Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Sun is Coming Back To Us

As The Eagle Flies
The Sun Is
Coming Closer

Good morning
What a Winter Solstice it is ~
The sun is making its way back to us.
It is now 
it is official,
I think we would be hard pressed to convince those across the country to believe it is just now starting
since record snowfalls have already fallen.
I hear the snows are to fall in
DC for Santa's ride there as well, making for a white Christmas in many areas this year.
the sun will shine
as Santa rides in on the
back of the Dolphins 
here in Florida!

Well here we are in the middle of the week of
The roads are busy, the airports are getting crazy with folks traveling all over the world.
Security is high as are people's nerves
 patience appears to be the last thing on the list of items packed for the trip.
It seems that flights are being delayed across the country secondary to the weather already,
friends, families and loved ones
are showing signs of stress and worry.
The groecery stores are doing a booming business
and the 
gas stations have not surprised us
here in Florida as we are noticing that 
the price just went up once again
in time for Christmas travel.

Given all of that,
Tis The Seaon to be Jolly
to BE Merry, Bright, and
above all
Generous in Spirit
~ ~ ~

How's that working for all of you on this
fine Wednesday morning?
Have you gotten those cards and pleas out to
Healing Heartaches yet?
Wonder what Oprah is doing to celebrate
Christmas this year?
No No No
Not for others, not with her make-up on, or those 
fine and fresh high heels with the RED soles on the bottom that appear on her feet during the shows.
What is Oprah doing
as a person for the holidays?
Is she busy preparing like all of us?
Do you think the child in her is coming out to play with wonder and awe... as I am these days?
Wonder if she and Gayle King or Steadman are just giddy with the thoughts of unwrapping presents, or baking or the smells of fantastic things coming from the kitchen... or ... is she on the cruise ship somewhere getting ready to put her toes
 (pedicure by the tennis star legend) in the sands??
Wonder if she is getting ready to curl up with a copy of Healing Heartaches just because she can over the holidays, while getting ready to razzle us with her brilliance on the new OWN in January?
Now that would be a hoot and a holler...
Sure HOPE someone remembers to send me
some "smelling salts" for Christmas just in case!
Oh how I HOPE so!
Whatever O is doing, I HOPE she does it with a desire of all that she is, and enjoyment of O the person and not so much O the mega star and allows the magic of the season to fill her soul.

The magic of the holidays is what 
we make them, what we choose for them to be.

Where you've been is not where you are,
what you've been through
you've been through
you can't go back there again.
Who you are is 
differerent now
no matter who you are
how big you get
what you become.
are the one who gets to choose
who, what, where, and when to 
embrace the magic
of the
Winter Solstice
Reason of the Season
and the
in the holidays
of your world.

If you are Oprah or if you are Olivia, Kamryn, D'Vante, 
If you are

you are in a state of wonder, awe, excitement
as we enter the winter of 2010
as we
stand in the middle of
Christmas Week!
As we participate in family and friend rituals
and joy, kindness and compassion
I pray you peace, good will and passion
for all living things.
 The tree and I are ready
now we wait... we wonder, with the eyes of a child, the hearts of the Ancestors, and the spirit of all living things that have or will ever be.
As the family gears up, and the countdown is underway...

The fire is burning brightly, the embers are hot, with sage in the air, for all who gather here and
those who know who they are,
the prayer bowl is offered...

Stand UP
in great gratitude for this day.

Walk In Beauty,


Angie said...

Good Good cold morning here in Radford, VA. Sure wish you "whimpy" Floridans as Ode calls you would send up some of that 70 weather you are having! LOL Snow is suppose to hit here late Friday and all day Saturay...ugggg...maybe 4 to 6 inches...YUCK Kam got excited when I told him but...he's in Florida where its warm...whats up w/that :)
I hope the fam is having a great time. It sure sounds like it and that makes me so happy. I am enjoying my quiet evenings and early to bed times but I still miss my boys :)
I hope you all have a very blessed day and if I am not able to post another comments...Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year to you all~~
Love you~~

Irene M said...

G O O D Wednesday morning ! " All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth ", Ah, a song from the past when the tooth fairy & Santa united for wish granting. WHAT ?!?!
Woke up a bit " touched " this morning, silly, full-mooned, etc. Keeping the up-beat spirit.
I like the photo of you, Sherry, by your tree.
Expresses the mood. Your signed book arrived at my cousins house with many thanks, heart tugs and the promise to READ it. Oprah, are you listening ? Peace out, all, till later, I am Irene Rose & FIRM

Pedro Werner and Brazil said...

Xmas time is here! Let's celebrate, hear those beautiful Frank Sinatra songs and have a peaceful life! I miss you so much my friend! I am sure that one day we will pass a christmas togheter! I am crazy about seeing snow, I have never seen it! Oh and those US Gingerbread Christmas House sound just delicious!!! Merry Christmas to you my friend, to Angie and to the buddypals! See ya next year!

Anonymous said...

Pedro, You can make your own gingerbread house. Look online for the recipes. You'll hve a ball. Tis the jolly season, and I am that. Bakeshop open.... Been baking all day and am on my last batch! Just in time to spread the joy. Much love to all.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, Christmas will soon be here. I smell the wonderful smells coming out of the kitchen and the tasters are standing around waiting for a hand out. The joy of family, the laughter and cheer is a wonderful sound for all of us. Some of us went out and was treated to a pedicure and manicure. Oh how wonderful that before Christmas felt. Of course I think they needed a chain saw to cut someones toenails. Thats all I am saying about that one. The tree looks beautiful Dr. SES, you do so much for everyone and still have time to decorate a wonderful tree. You are da bomb. The Chef is wonderful and the diet is gone thru these days. Blessings to our troops and their families and know you are in our prayers. To all of our family, friends new and old we will have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Blessings to all. You better watch out I heard Santa is coming to town and of course we all have been good.

Anonymous said...

echoes of sweet child's voices,
sunshine and blue sky,
cold wintery memmories,
building snow forts and snowmen,
catching snowflakes on your tongue
before they hit the ground... thinking
of these things while baking calzones and
cookies, banana bread and cakes,
kitchen quite busy, as for Christmas I wait,
love and best wishes for awesome holidays
to all...
hugging my angels,
sign me,