Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sharing Without ... Fear, Shame....Condition...

A tree in
Palm Harbor Florida
with a Plaque
in the ground
surround a beautiful Magnolia Tree
that was planted to
with a ring of flowers
by a loving neighbor
Landon Korabek
the teenage son
Susan and Greg Korabek
Susan and Greg walk past that tree each day
filled with memories, with HOPE, with the knowing they have such great friends to walk this journey with them,
under the sky knowing
"there is no distance"
Landon is there!

Good morning morning
coffee is hot, as I sit and enjoy this morning and filled with amazing grace at the resiliency of the
human spirit.

December 12
people across the globe are preparing, are readying themselves for the annual
Compassionate Friends
world-wide gatherings
where they will gather to share
their children with others,
They will step out of their comfort zones, while across time zones, they will gather.
Collectively the world will light their candles and
Remember the child
gone too soon.
Those who have never walked this path,
will also light a candle and
Remember the Children
Will offer their thoughts
for those who have.
They will send prayers and thoughts to the parents, the grandparents, friends, and siblings
while uniting in what is thought to be the largest mass
candle lighting across our globe,
and light of healing ways.
There will be memories shared,
there will be the feelings that our children are right there in the room with us
Sunday night, their presence will be felt.
We will have and will hear stories of messengers that brought signs to us that they are still with us
since their death.
We will hear words spoken,
perhaps there will be a word, a poem,
something that is said
that will bring comfort.
It may be that something just
and healing happens as a candle is lit.
is there if only we are open to receive it.
There will be opportunities to meet others who
"get it", who "understand" the road that has been traveled and who have moccasins with similar holes in their souls of walking such painful and unfamiliar paths known as grief.

Robyn Elizabeth Hover
Baby girl of
Chris and Rowena Hover
Sunday Dec 12
when the candles are lit
in New Port Richey
there will be a remarkable slide show
of all the children shown
of those that are there,
we will see the precious children
all ages, and be with those who loved them.
This slide show is put together by a parent and
member of the Compassionate Friends
and wonderful Mom, and woman
Diane ( always look forward to those hugs each year).
precious children
All ages, all causes of death, all
All will gather across this vast globe
lighting their candles
7pm (sharp) as the lights of the world
light up the night
Remembering the children
Light the night and the day
for our children
the worlds children
and those who love them
with the warmth, and light of
HOPE and the vision to see through the
pain of loss.

Jaren Gasse
the beloved daughter
Jim and Andrea Gasse
"gone too soon"
Jaren is still here, in each butterfly that lights on her Mom and Dad from out of nowhere, each dolphin that shows up on Honeymoon Island within inches of her Mom's face,
often in ways unimagined!
"There is no distance"
if and when we are ready to receive
the gifts of their presence from the
next place!

Dec 12, 2010
The Compassionate Friends
We Remember the Children
the precious children
for directions
My dear friend
Jean Limongello
the chapter leader
will greet many who walk throught those doors with a loving hug,
she will open the ceremonies.
She will be in two roles that evening.
She will be the chapter leader
of the
Compassionate Friends
She is the Mother
her precious child
who was Murdered
whose birthday
December 12.
I am honored to speak on
that evening,
honored to be able to let
my friend
sit and be
the Mother that she is
rather than the caring and wonderul
chapter leader of the
Compassionate Friends
that sacred evening
HOPEful Healing
for so many.

The Compassionate Friends website to find out where your local chapter is holding their event.

I invite all to join in your time zone at
7pm as we light up the world
Remembering The Children
and those who loved them
Dec 12
and light the way.

This morning
I would like to take a moment
to send out a prayer, a thought, and
let all know
the fire bowl is hot
Fire is burning, the sage/cedar
is in the wind
"Dahlee" in New Jersey
a friend of our most loyal
"first comment of the day Irene's"
is ill up there in NJ.
it was lovely to meet you, I am surrounding you in healing thoughts and energy from here in FL,
I wish you all that you need to fight hard, to take best care of you, and to pull out your warpaint darling.
Ask for what you need, dig deep in prayer, focus, and fight the battle~
We warriors here are with you.

A fan on Lily the black bear page
Mr Kelley has been admitted to Hospice care
please surround the Kelley family family with thoughts and prayers
as they now enter
HOPE in a different light.
Blessings to the Kelley family, I want you to know
the Lily Black Bears are praying and thinking of you, we have our paws of bear spirit surrounding you.

I know others on the Lily page are facing difficult health problems now, some of end of life care/decisions and just want to let you know... YOU are never alone,
you are surrounded by those who care, those who walk beside you, some silently, but many who are there as you transition
HOPE into a different light.
Many blessings along your journey
in peace.
Blessings to you all.

The fire is burning,
its' embers are hot with sage and cedar filling the air
HOPE the intention, with kindness and compassion for and to all living things.
with an attitude of gratitude
that you have loved and been loved.

That is the
Healing Heartaches
Walk In Beauty

You still have time to order your copies of
Healing Heartaches for the holidays.
Shipping out in 24 hours.

for those one of a kind hand-spirit led-gifts
she is making.


Irene M said...

This Saturday brings joy & tears.
JOY: I will be driving my fully decorated golf cart in Dunedin's Holiday Parade, representing Jet's Pizza ! I so enjoy every parade in town, but to actually BE IN the parade this time, is a hoot to me !
I have my alarm set to light a candle tomorrow for the little souls lost too soon. My heart breaks for the families who have lost them.
TEARS: Thank you Dr. SES for the mention regarding my dear Dahlee in NJ. She is a real warrior and will fight with all her strength, knowing others are keeping her close in thought and prayers. D Y S : there is NO CRYING on Saturday morning, but you managed to turn on the fawcet when I read the blog.
Enjoy all, stay warm.... FIRM says DYS (lol)

Penny B. said...

Hello Sherry and Sherry Readers...Sunday December 12th, I will be lighting a candle for children gone too soon. Thank you Sherry for Sharing!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning and it is a cool one. Bless all of the families who have lost love ones. Bless the ones who are still here and may a great compassion showing love, hope and living be with them. May forgiviness take place during this time and each day. May the pain of losing a loved one grow dimmer each day and be replaced with the love that was once with you. Keep the memories real and live. I often wonder how my dear Mother survived the loss of so many children. The warrior within her I am sure helped her fight the battle of loss. Love while you can and embrace your children, family and friends. Life as we know it is much too short. My candle was burning last night and it will be burning tomorrow night. Blessings to all. Remember the soldiers and their families. God Bless the USA. and God bless Dr. SES

chris said...

Morning, Morning-I too will be lighting a candle for all the children. I hope it gives some small comfort to you that we all will remember them on Sunday night. I truly believe that they surround you with their love all the time. Even though you can't see them, they are there!
May your heart find peace.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the umpteenth time for opening
my eyes, and heart to the need of compassion for all those who find sadness in their lives, I know what you say to be true.. Their is ni distance between us and our lost, loved ones. Many children, gone too soon, my candles will be lit, and will remain aflame... My family has been very fortunate to have Jaren wth us all of time,certainly making her self known bith subtly and quite boldly... I just need a kick in the ass occasionally to bring me back to the reality of how blessed I truly am..
Not a day goes by when I thank Jaren for giving our life back to us in the most wonderous ways... I will not be able to attend
on Sunday, working as usual, but I will be here in time to light my candles. I will be unselfish and not wallow, I will remember all those who have suffered much nore deeply than I,
I will be proud, I will not cry, I will STOMP
while I remember how truly blessed I am...
How cool is that ! Thank you again for great , wise words.
You are loved by many Doc....
sign me,
leaning in,

Anonymous said...

A prayer for Lily who never made it into this world. Yet we all loved her.

Malia said...

How to understand a beloved son who lived at home for 38 years, compassionate, generous, caring, then married & had a daughter who lived only 37 days. Maybe you can explain why he hasn't spoken to us for almost eight years now. We gave him as good a life as we knew how. Then his sister died in an accident. We gave them her savings bond - she didn't need it in her Heaven of Renaissance folk, pipers, dragons & her adored King Arthur. They bought their wedding rings with it. Why did they suddenly stop speaking to us, return our mail, not return our calls? When he was still speaking to his father (who is now 85) who asked him what we had done to incur their wrath, his response was "You know what you did." But neither of us knows - & if they think truly that we did something to hurt them, then they are horribly wrong. We lost our daughter to Death, now we've lost our son to Silence. And the massive cruel hurt of it is that we did for them nothing but good and were nothing but loving to them. While the tiny tree-frog sits on the seat & sings...and it harm none, he does what he will. We are

Melinda said...

Hello Sherry and Sherry Readers...Sunday December 12th, I will be lighting a candle for children gone too soon. Thank you Sherry for Sharing!