GENERAL
aka Boss HOG
aka "Auntie Dot"
in her new "Fresh Shades"
running through Busch Gardens, dancing through
Busch Gardens and having a blast
in many layers of clothing!
A true fashion plate according
Little Hawk and several on the path
commented on her
new shades!
O how Dorothy was putting on different hats
and "stylin" yesterday ~
She does wear many hats in her professional life
sometimes one would think it enough to change her
hair color,
Oh my life is a glorious adventure!

Then of course
there was
The prince of
swagga, fresh, and "sick"
in shades
Miami Heat jersey
"Michael Jordons" sneaks
He had been on those roller coasters
was wet from the water rides
and still was all jacked up from knowing
this was the best Christmas ever
and it was still going strong!
the important thing to remember is
you can Never ever ever
too much
(roller coasters is you are Little Star Hawk and Buddy Pal)
of course
I found me a
with sparkles!
So now we must add
can never Ever EVer
have too many Sparkles!
I do love me some
Sparky is real real

So as we danced, and walked
did I mention WALK?
And people watched, and laughed throughout the day,
we also listened to many languages from across the globe, we saw much
had the best of days.
We even saw some who argued, who threatened their kids
and threatened with things like
"We are leaving right now"
NOw that was funny... given how much those tickets cost, we knew that was a false threat!
Funny how those "Hallmark moments" just went poof
in a place of such great times for a few...

those Godsons let us know
this was the best of times and for that
we give great thanks.
so it is good, very good.

something or someone will have had a moment
in their lives
a magical and powerful moment
where something just happens
something just
It may be while trying on a
sitting in a car
listening to a song
just thinking.
all of a sudden
things just happen
you feel it deeply within
where the Creator has always been,
you feel your power rise up
find your way, your voice
your inner ability
to rise up
like the
from the ashes.
It may just be a defining moment
where life changes
where a
Warrior rises
and says
"This is It"
and life is forever changed.
Once a person has that defining moment
it is remarkable
as once you take a stand
it is liberating
in ways unimagined.
Like a child who stands on the edge of a pool or the side of a boat and leaps without fear into waters below,
trusting that they will be better than ok,
they will flip and dare to dream.
Adults can do that too.
They can
and let their hearts and souls determine their lives.
It is only when you find your voice
Take a STand for Self
that you are able, fully able to Stand for those that matter
and to Stand with amazing grace
the power of a Warrior.

“There comes a time when you have to stand up and shout:  This is me damn it! I look the way I look, think the way I think, feel the way I feel, love the way I love! I am a whole complex package. Take me... or leave me. Accept me - or walk away! Do not try to make me feel like less of a person, just because I don't fit your idea of who I should be and don't try to change me to fit your mold. If I need to change, I alone will make that decision.
When you are strong enough to love yourself 100%, good and bad - you will be amazed at the opportunities that life presents you.” Stacey Charter  

Find your warrior within
There are those who love you, those who need you
those who want to see
outshine the sun.
Get you a ggood pair of shades
for when you
Stand in the lights
your future will be so bright
it can burn your eyes!

Do Not Blink~
Check out The North American Black Bears
speaking of not blinking! The Den Cams will be going live very very soon, you will see Lily and HOPE in their dens as they are sleeping... Talk about blinking... many across the globe will be glued to their screens, you can really count on the eye strain soon!
Lily The North American Black Bear
gave us
we could learn much from the
North American Black Bears.
The fire is burning brightly, its embers are hot... The sage is filling the air with
HOPE and loving thoughts for those in the prayer bowl
and those who enter here, warriors all.
Walk In Beauty,


Irene M said...

You're gonna miss this / Don't blink......
I HAD to blink the tears in my eyes to continue reading. Living here since 1998, I missed out on the growing up & moving on of my Frank, Victoria, Dean, Cara & Adam. Those songs made me realize how you cannot get those days / years back. Age range 26 to 16 now, so imagine being disconnected for the most lovely times in their lives. Aunt Irene is simply their relative from Florida. D Y S
On a lighter note: hey there DLB & D'Vante, lookin' very cool / hot in those hats.
Happy to hear you had a nice day at the Gardens. Our weather cooperated, too.
Soak up each minute of the boys' visit, enjoy.
FIRM says DYS once again. Hi COB !

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS!!!!! I loved "going" to Busch Gardens with you and family. You do have a way with words , sweet lady and Im thankful for you every day!!!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Sunshine. What a wonderful day. You really did it today on the blog. I enjoyed the Virtual Tour with you and your family. I felt the love and laughter, I almost felt as if I was there with all of you. How great it is to have the love, fun, singing Rock, Hip Hop, and Country. Those boys have been taught well. They are real smart to ride the rides and still go back for more. I cant imagine the roller coaster that goes 100mi. an hour and flip flops and drops you to the bottom. Your blog covered some very important messages this morning. I firmly believe in standing up for yourself and taking control of your life from anyone who tries to control you. There are a lot of people who try to control us. There is a difference in the person "who gets it done" and a controller. The old saying if you want it done and done right do it yourself. Stacy Charter got in right in this article. I feel a little bit tired just reading this great blog as if I was there with you. I will go to Busch Gardens and take my family and grandkids and live, love, laugh and have the greatest day and think of you and your wonderful family. Will probably take YOU ARE GONNA MISS THIS AND YOU ARE GONNA WANT IT BACK. Time does go by so fast. Love, Laugh and be Happy. Blessings to Dr. SES and to all.

Anonymous said...

oh my, I , as well, am almost exhausted
from my virtual trip to Busch Gardens...
gotta love the rollercoasters, although my
body doesn't tolerate quite as well as my spirit.
Thank you for sharing, awesome, wickedcool,
and the wisdom and love here is over the top...
The analogy of life being a rollercoaster is
precise and fitting. The emotions you have once
again provoked within my heart have given me
a lot to ponder... yep, don't blink.. changes will
happen in a flash of time that is so fast and
furious... sometimes devastating.. it is in the bad
times that we really do need to dig deep, put on our " new shades " and find that bright light
which leads us out of that seemingly endless
dark tunnel... been there, done that, and with
the help of some very dear people have found my
warrior stomping self... and lots of thanks to all
who lent me their flashlight along the way..
I must tell you, today's blog, has to be one
of my own personal favorites... I don't quite
know how you do it day after day but I sure
am very grateful that you do !!!!
Have the best day everyone... stomp on doc and family.. I love this place, love to hear the
thoughts of all of the warriors... it sure is
much more than just a blog..
thank you so much for letting us share your
world !
sign me, as usual,
with a big hug to my angels here and in the
next place !

chris said...

Oh my-all that and no coffee?? Fabulous blog today-It brought back some wonderful memories of my own with my kids at the other parks-Disney and Hersey in Penn. just occured to me that we brought our own kids to a lot of different parks when they were growing up--I guess it's time to pull out some pictures again-nah they're in my heart I don't need to look at pictures -I just need to close my eyes. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time-what a wonderful way to finish out the year! Enjoy! talk to ya soon....

Irene M said...

My P M comment :

I re-read today's blog, saw the new pictures not included earlier.

Cob : oh, my God !

You ALL are too cool for school. nite-nite

Anonymous said...

I was ther.. It was a perfect day. Cool, amazing fun with the kids and each other. Did te shows, the train, walked until my legs stayed up when I went to bed. Fam going home early tomorrow, so sad, our lovely holiday is over. Beautiful memories held close in our hearts.
Goodnight all,