Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Happy Winter Solstice
Dec 21, 2010

Good morning morning, as I sit with my coffee after the total eclipse of the night... thinking this morning as we celebrate the Winter solstice of how it has influenced the lives of so  many people over the centuries, particularly through art, literature, mythology spirituality and  religion.
The December solstice is also known as the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere and the summer solstice in the southern hemisphere
Did you see it? Did you see the lunar eclipse?

Well... did ya see the MOON
in all its splendor?

It is a beautiful morning
this Tuesday morning.
Happy Winter Solstice to all
who gather here.

In modern times Christians all over the world celebrate
 the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas,
which falls on December 25.
However, it is believed that this date was chosen to offset pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti.

Some believe that celebrating the birth of the “true light of the world” was set in synchronization with the
December solstice because from that point onwards, the days began to have more daylight in the northern hemisphere.
Spring is on the way friends!
Here comes the

As we were out and about on Sunday,
we Saw Santa on a corner.
and then
ohhh noooooo
MOM did it again
window down
she started yelling and waving
"I LOVE YOU SANTA, Helllooooo Santa
D'vante's dimples could be seen for a mile as he moved lower in his front seat, while Kamryn was howling in the back... making Mom yell all the more at Santa on the corner....

Yes, the boys were hysterical
once again
MOM let the world know
(we just can't take her anywhere was there refrain)

Did you see the total eclipse of the night?
Back to the Winter Solstice It is a time of honoring
No matter what our spiritual beliefs, or what part of the world we live, we all share the turning of the sun on the solstice.

It is a time of remembering our Ancestors
as we step into the light of healing
I offer this prayer for this years solstice
as I honor all:

Let Us Know
Let us know Kindness.
For as long as the moon shall rise,
For as long as the creeks and rivers shall flow,
For as long as the sun will shine brightly upon us,
For as long as the earth shall live beneath our feet,
Let us know Compassion.
For as long as we may see the bluest of skies when we hold our heads up.
LET us know our Ancestors are watching.

O Great Spirit of our Ancestors, I raise my pipe to you, to your messengers, your spirits, my guides,
 the four winds,
to Mother Earth
who provides for your children.
Give us the wisdom and straight eyes, clean hands,
to teach our children to love, to respect, and to be kind to each other so that they may grow with peace in mind, with open and pure hearts and intentions.
Let us learn to share all the good things that you provide for us on this Earth.
Let us always remember our Ancestors,
our brothers and sisters, all living things
during this
The Winter Solstice and each day we live.
Let us Know.

This is a prayer of offering, a way of remembering, honoring our Ancestors, our beliefs, and the turning of the sun... It is a prayer for all.

The fire is burning, its embers are hot. The sage, tobacco, cedar have been offered along with this prayer
celebration of the
Winter Solstice.

Walk In Beauty,

Still time for those gifts of
Healing Heartaches to be shipped out in 24 hours!
and see what sissy two wolves is doing out there in
those Black Hills of South Dakota!
Did I mention? She loves her some Dunkin Donut coffee and they have NO Dunkin Donuts there???
Poor sissy...


Irene M said...

Oh, yeah, OH YEAH........ I got up at 3 AM to see the sight in the sky. The clearest night sky I have ever seen, full of stars and the main focus was the reddish MOON in all its glory. Glad to be alive, to enjoy being a part of the earth.... la-la-la, went back to bed........ brrrr. Got a kick outta COB calling out to SANTA, what a riot. Bet the boys are enjoying their stay & weather behaving, too. Winter is here, traffic and lunatics everywhere. Take care, EyeScream

Anonymous said...

I can only see the eclipse in pictures, as our sky was heavily laden with clouds. But I was up at 3AM, HOPEing, waiting, watching for the clouds to blow away and reveal the magical moon. Alas, no moon appeared for me. And yet, in the darkness there was light ~ in the wind there were words of peace and blessings. I felt this without seeing, without hearing. Winter has arrived with the blowing snow and blustery winds that I know so well. Pure, driven, renewed, envigorated. Spring is around the corner but I will enjoy the winter as my time of regeneration, readying for the growth that will be spring and giving thanks for the season of Christmas and all its' blessings. I am grateful♥ Love, Dotti

Anonymous said...

IRENE, why didnt you call me so I would have gotten up to see the reddish moon? I am so sorry I missed it guess I will see it the next time. hee. I will see it either here or there whichever comes first. The chill is out of the air today and I am Stomping. I have so much to be thankful this year and all of the years to come. I am with truly loving family and yes I still believe in Santa Claus and I hug him wherever I am. My heart is grateful for all of the blessings I receive and the blessings I give to my family and friends. I always ask in my prayers to bless and heal all of my family, friends and keep our troops safe and soon to return to their families. God is good and he will always be with me and my family, that is he or she. God Bless the USA, our President and his family. Blessings to all.

Anonymous said...

happy to hear the prayer,
will have to add it to my long list.
have a great day everyone,
sign me,

Anonymous said...

Baking, humming, slept through the lunar eclipse..... Happy Holidays are here. Enjoying family and coworkers and friends. It is all really what we make of it and I am making it wonderful!