Friday, December 10, 2010

OOOO, OPRAH and Barbra WEre Great Last Night Too!


Remembering The Children

Brrr, it's cold out there this morning, as I sit here and listen to the sound of "my" heat running this morning
in the "sunshine state".
Good morning early early this morning.
Coffee already poured, and it's quite good
so early this morning indeed!

Wow, Oprah and Barbra Walters last night~
once again right after me writing about Oprah!
See there is a connection here that
Oprah just hasn't connected with yet~
OPRAH BABE, I'm here...
your next show for OWN [pick me, pick me]
do I have some real peeps to talk with on
a show too.
Warriors I tell you; real life warriors, the ones you spoke of last night too.
Warriors who have walked paths kin to that one you showed us back there in the old days;
Warriors from the city,from the paths of loss and grief
from the darkness into the lights
of real life too.
"When I look into the future it is so bright it burns my eyes" Oprah
Now there's yet one more thing O and I agree on!

Sure wish she would open a school for our kids here
in the USA that would outshine the sun, cos' she sure has lit up a lot of kids in Africa hasn't she?!

She has indeed done some remarkable things,
and I think it marvelous that once she
caught hell for saying she always thought
she was
destined for "great things".
I so agree with Oprah, on her comments about her bestest friend Gayle King, and was moved to tears to hear her describe what Gayle means to her. I too am blessed with that best friend of a lifetime.
And to think,
once she said she wanted to be
"Ba-Ba Walters" only to be first interviewed by her
and then after 25 years
an outrageous career, and now a
"new OWN beginning"
to have it all talked about once again
by none other
than the legend herself
Ms Walters herself!
Oprah talked about what moves her, the rumors she deals with, the heartaches, the people, the fame, the "giveaways" her life...
Her mantra/prayer:
"Keep on Using me, til' you use me up"
I sort of feel that way myself,
at the end of my life, I hope to have used all that the Creator has blessed me with, all that has been given by those I have been honored to walk with to work with.
Prayer, song, mantras

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah,
Healing Heartaches
read it
and take a stand for it to be on your
tell em!

I had a restless and right down awful night last night.
My thoughts were many, my prayer bowl was fill
for those in need right now.
Many are in pain this month; many are sick, some are grieving major losses.
While others are facing end of life
and gathering with families and friends for the last of Decembers together.
A time of painful-loveliness as they
try to say all the things that they want to say,
ask all the questions and receive all the answers
so that they will be certain they do it, say it, be it.
Take care of all the things and not have to look back and wonder if they covered it.
Not have to wonder if they left anything out.

Folks are getting ready for the
World Wide Candle lighting on Sunday
The Compassionate Friends
on Sunday at 7p
when the flames from the candles will light
the globe, at 7pm locally across the world.
The visuals in our hearts and minds are heightened.
The energy of that night is beginning to peak.
Emotions are running high
as memories flood the senses
and missing loved ones is at an all time high as well.

love deeply,ache deeply, and have a wonderful
opportunity to re-establish our faith our love of mankind
and life this month in the holiday spirit
that can sustain and maintain our hearts throughout the year.
If we choose it.

The reality is
some will choose to embrace love and some will not.
Some will find reasons to bicker and fight and be ugly to one another even within family systems. Wasting time and energy on pettiness and stupid issues. Wrapping themselves in the cloak of darkness, rather than embracing the lights, even when knowing that we have
TODAY... we have the
right here and right now.
There are those who have become so good at being and acting "bitter and ugly" that it is an art form to them, they see nothing wrong with it~ they affect others in a New York minute and then cast blame on others for their reactions. Go figure. Who suffers? Everyone!
If they do not figure out that if you cannot effectively cannot assist in the change of another's behavior,  you might as well just change
 "your reactions to it" and move on.
Each person is responsible for their own actions, their own paths. We can only govern and accept responsibility for our actions, and our reactions.
We can choose wisely or unwisely for only ourselves.
We can take a stand for what we believe in.
We can choose to embrace the light.
We can pretend to not make a choice,
but in not making a choice
we in fact are making a choice,
for to do nothing
is choosing as well.
for the kids,
who is loving and making the kids feel special today?
Who is hearing the
"I sure hope "I get this, and I get to go there and here
and see this and that for the holidays"
Love them well, teach them well,
enjoy them much~!
Borrow some of their passion and their zest
for the holidays if yours seems to be less
than brilliant and that of "awe"!

So how bout it?
Let's get out there today
with an attitude of
tremendous gratitude
prayers for those
who may be facing
difficult decisions,
may be grieving impending losses
the journey of grief
struggles today.

Let's get out there
just because you can
choose to do it~
We here are warriors,
with compassion and kindness.

It just doesn't get any better than that ~

Oprah... have your people call my people~

The fire is burning brightly, the sage and cedar are filling the morning sky with prayers on the winds to those
out there,
HOPE for the holidays to all.

Walk In Beauty,

See you in New Port Richey
The Compassionate Friends
World Wide Candle lighting
for directions

The North American Bears Are sleeping
the Den Cams are being installed
For Updates

For those special one of a kind hand-crafted gifts
2Wolves out in South Dakota

Order your copies of Healing Heartaches,
ships within 24 hours

We can, as Oprah stated last night on television, embrace prayer, through songs, through mantras, through traditional sayings or ways.

I really liked it when she said,
I want and ask daily that God
"Use me UP" in this life, "just keep on using me, til' you use me up", remember that song?


Anonymous said...

Good morning beautiful World. I like Ms. O said Use me UP. I am here to help others and I know that there are many people who are hurting this morning for more reasons than one. They are certainly in my prayers. As I sit here reflecting on the days gone by I wonder why it is some people are so unhappy. They have the world by its tale and could soar with the Eagles but choose a different path. Does it just happen on the holidays.? I dont think so, there are so many peole who is so selfish they blame others for their failures. I am here to say God look down on them and help them before it is too late. So many real things in life to worry about. Where is the little 12yr. old girl from Salem, Va. who was taken away by the older man who is alleged to have killed her mother? Just think if one of ours were missing what would we do? I pray that never happens and I pray she will be returned safely. God is good and he will help the ones who help their self. Blessings to all, Pray for our troops, they are the ones who need it and for their families. God bless the USA. Merry Christmas

Irene M said...

It's Friday, what an uplifting blog today.
Such a great message to those wasting time being negative & angry. PLEASE keep my friend of 36 years, DAHLEE, in all your prayers.
She has a strong positive CT/MRI for a brain aneurysm & /or meningioma. Life can change in the ring of a phone. My comment brief today, my fear & tears many.
I am glad Dahlee met Sherry at the car wash last month. Please include her name on the Sunday list. Thanks a lot. Irene

Anonymous said...

"use me up" and then when you wonder why you are still here...know that God is not done with "using you up".....there is a reason.
Love the holidays more now than ever. It has become a spiritual journey for me rather than a consumer one now. A few years back, we decided to stop consumer Christmas and give gifts of the heart, of time, of love...and keep our eyes on the real reason for Christmas and it changed my life.
In a world filled with excess, Christmas is no different. As we look around at night, up and down our streets, we see an over abundance of Christmas lights....sitting in our yards is a three foot high manger scene...but it is a special one for it is "Children" do the display has two meanings. And that is all in our yard...a lit up small manger scene with children as the characters.
last year in June, we were sitting on the front porch watching people go by and a vehicle drove by, suddenly screeched to a halt at the neighbor's house next door. We thought it was someone vising. He got out and walked back to us and proceeded to tell us how our yard had touched his heart the previous Christmas. He had had life changing family decisions to make and was driving around and he said everywhere was an overabundance of lights and santas, etc. He said he came to our house and there stood this lone little lit up nativity and he slowed to a stop. He told us he knew then that the message being given him was to slow down, think of his Children and family and to keep life simple and focused on God and it would all work out. He had been about to divorce. We sat there listening with chills for God uses us all even when we think He is not......"Use me up Lord"
thanks as always

Anonymous said...

This is the 2nd blog today that has made me teary -eyed. Dr.S , you are such a wonderful woman and Im thankful for this season in my life and that youre in it!! I missed the Oprah interview--dang it!!, but you gave the gist of it here. I agree, she needs to CALL you!! The parallels in your thinking is incredible. But then you are 2 very intelligent , wonderfully made females!!!!!!!!Ive not given much thought to being used up, except in the negative sense. Im gonna turn that thought process around!!!Thank you for you and Im gonna go and do something good today!! <3

Kelly 2 wolves said...

Whoo Hoo! You said it girl Oprah is awsome! One of the vey few celb's I would like to meet one day . Would just love to sit with her over some coffe and chat. I don't have TV but caught the piece where she talked about Gail on the computor! Sun is shininng hopefully it'll be another mild day;-). Oprah you need to call My Sissy! STOMP STOMP!! Can just see her doing a stomp dance !As you come out on stage Let it be!! Prayers on the wind for those in the bowl! Attitude of Gratittude in my heart! Getting the day rolling with my wake up coffee He he eh and sending Love on the winds to all who venture here Blessings!

Anonymous said...

very late, very tired,
put up our small christmas tree today,
put out the old ornaments fro all the years
past...each one with a unique memory..
brought many love filled memories to the surface, as well as a few tears,,, as
much as my heart is full of gratefullness
and love, a small hole remains, my spirit
just a tiny bit sad for the the days of old,
and am not too ptoud to say that I miss my
baby, and my family who are on the other side now... I do not dwell in darkness, I have come
such a long way on the path of healing my
grief.. I look to the bright side of life,
try to hold on and keep my head straight...
sometimes it's just overwhelming... holding on
to all my cherished gifts of love, and
yearning just a bit, yep...
somedays are just hard...
sign me,
with my Angels hugging my heart,
I will stand by you who may need me,
with thanks for being able to share without
shame... love to all ~