Friday, December 3, 2010

Just Maybe the cold weather and the change to the dark months are gettin to people

I think
the cold weather
Dark Months
folks just plain

Good and crisp Friday morning here in The
Sunshine State it is.
Coffee about the only thing hot so far,
but with the way folks are acting these days
I'm sure it will heat up soon.

here comes that sun, low and beautiful through the trees
and Spanish Moss right at me,
welcome old friend

Great news, today is Friday
and folks do
love Friday!

Godson D'Vante is hitting the field for practice
with team Bobcats for that big play-off in Radford
tomorrow ~ The Stakes are high, the passion
and focus are intense.
Out in Ely MN the North American Bears are sleeping while Dr Rogers Sue and helpers are installing not one
two live den cams
that will allow fans from across the world to watch
each breath, each movement while hoping for
cubs in January
"heaven help us as those hopes and passions and enthusiasms mix with human emotions on the Lily fan page"

to see the live cam and for updates, education and information on the North American Black Bears.

I will be speaking at
Tiffanys in Palm Harbor
Monday Dec 6 at 6:30 on
"Weathering the Holidays in the Winter of Grief"
doing a book signing
Many will dine at Tiffanys before where the service is great, the food is awesome and the community shows out day in and out to visit Paul HIttos and his staff.

the dark months and cold weather are playing with the emotions and chronic pain of many,
our soldiers are staying up 24/7 living in deplorable conditions, fighting for our freedoms.
While here at home,
some are griping and fighting with others, and
showing their behinds over ridiculous things just because they can.
And I can't help but wonder, why invest time on such
pettiness when there are real issues out there
to take a stand for.

There are people with no family, yet families fight within their own.
There are people who love and believe in the same cause, the same outcome, yet gripe to hear their and see their own words in print.
There are people who try to get drivers license's renewed; who take volumes of paperwork to demonstrate who they are, who know who they are, who stand in lines and are polite,
but are told
it is not good enough
I have to wonder
is there state a part of the United States?
Or is the fact that they are Indian
a reason for this?
Has Custer risen in some of these issues above to make
yet one last stand once again
with ugliness here?
Have folks forgotten
Creator does not like Ugly?

it is Friday,
many will awaken
rush to it and out the door,
many will not take the time to remember
yesterday and the impact that they may have left
on others last night or yesterday.
you can believe that those on the receiving end
of unkind words or actions will remember.
Creator will remember.

Is there a full moon that I have not noticed yet?
Is it the dark months, the new month, the cold?
is it that people have forgotten
to treat others with the same respect and dignity that they would like to be treated?

I wish YOU the best day of your life today.
I wish you enough.
Laugh out loud today,
Pay it forward just because you can.
We are blessed, truly blessed to see the sun rise today
to breathe the cold air today.

The fire is burning here, with embers that are hot. The sage is fired up, and on the wind.
Thoughts to all as you walk in to your weekend,
Walk In Beauty
with compassion and kindness


Anonymous said...

I love the "pay it forward". Love to laugh out loud because we can. Beautiful, clear, bright and chilly! It's a good day to be alive.
Be well, enjoy.

kelly 2 wolves said...

LOL Sissy yes I am, Trying to get a move on too and my little head together. We shall see if I am me today! Keeping my fingers crossed! Blessings one the wind smile laugh and make funny faces just to see a reaction Blessings to all! Practice random acts of kindness would you people like me need it LOL!

Irene M said...

G'day all........... I hit the road at 7 AM today, so I missed the blog, but will say this: The crazies are definitely out there on the road, in the stores, on earth ! Oh, behave, please ! No full moon, just pumped up shoppers. Friday brrrrrrrrrr in the air.
Random acts of my kindness already done today.
Enjoy, be safe and stay CALM ! Irene

chris said...

hi everyone--it certainly was a cold day today here in Fl but spoke with a couple of people up north and they're praying to hit 40 degrees today so I have no complaints! Not even the crazy people have gotten in my way today- I still think that people should be reading Ms Manners all they can...
well enough of the bad-am going to enjoy this weekend and come back to work refreshed! Am seeing an art show which will be showing some of my sister's pieces. So excited for her and then I will be going to Tiffany's on Mon evening for dinner and talk with the Doc. so things are just busy, busy with no time for bad people or thoughts.! talk to ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love Tiffanys and I will tell you that Paul fellow when he puts his arms around you in greeting, my heart flutters. The food is good too. Good luck with your book signing and I will be thinking of you. I will be sitting out in the snow/rain whichever comes first freezing my arse off to see that #51 the Beast at his best. Wouldnt miss it for the world. All you bloggers out there keep him in your thoughts and prayers. No more injuries. Keep the whole team in your thoughts and prayers some kids to reckon with, they are great. Keep the prayers coming for our soldiers and their families. Blessings