Tuesday, March 2, 2010


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Finding The Beauty
Before I begin... Have you read yesterdays' blog? OH MY... and the comments? WOW... So before we begin... let me say this, Lily's cubbie is officially named... HER NAME IS
and what have we been talking about ??? haha
And of all the many names submitted, guess what other name was in the running??? Go ahead... just guess???
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I’d like to stay with the idea of seeds germinating and bringing forth a unique bloom as we move into Tuesday. For though each bloom for the same plant is similar, each is also unique. Changed by the seasons, the soil it is grown in. The amount of sun the season brings, the rains, enhanced by fertilizers, pruning…

As are we... If we are surrounded by light, nurtured by kindness and love, showered with affection and caring. Thought of kindly and often. Though we have been changed by the seasons, and our own journey, we, in some ways, remain as we have always been.

Richer, brighter; more wonderful threads woven into the tapestry that is our life, but deep in the very fabric of our being, we are ourselves. Now we emerge; our selves, with new texture, a different hue. Perhaps we look the same, but are somehow a bit different this season. And so we grow; we change, we are diminished by the changing of the seasons, and we are renewed by them also.

As the caterpillar morphs into the butterfly, we become renewed. For it is in the struggle of the butterfly to be, breaking out of the chrysalis, the frantic beating of it’s wings; the butterfly comes into being. After a season in the cocoon, a long wait, this difficult effort to escape the cocoon; we open in the warmth, to at last gently move from bloom to bloom. Taking in the nectar of life. Finally, enjoying a new season, with new purpose. To fly, to flutter, and to reach our full potential again. Tink has a caterpillar just hanging out remember? She is tending her seeds, nurturing them well... and we wait!

Life, struggle, illness and Grief can be understood through nature’s metaphors. As we experience the coming change of the seasons, the end of this long cold winter, we are hopeful that this new spring will warm us, uplift us, re-energize us. The days will be growing longer. Offering more light, more warmth.

I wish each of you long days, the warmth of the sun, rainbows, butterflies, and lighter hearts for all that have been in the darkest days of their journey whatever your journey may be.

I send you love, I wish you enough, I send you whatever it is that you are needing right here... right now.

Know that though my heart aches for your loss, for the struggle you may be facing, for the diagnosis you have just received and for the energy you will need to fight the fights that are ahead.

I am right here fighting with you; I have my warpaint on... do you?

We together will enlist others; we will fight, we will not falter, we will not fail, together we will enlist the help of others and the spirits that appear from out of nowhere; we will find comfort in the arms of the angels... and we will find strength and comfort there; we will rest and then we will defy gravity once again ~  We will do it one heart beat at a time; and we will stand with our heads held high, united by the brilliant threads that make us interconnected in all that we are.

I believe in your ability to weather this arduous journey and emerge stronger. With the full understanding that you have been loved, and that the depth of your pain is a reflection of the great love you have given, and received. Remember that great song... "Ain't no mountain high enough" haha, just thought of it!

Be kind to you. Step back into the light when you are ready, or when you grow tired of the dark.
We are here to enjoy your rejoining this new season. We respect the path you have been on and hold the hope in our hearts that the spring will bring you back to us. We will dance slowly at first, the music soft and distant.
Then, as you feel the rhythm of life beckoning, calling to you, we will be there as the music returns to your heart and you dance in the light once again. Sometimes slow and sometimes with wild and crazy abandon ~

We will celebrate the shedding of the cocoon, the drying of your wings, the flight we know you will take. For in honoring the journey, the battles, the struggles and also in death, you will return to celebrate your own life, and the memories of your loved one with a lighter step, a lighter heart. Sorrow settles more gently on your heart with time. Soon it will be time to move in sync with the universe again. I promise.

And so with this promise, of tomorrows yet to come, better days ahead, I leave you dear readers for now, there is much to do ~

To my friend Joe G., thank you for your stories of yesterday, may you feel the spirit of your beloved Dad in all that you are and live the legacy ...

To my dear Chris... we will fight, we will wear our warpaint and we will stand tall with our heads high even as Granny says when our butt may drag the ground!

To Apex NC thank you again for spreading the news of Healing Heartaches... perhaps a book signing and speaking engagement will have to be on the burner for the warmer months...

To DC.. I'm coming :)

To those that are wondering, yes I am seeing clients again here in Palm Harbor on Fridays by appointment only ~ and yes I do also have clients that I journey with by phone sessions as well. I may be contacted at info@drsherryeshowalter.com regarding individual sessions as well.

"To listen compassionately, to honor someone along their  journey, and to ask a question with honest intention is at times the best talk therapy one can provide"

Or as Francis Bacon once said, "A prudent qustion is one-half of wisdom"

To all... I wish you warmth, I wish you enough...

Walk In Beauty,



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Anonymous said...

I do love where you are going with the teeny tiny itty bitty seeds struggling to find their way towards the light. Yes, every bloom is unique. Why, every single blade of grass is unique.
But...there is something about this countdown to Spring, to the lighter and warmer months that has me questioning. IF every day is a gift, can we possibly find something "good" in these frigid and dark months.

Now, Tink's caterpillar cannot go back into her cocoon once she emerges. But, I would think a certain amount of cocooning during these dark months can be healing... a way to grow.

While I do not love the cold or the darkness, it does give me the time to dream, to hope, to heal, to grow, to plan, to just be.

Like seeds, we may not know where the wind may carry us, we may not even like where the wind has taken us...and that is where the itty bitty seeds have hope. Some plants even grow on very high mountains with no soil...they
find a way.

Prayers to Chris and all readers.
Tip du Jour - post a link to this blog on your FB page. By posting a link to the Random Acts of Kindness Blogs...my newspaper & trash can are brought to my door.

Thanks for the seed series.

DrSES said...

Wado ~ "cocooning" is indeed good for the soul, the body, the mind... MIndfulness in every breath, in every moment, in every movement...

Healing Heartaches "depressing" ??? hahahaha
you tell em readers!!!!

Moving toward the light seconds at a time, Healing Heartaches, one heart-beat at a time...

Blessings to all this morning, this day, this breath, I whet my breath on the rains, the winds... I wish you enough ~ ~ ~ ~

chris said...

wow--another angel--you
thank you for all your love and support.

Anonymous said...

COB= cost of booze

Cost of Boozing

Chilly Ol' Boobs

Are we getting close?

DrSES said...








Anonymous said...

Ashville want order books. They either cant read, or maybe they read x-rated books and dont want anyone to know. That is why only one person picks the books to be read.

Anonymous said...

I get the good from snuggling in when it's cold, reading a good book, lighting a fire, hot soup,long sleeves and warm PJ's but.... sunshine, swimming, boating, better yet. So I too appreciate this cold, wet, windy, day, I think I will appreciate a warm day better.
As for COB... Crazy Old Bag, Cookey Ole B***,
Cranky Old Buzzard, Clever Ole Butthead???
Am I getting warm?

Anonymous said...


Wow! Us new readers find lots of words here that are not in any dictionary, nor can they be googled.
Am very grateful that I was given the definition of "donalewega."

PLease help new readers.
THank you.

Anonymous said...

.(ღ/\ღ) -:¦:-
˙ ˙(˙ ˙ི♥ྀ ƸӜƷ
˙ ˙ `♥. Buттεяfℓy -:¦:-
˙ ˙ ˙ ) -:¦:- ќiṡṡεṡ ♥ི♥ྀ ƸӜƷ
-:¦:-´ & faεяiε ωiṡнεṡ.•´¯`ི♥ྀ
ི♥ྀ´ღ° The night has fallen, the day is done,
the moon has taken the place of the sun,
close your eyes snuggle up tight,
and remember that angels will watch over you tonight. °ღ°

chris said...

thank you all for you support--I am going to need them in the coming months. Will keep Sherry up to date and she will let you all know. I won't have my own Web cam like the little cub (believe me, you won't want to watch me !) Lily is much cuter!! but I will wrap myself in your care an concern and prayers. I always knew that you are great bunch of people.

Anonymous said...

I know some are tired of the cold and snow.
Slippery roads and such.
Though driving home tonight in the newly fallen snow, the pristine new blanket of white reflected the moon and gloriously illuminated my pathway home.
Sweet dreams & moonlight blessings to all....

Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, I dont know you, however the comments and the words of Dr. SES you are dear to my heart. I wish you sun shine, a great moon and many stars. You are in my concern and prayers. A lot of people reading Healing Heartaches and the blogs have their arms wrapped around you and will keep you safe. Peace be with you and much love and hope.

Anonymous said...

Bless the moon that is above us,
the earth that is beneath us,
the hard work to be done here,
the seedlings trying to grow here,
Bless all who find their way here.

DrSES said...

I am ever so impressed with the artwork above! I had to look at it over and over, re-adjusting my eyes, my inner lens, gazing upon the beauty, the words... "Wado"!!!

So many new readers, so many wonderful, lovely, lively comments... such a wonderful ending to the day with the last one.

My heart is filled by all. What a wonderful life, wonderful community we have here...

Wonder when this will be picked up by someone as the "Donelewega" that it is... Healing Heartaches indeed!

Depressing??? OH MY NOOOOOO

UPLIFTING INDEED.... WADO, WADO WADO, for that I give thanks, AND SO IT IS!!~!