Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oprah, what are you doing ....

Baby this is why we DEN


Good morning morning,
you sure do know how to turn on the chill here in the
sunshine state!
The Universe has a fabulous sense of humor
we are warming up for a couple of days here
and then
the cold front is to return so that we can sound like
real "sissies" in comparison to those
MN, SD, CO, VA, WI, Canada, England, Spain
and all those really really cold places
where fans of Lily the Black Bear report temps
of below 8 degrees gather on Facebook and
exchange good mornings and send
great thoughts to each other across the winds!~
While I sound like I want cheeze to go with my "whine"
as I tell them I am freezing in Florida!
Dr Rogers and Jason are trying to get through 3 feet of snow out in Ely to install Den Cams so that the world can sit mesmerized and watch Lily and HOPE breathe
again this winter!
Visit the
so you too can become captured by Lily and HOPE
and visit their gift shop online~

So here we are
almost the end of the week.
Out there with the masses of folks getting tangled in
traffic, decorations, lights, thoughts
with visions of that
man in the red suit fitting down chimneys
sneaking in your front door on
that special night?
Preparing for those
friends and family from out of town
hoping for those
"Hallmark moments with family"
filled with laughter love and peace?

today my thoughts are this...
Oprah... what are you doing/thinking here?
First order of business Oprah. You have an amazing opportunity here, you could interview Dr Lynn  Rogers and Sue Mansfield of the North American Bear Center out there in Ely MN, the little town that is now famous and has the even more famous Black Bears Lily who gave the world a little cub named HOPE.
YOu could have an opporunity here to interview and talk to the man responsible for uniting over `119 thousand fans on facebook from all over the world in behalf of Black Bears
who has raised awareness and a tremendous amount of money and education funds for a little town in Ely!
C'mon Oprah, get on this,
after all a man in Duluth named
bid and won an auction of HOPE's scat for one thousand dollars!!! That is "hot for Oprah" fun here!!!
on top of all of that OPRAH
this man Lynn Rogers has dedicated his life
to research and study and
walks with the North American Black BEARS
de-bunking myths across the world.
WE NEED your  voice
as legislature NEEDS
protect radio collared bears
from being killed by hunters there!

and then:
Oprah Oprah Oprah
what are you thinkin babe... c'mon now, I need you here~!
Isn't it time Oprah that
Healing Heartaches was put on your
that is for the world to know about?
C'mon now...
some strange things are happening with all of these emails I get from the Oprah email list I have to tell you.
It's been happening for the last six months..
this weeks' just has me wondering.\\\\\\\\
what are you doing?
Several months ago, I wrote about
Next thing I know, Oprah has email come about talking about
"O" magazine with quotes about "attitude"
Then I write here on blog about
"the WArrior within"
'O" magazine comes out with finding your Warrior self.
then I write mini series about
ways to "change your focus and change your state"
"O" has similar thing in magazine.
I write about HOPE,
about loss and grief
and in a couple of months, don't ya just know it
"O" magazine has Oprah talking about HOPE
and losses, and she doesn't even talk to me
(here I spend my life working with the experts those who have walked the road of loss and grief)
OK, so how weird is this?

ARE you feeling me here

I write about
Compassion and kindness
and speak on Compassion Fatigue
"O" now on stands talking about
you guessed it
'are u at risk for compassion fatigue'

One is quite specific but right now cannot remember it,
I ask again...

babe.... don't ya think it is time for you to read, to hold in your most famous hands a copy of
Healing Heartaches, Stories of Loss and Life?
tell em?
Tell em
Healing Heartaches is a MUST read and it's
Oprah's list of "Read it"
"Books were my pass to personal freedom. I learned to read at age three, and soon discovered there was a whole world to conquer that went beyond our farm in Mississippi."
Oprah Winfrey
Oprah is far beyond the farm, has suffered many losses and many and much success... One of the most beloved and generous women in American today ...
On her way to her new network known as
she too might just enjoy
Healing Heartaches is my thinking, might just find some words there that speak to her heart as well!
I still find it fascinating
that a couple of months
after writing here, or speaking there
I hear that Oprah has written or in her "O" magazine
will be topics
on what have been here
with even some of the same things our readers are talking about~
Now that is just amazing grace~

So Oprah, or staff... if you are here,
or if the spirit moves ya,
we sure would like it
if you added
Healing Heartaches to that book list that so many
grab like a hot cake on a Sunday morning~
"Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it." Oprah

What is on the plan for all of you today?
Something exciting?
Something warm?
Something to fill the hearts of another?
Get out there and get your shine on today.
Be the best that you can and are on this day.
It is your moment.
and I say;

So there you have it!
Bring it!

Sissy 2 wolves out in SD is busy with those gifted hands,
having just made 400 seed bead bracelets for some special hospice folks, she is now working on pet portraits on wood, on bags for folks, special orders, one of a kind gifts for the holidays while the snow falls.

Check her out for what you are hoping for from your mind to reality gifts~
Remember to smile
and keep folks curious,
random acts of kindness will fill you up like warm cookies and milk~
DEC 13 at 6PM
Tiffanys Family Restaurant
Pam Harbor FL
"HOPE 4 The Holidays" Talk and Book Signing
Come and join us for
An Evening At Tiffanys
Come and experience a fabulous meal there with Paul and his staff early, then settle in with others in our great community,
for some tips on coping during the winter of grief
for you or those you know.

The fire is burning brightly, sage is filling the air with healing thoughts on the wind to all.
That is the HOPE
Healing Heartaches~
Walk In Beauty,

Shipping autographed books to you and for gifts with gift cards in 24 hours of your order~



Irene M said...

Oprah, what ARE you thinking ? With 3 weeks left to her show, they probably have all the slots filled. Wish someone on the staff could wake up and schedule an interview with Dr. SES. The audience would never be the same !
Or, at least, get Healing Heartaches on her list. Here, I thought you were writing about her appearance on the Babba Wa-Wa special.
Needs a session with Dr. SES. Come on warm up Florida. I am SO DONE with this cold.
Coffee is good, LIFE is good. FIRM

Anonymous said...

Send Oprah an autographed copy of your book...autographed TO Oprah so it goes to her.

Holidays...such a special time an yet a time of depression for many....wanting to regain the feeling of the holidays from a child..which is gone. So redirecting feelings to making the holiday something "special"..."new traditions" to pass on..changing way things are done...helps those having a hard time.

In our house...we always did Christmas for someone else. There are many children in foster care...many children in homes that have no money...that being aa secret santa will change your Holiday in a way you won't believe.

Keep the words flowing for they touch many.

Anonymous said...

grat blog doc, keepin it real, keepin us lookin forward to the next one...

Oprah what are you doing out there... put it on the list sign up our Dco for OWN ... let's gonow!

Great cold weather here, thanks dco for keepin the fire goin for so many, all the best to you and your family~!

Anonymous said...

finally a bit warmer today,
yes, just a tease as another cold front
heads our way... by the way, I do not
feel a bit like a whiner to comment on our
cold weather and how it does not suit me at all.
Sure, it is SO MUCH colder in other places,
we are a bit spoiled here, however, we mostly
choose to live in the places we do... if you choose to live in the cold, snowy regions, good
for you... I have no guilt for enjoying our
warm, sunny, beautiful blue sky climate !!
Come on Mother Nature, give us our warm
weather back !!
Also, STOMP, Oprah needs to get her head
out of the sand and put Healing Heartaches on
the book list... her faithful followers deserve
the tip !
sign me,
warm in my heart,

Katherine ( Katie) Corrigan said...

I'm with anonymous, I was going to suggest you send her a copy of your book. Her show may be ending but he network starts soon. Lots of opportunities there :-)
Sending hugs! Katherine
P.S. I'm having a giveaway at my blog swing on over!

Anonymous said...

So sad, Oprah could boost her ratings with just the mention of Healing Heartaches. Surely she needs an expert on grief for her new network.... Hey O, come on now, get with it. This is a special opportunity for you.
The holidays are upon us. I too agree that doing for someone else elevates the holiday season to a much more lovely occasion. We are giving of ourselves, our time, helping with Toys for Tots, Food Gifts for those who do not have enough to eat... It really is a special season. I love the lights, te holiday music, visits from friends and family, and all that goes with these special days. Best to all.