Monday, December 6, 2010

OK, who Turned The Cold ON

Godson #51 The Beast
Buddy Pal

See that SNOW
Virginia, DC, MD =SNOW
South Dakota=SNOOW
MN= SNOOW>Bears like SNOW as do humans there
All those places
"out and up and over there =COLD and SNOW"

Good morning
Florida, = The Sunshine State?


Yep, it sure is chilly here this morning!
Weatherman and friend from one of those
"cold states" sent me a message last night
telling me "frost coming to Florida"
indeed they were right!
It is right chilly this morning!
here I sit
bundled up and just waiting patiently
for the
Sunshine State to get its Sunshine ON.

Until then I will just adjust my attitude, put on a sweatshirt and sit outside with an attitude of
gratitude that the little four-leggeds have decided
to jump up and grace me
Gypsy on my Lap
Jeepers as a
back warmer!

The holidays are already showing signs of stress and
anticipation of the dread on those
wintering them while grieving loss.
This evening I will be joining with members of the community at
Tiffanys Restaurant in Palm Harbor
talking about
"Weathering the Holidays in The Winter of Grief"
It seems that right before Halloween many
would prefer to just skip right to Jan 5 when
grief is heavy, or memories and grief triggers are pulled.
It is a hard and difficult winter for those that are in pain as they face the winter months and holidays without loved ones.
The firsts are thought to be the worse as they walk into all those times of
the "first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, First New Year, First Birthday, First Valentines Day, etc.."
often it is the anticipation that is worse than the actual events...
The events themselves are
times of painful loveliness as they are filled with special and sacred memories that will sustain if only you choose to let them.

Today's Tips
Weathering The Holidays in The Winter of Grief:
1. BE Gentle with yourself
2. Let others know that this is a difficult time
3. Talk with your family about what you want to do (decorations/gifts/engagements) and what you cannot do this year
4. Change traditions this year
5. If shopping is too painful, don't do it
6. Balance sociability with solitude
7. Light a candle that will burn through the season in honor/memory of your loved one
8. Say his/her name often and much
9. Know that the anticipation is worse than the actual event
10. Choose to survive

I HOPE you will be able to join the community
here in Palm Harbor for an
Evening at Tiffanys
US 19
come early and enjoy a good meal
Weathering the Holidays in The Winter of Grief
Dec 6, 2010
Tiffanys Family Restaurant
Palm Harbor FL
US 19

The Fire is burning and blazing this morning, its embers are hot... With thoughts on the wind, for healing and HOPE to all. I hear many are ill with this awful bug that is going around... Drink water, Vitamin C, and rest...
Prayers for strength going up.

Walk In Beauty,

Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life
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We ship in 24 hours!

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Brrrr, I am off stomping this morning in 26deg. windy weather and did I say it was cold? I am off to the YMCA gotta work it while I can. I could have stayed in my cozy bed with the covers up around my chin, but NO duty calls me and I must go to the water aerobatic class. These old bones are starting to creak and duty calls. Most of the schools are either closes or 2 hrs. late today. Traffic should be good and off I go. Remember our troops and their families. Florida I am yearning to be there so let the sun shine. This little light of mine has got to shine. Blessings to all.

Irene M said...

Morning MONDAY, bright blue sky, sun shining,
H O W E V E R , very brrrrrrr cold for now.
Looking forward to a great day and a wonderful night at Tiffany's with a group of people that helped me tremendously thru the holidays of years past. Bye for now. Irene

chris said...

but,but this is Florida!! Good Grief Charley Brown--someone forgot to turn the heat on!!!
see ya later