Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Yippee Skippe, Attitude of Gratitude ON

Good morning Morning!
Michael Jordons
my feet!
they belong to
none other than
little Star Hawk Kamryn
and his 9 year old feet!
Quite a perfect fit on me I might just add ~!
Can't wait for him to "outgrow" these
Da Godmother ~

Coffee hot,
attitude of gratitude is overflowing this morning.
Read the comments of yesterdays' thoughts
was my heart was overflowing with the love
felt by the words of the warriors
who visit here.
As I read the comments of others, many who take a stand, it once again reminds me that light always outshines darkness... and yes, integrity stands strong always.
This page is filled with many Warriors of gentle but strong spirit,
 and for that I give thanks,
and so
it is good, very very good.

This morning we are hitting the road early
off to
visit, laugh, sing and play
Busch Gardens in Tampa
to watch and explore with these two boyz
as they run and wonder and wander
all over the place.
Oh boy
they have high plans
to ride all the rides
zippidy doo dah
on those
roller coasters throughout the day!
I'll be on the ground to snap photos after they do all of that and so much more!

Little Hawk will probably wear those
"tight" Jordons though,
I will just have to settle for my old sneaks
but sure they will do just fine!

The laughs will fill the day, the memories will be etched forever in our hearts and our day will be so very bright we will all need shades on I have no doubt.

I sure do look
"fly" in those Michael Jordons
I'm thinkin!
Kamryn (aka) little Star Hawk thinks so too,
so it goes,
so much to feel grateful for this morning.

Great friends, great followers of this sacred and special page that has turned into so much more than
The season of the holidays that warms the senses
and hearts across our globe,
a feeling of good will,
kindness and compassion that can last lifetimes
carried through generations
all right here
right now.
No matter what anyone will ever tell you
you can never ever
laugh enough
love enough
sing enough
dance enough
rejoice enough
shine enough
be enough
have too much sugar!

Lily The Black Bear and baby HOPE are snoozing away
while the den cams are having their final set ups
with plans to go live for the world to watch very soon.
You will be captivated as the world watches and the internet goes wild with being amazed at the close and personal world of wild bears in their world.
Much unlike that of humans and their needs, wants
and immediacy at times.
Humans can learn much, if they are but open to the opportunities there.
And then again,
when the student is ready
the teacher will always appear in life!
` ~ `

I have known people that are in horrific pain, going through terrible physical and emotional trials,
they are able and choose to embrace the light, love
The same people who take the time
to care
to shift the focus from self
and ask for nothing in return.
It continually amazes me
the resiliency of the human spirit.
The ability to choose
to embrace light, to want to live with goodness,
in compassionate and kind ways
even in times of great personal and often physical pain.

You can never ever ever
have to much

too much sugar!

Wherever you are today
Whatever you are doing, do it with all you have
with the love of the
Universal Oneness that lives
within you
that loves you deeply
that gives you
all you need
choose wisely

The fire is burning brightly the sage is filling the air, with thoughts on the wind for all who enter here, all who have chosen to stand in the lights along with me, warriors all.
Wado ~

Walk In Beauty


Irene M said...

Good Morning ! OKAY: never have TOO much sugar
Fine statement. Other words that jumped out:
When the student is ready, teacher appears.
Well, ain't that the truth ? Busch Gardens, huh ? Roller coasters, huh? Big sneakers, huh?
Have a grand time, y'all. I will be right here, waiting for the photos & blog tomorrow.
2010 winding down, just days to go. Warrior, here, standing FIRM

Anonymous said...

Hey doc, do you have nine year old feet, or is little hawk really "big foot"? LOL Have a glorious day at Busch Gardens! Never been there but everyone raves about the shows and rides. How many roller coasters are there?
I am bringing in the New Year with all the good that is to come. See it, believe it, recieve it. The doc is right. It's all about choices and attitude. Sign me happy and grateful.

Anonymous said...

I am blessed to be able to read your uplifting words. Ive decided to "clean" out my FB friend cache. Those that post their daily "drama" is not something I want to be part of. This is a place of happiness and friendship, not an airing of all their woes and hatred. I will keep those that I know are truly struggling, but not the ones that gripe to be griping and see it in print. I have much better things to read about. 9 yr old feet or "big foot"-oh hahahaha You made me laugh this early , anonymous. Have a great day at Busch Gardens and Im with you, Dr.S, feet to the ground, seat never in a coaster. Love ya

Anonymous said...

I know you will have a wonderous day with your family at the Gardens ~ just remember, don't feed those boys any greasy fries before they get on the rollie coaster♥ Blessings of the day to you & yours and many thanks for sharing your words and wisdom... Dotti

Angie said...

Good Morning Fam & Friends~
I sure wish I was going to Busch Gardens but I would have to be like Cuz...standing, watching & taking the pictures! Stomach can't take all those twist and turns anymore. I too can't wait to hear the stories tonight and see the pictures.
I can't believe the boys & Dot will be home in two days. Time sure has flown by. They really won't know how to act Monday morning when they have to get up at 6am!!
Cuz, I'm thinking that those Jordan's look so "tight" on you that if Lil Hawk wants to leave them behind for you to wear then that is okay w/me! It's up to him so I will drop the hint tonight. Can't believe "big foot" is probably almost in a 7 by now!!
Yes Cuz, I am a Warrior and it has taken me many many years but I am there! In 2011 my resolution is it's all about my boys #1...what they want and what makes them happy no matter what it will be done~~ #2 I am going to do ME...ME...ME As Mary J. Blige would say..."NO MORE DRAMA"
I hope eveyone has a beautiful Blessed day and I will continue to keep each and everyone of you in my thoughts and prayers~~
Luv ya Cuz~~

chris said...

beautiful day today-I do hope you enjoyed Bush was a bit chilly this am but it warmed up pretty good. At the rate that boy is growing I'm sure you'll get those sneaks real soon!! By the way, did you have too much sugar in your coffee this AM? You were hot today!!
Talk to ya soon.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dr. SES, you rock in those MJ shoes. I have never owned a pair but will go looking and see if they look as good on me. That little Hawk sure is growing. Maybe it is the haircut, bet he loves it, he looks good. Your blog today says it all as usual. You rock and I for one am so glad I hooked up with you and your blogs. You tell it like it is that is why you are so loved and respected for all. We need more people in the world like you. Blessings to all especially the troops and their families. God be with them. Blessings

Anonymous said...

it's me.. 4 am and thankfully home from
work.. wow.. much warmer tonite yet still
way toooo wicked cold... I really scraped ice
off my windshield last night, thought I was
in the wrong place, like " deja vu " !
So happy to hear you have had such fun with
your beautiful godsons..
gotta go get me some sleep,
can't wait to wake up to a warmer day !
sign me,
sleeping with my socks on...