Monday, March 8, 2010

How To Embrace Monday ~ New Beginnings ~

Olivia & A Lizard Named Fred
Precious Memories on A Monday

It's Monday ~ As my FaceBook friend Joe says, he just used to get excited thinking about Mondays; couldn't wait to start a new week! He saw Mondays' as a new start; a new beginning, and he would be doing a "happy dance" around his desk ~ ~ ~

So on behalf of Joe Graff, with coffee in hand, dogs running around the pool doing their own four-legged version of the "happy Monday celebration of life",

Today I'm thinking about the Oscars of last night, the wonderment of those I love and the precious memories as I dance into Monday! My Godson D'Vante is going to be 16 this summer; seems like yesterday he was 2 ~

Speaking of the Oscars: Be sure to see:
Blindside and Precious ~

Soon I will be traveling to the DC area and be able to spend some time with lovely Olivia; seen here with her friend Fred the Lizard that she found and was mesmerized by last time here in Florida. Girls do rule... she just found him and struck up a friendship; just like that.
Won't tell ya what D'Vante and Kamryn did when they found Lizards!  Nope won't tell you how they reacted at all ~ haha won't tell ya how they wanted the Godmother to pick the Lizard up for them (the boyz) Nope, not me, won't tell ya about boys and Lizards!!!

I will tell me and all who are reading this:

Treasure the memories, they are the precious moments from our past that add meaning to our future. Those memories will make us smile, cry, laugh out loud when no one else is even around to enjoy the moments;
they create the foundation on which we build our tomorrows. Memories capture for us moments spent with loved ones, experiences both wonderful, great and maybe not so good, and lessons we have already learned. Nuggets of truths to live by. They fill our hearts. Memories can be held forever. They are gifts our lives allow us to play and replay in our souls. Sharing memories enriches the lives of those we grow closer to in the sharing. Good memories can recalled over and over help us remember the value and purpose of our past.

In balance we acknowledge that sad memories, and bad memories are also woven into our past. We have learned from these too. Some, because we value the lesson learned return to us when we need to revisit the lesson, or to provoke caution. To aide us in not repeating the same error. This too has value. I caution you though not to dwell on these, save the lesson. Anchor it in your reservoir of knowledge. Make the truth your own, then let the details of this bad memory go. The lesson is important, the details only return you to that dark moment. Sad memories can add balance to our lives. Like the memory of a loved ones death. The feelings of loss come back strongly. Often with great clarity of detail. They seem somehow etched into who we are. This, is because the loved one lost was and continues to be important to us. We are shaped by those we have loved, those we love now. Threads woven into the tapestry of our lives, remain with us. They will always be a part of us. However, those moments that may have surrounded death are small in comparison to the richness of a life lived... therefore our focus over time is that of life lived not moments spent dying ~ does that make sense?

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

The challenge is to soften the memory of the actual loss with recalling moments spent with our loved one when we shared precious moments in life. So turn gently from the feelings of loss, to the memories of time well spent with your loved one. Capture a moment where you laughed together, or held each other. Savor those moments. Honor your loved one by celebrating their life. The moments you spent together with joy.

Acknowledge the loss. Set the painful feeling aside briefly and really recall one glorious day spent together. Some cluster of hours shared. Feel those feelings. Recall those details.

Fill in the details. Savor them. This kind of memory brings it’s own lift. A smile replaces the tears.

Henry David Thoreau, in Walden wrote: “ The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning and evening. It is the little stardust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.”

Today I ask you, my family of readers, to sit a moment and bask in a pleasant memory.

Experience the moment. Recall the details. What did the experience you remember make you feel. What sounds are in the background? Are there smells, fragrances that you associate with the memory? Is your memory of a place, a person or an event?
Really sit with the feeling. If the details are vague, invest the time needed to recapture the moment.

Let your mind wander around in the memory. Are more details coming to you? I would be honored if you chose to share a special memory in the comments today. . .

and believe in tomorrow

Walk In Beauty,

Keeping the fire burning and spirit talk for all ~
Blessings on the wind to Wilma Mankiller today, wishing you a day of warmth, love and surrounding beauty by those who love you so ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Exciting things happening in Apex NC with Healing Heartaches... stay tuned ...

Asheville ???

DRSES noticing that more followers are on board from Twitter ville and guess where they are from? (Asheville and LA!)heehe


Irene said...

" Memories " , good subject for today.
Barbra Streisand's song " Memories " comes to mind. She appeared on the oscars, looking stunning and ageless.
My Monday happy dance will be that I am alive, healthy, filled with " memories " good & bad.
Today's memory is one of March 8, 1970.
Our family's 42 year old favorite Uncle Larry
passed away very suddenly. Impacted our entire family, many children affected.
Today, I recall my Uncle Larry always sharing candy with us, taking us for a ride in an open air JEEP in the 60's, laughing, tickling, joking, loving us, playing. Thanks for sparking the memory I hold dear today.
I whet my breathe, kisses to you dear Uncle Larry. Love you much !!!!! F I R M

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris,
The words (speaking of songs and memory) i was trying to remember the other day.
"Well darkness has a hunger that's insatiable,
and lightness has a call that's hard to hear
I wrap my fear around me like a blanket
I sailed my ship of safety till i sank it,
I'm crawling on your shores". ....
.....(Indigo girls-Closer to Fine)
Have a peaceful day, try not to freeze.:)
Love you bunches.

Anonymous said...

“To be ignorant of what happened before you were born is to be ever a child. For what is man's lifetime unless the memory of past events is woven with those of earlier times?” ~~Cicero.

Anonymous said...

Good Beautiful Morning. Sandra Bullock, Precious, Meryl Streep you all rock and you are the greatest. Just had to see if COB is awake and try his/her patience this morning.
How about COLD OR BOLD??

chris said...

Good Morning all--beautiful day even here in Long Island. Hard not to have memories -I grew up here and I think that is why I flew to NY for treatment--my kids still live here, the Dr's are the best for breast cancer and I am constatnly reminded of my past. One great memeory is snow and forts and tunnels with my brothers and sisters. The snow is the one thing I don't miss! The grass is green and some flowers are starting to poke their heads out. fantastic and amazing. The universe is reaching out to me in all special ways. Love to all& hope to "talk" to ya soon. If I ever learn my daughter's lap top.

Anonymous said...

The neighborhood children ( girls & boys ) have assured me that Olivia's lizard is a female because only females puff out under their throat to protect the young and their eggs. Now, they have captured several lizards to prove this point to me.
( I am not an expert in lizards )
So, the children and their parents are sending me to a meeting with messages of "You Go Girl, Girl's Rock, The female lizard protects."
My memories will have to wait. But we thank you for a photo that helped me this morning. Time to get Apex, we are NOT afraid to speak about heartaches!
Have a blessed day as you both recall memories and make new ones!

PS: chris, I never thought I would ever master a lap-top. I have a feeling you will...just takes time.

DrSES said...

Good morning to all!
Sounds as though Olivia will have to think of well not necessarily... but perhaps Fred's name stands for more than meets the eye... I will consult with her on that one! Or ... perhaps Fred is "two-spirited" and likes the name to represent something like:
F:reedom R:esounding E:energized D:ependable



TAMMY STANSWELL GOT A DREAM CAR... A JAG (guess she has her angels around her as she fights IBC too) congrats Tammy!

Olivia loves to tell me, "Nana, girls rock"

Good luck in Apex talking about Healing Heartaches today ~

I welcome and enjoy your thoughts, your memories and all of your wonderful comments.

Wasn't Sandra B just awesome last night? She keeps it real, she is real, awe-inspiring, witty, honest, humor, healing heartaches each beautiful step of the way ~ And Precious? Oh my ... what a feeling~!

INglorious Bastards? Wow... couldn't breathe through most of that one!

Much to do ... COB IS COMING and I am leaving town :) extra phone hidden in dog bed so they can call for pizza :)

joe.graff said...

Gardenia- It is my favorite flower and has been since my childhood. I remember my Mom as her perfume was called Jungle Gardenia. I remember smelling that fragrance while she held me in her arms as a little boy. This time of year with the weather breaking towards Spring and the promise of new flowers and fresh air always takes me back to those days. I wonder if that perfume is still on the market...something to look into another day.
Speaking of fresh...Sandra Bullock is pure class and brings a sense of freshness and purity to her profession.

Anonymous said...

I learned there is a difference between chosing a memory and just asking for a memory to come to me, and patiently waiting.
The blog above me mentions smell, the smell of gardenias.
My memory has to do with sound. My very first camping trip, sleeping outdoors on the ground in a tent. Hearing: Owl, Wild Boar, Wild Turkeys, and things that go bump in the night. I cannot forget needing to leave the tent in the middle of the night to pee and the owl was right there, guess this owl did not frighten too easily.
When I chose a memory, I tended to choose a sadder one. It was different to just zone out, or go into a zen mode and let the memory come to me.
May your cup runneth over with memories...............

|☽ ☆♥ |..║
|♥☽ ☆ |═┘

Anonymous said...

All those memories confirm that death does not end the relationship. Just a changing of worlds. Now, I understand why so many people want to be able to list widowed as a "relationship status" on FB and FB says being widowed is not a relationship. IT IS!

Anonymous said...

happy monday to everyone, welcome to tuesday,my favorite day of the week No particular reason, never gets alot of recognition but I like the name. Whenever, hope it's happy .......

Anonymous said...

I like to remember lomg road trips to New River with country music blaring on that old mustang's
music machine... Guess I am dating myself here but I'm sure everyone born before CDs knows the gizmo I am trying to recall. It was a boxlike thing you plugged into the car and it had these huge inserts that got stuck and ate themselves. Unfravelled the tape.. Can't think of the name fo them right now. Anway..GREAT road trips. Zoomed out of town with my best friend as often as we could. Cold , cold, cold at night on the river. Had an outhouse and a chamber pot (which I had never seen before and refused to use... A wooden dock, little boat with a putt putt motor. Steam rising on the river in the early morning and a thermos of coffee. Good memories.

Anonymous said...

Cassette Tapes ????

jgrusso1 said...

Since this blog is written by the "Nana" of Olivia, I will tell you all about the firsts and favorite memories she has endulged Olivia with;
1st pony ride
1st ring
1st tatoo (airbrushed of course)
1st ocean experience, which led to her first jelly fish bite ( mine too :)Thanks for that
1st ear piercing ( we had to remind Olivia to "breath" when it was done
1st room service
the "Nanas girl song" a crowd favorite
"wheres the Mama ???? ( many many many awesome pics of Sherry & Olivia kissing, hugging, laughing, dimples exploding, But..... no mama, they find it very funny.
Ice Water ( Olivia says nobody can make ice water like Nana)
I know I am forgetting many, but oh what memories I have and treasure. The history of what led us here is more unbelievable, hard to believe that its been over ten years, and my first words to this "stranger " was fix me and make it quick. See; be open to everyone you meet -you really never know who is going to turn out to be one of the most important people in your life.

Anonymous said...

It is really much better to read the older posts so you get to read all the comments!